What Is the Right Software Development Language for Your Web 2.0 Startup?

Recently, I wrote an article about Rapid Java development and how grails compares to other languages ​​such as php and ruby. At a networking event someone approached me and talked to me about that very article. She asked me what software development language and framework I'd choose for a Web 2.0 application.

Interestingly enough when you perform a Google search on this topic you'll find plenty of answers to this question. However, most of them are ideologically charged, so it's hard to get an objective answer. Do not get sucked into these kinds of discussions among your team members, as in my experience they will lead you now. Actually they do lead you somewhere; and believe me, you do not want to wind up there.

I'm of the opinion that most software development languages ​​give you a similar kind of functionality. If you are a startup and have a great idea for a web application there is one single thing I would consider: What is the fastest way to build a working prototype that gets your investors on board?

The choice of programming language should only be based on this single goal. From the top of my mind I can think of a couple of categories you may want to evaluate to come to a decision.


Do you or your team have experience in a software development language? Eg In case you and / or your team are wizards in C #, stop reading right here, drink a six-pack of Red Bull and start cranking out that ASP.NET application. Same goes for any other mature software development language as well as the chosen energy drink.


Use development frameworks when possible. Development frameworks such as CakePHP or CodeIgniter for PHP can really speed up your development. Most of them follow the convention over configuration pattern and can increase your productivity tremendously. You will have to write less code, which generally translates into fewer bugs and you can focus on what differentiates your application from others faster, sometimes your business logic. On top of that you can leakage plenty of plugins developed by other users which will increase your productivity even further.

Maturity of web development framework:

Choose a well-established language and framework. Yes, you can develop an ASP.NET application on Linux using Mono or use Lisp to code the next generation version of Facebook, but this is certainly not the fastest way to get things done. There are a couple of points that say something about the maturity of a language and framework.


How large and active is the community: Grails, RoR, Symfony, Zend, CakePHP, ASP and Django all have thriving communities. Should you ever have a question, you can simply go to one of their forums and get an answer within hours, sometimes even minutes. That will help you not get stuck in your development.

Plugins / Code stubs

The more code you can reuse, the better. No need to write a PayPal integration from scratch when …

Brief Account of the Personal Computer History

A couple of technical innovations lead to the creation of what we now refer to as personal computers or PC for short. The integration of IC and microprocessor were the basic reasons why we have a very powerful device now. The computer invention history was believed to have started when the computer-memory circuits’ were permitted with the use of integrated circuits and the size was reduced by the so-called microprocessor.

Ted Hoff made it possible for thousands of transistors to be compressed in a single silicon chip. It was during his employment that such invention commenced. The so-called microprocessor helps the CPU to function different tasks including calculation and performance of certain logical operations and management of data flow. In 1974, the very first desktop-size personal computer was launched by Micro Instrumentation Telemetry Systems (MITS). It was launched through the help of a known technology magazine that these units were sold. The first name was Altair and they cost roughly $400.

After being advertised and launched through the aforementioned magazine, computer history began to flourish. The demand for these gadgets skyrocketed unexpectedly. Other smaller companies responded by creating their own versions of computers themselves. A company called Tandy Corporation or Radio Shock also had its fair share of the first models of the first personal computers. In 1977, the company also released its first ever model. Without batting an eyelash, the sales were overwhelming. Two key features contributed to the success of the company. There was the use of a keyboard and also the presence of a display or what we refer to today is monitor. This personal computer was also programmable and that the user himself has the capability to store pertinent information using a cassette player. These very first computers were the concrete testimony to the computer invention history.…

A Unique Gadget That Enables the Removal of Any Bottle Cap From Bottles

Home gadgets not only make life comfortable and easy but also make sure to provide ease in your day to day work. Fridge magnets have always considered one of the most important and creative home gadgets one can have. These magnets not only look beautiful but also made in a manner to provide you the facilities such as bottle opener, cane opener and are used to open various other bottles. These magnets can prove to be the best decorating item for your fridge. They not just look remarkable but are too bendable to alter and do not abscond any spot on the refrigerator. These fridge magnets are a great option to try for those who love to decorate their old, dull looking fridge and give it a whole new look.

These openings are built in with a magnetic back so that you can slide the green and silver bottle opener on your fridge, or wall mount it in the garden, cottage or any place you choose to have the bottle opener within renovation's reach. Once you use this kind of home gadgets when opening any beer can, soda or juice cans, then you will understand that how easy, comfortable and practical it works for you, you will instantly discover that it really works like magic and the best is what you deserve and also it is the perfect holiday or birthday gift for that someone who could use a handy beer-related gift.

Also known as a beverage opener, these magnets usually include a bottle opener of the simple opener style with various other openings such as plastic bottle openers or metal beverage cans. These bottle openings are the gadgets that enable the removal of metal bottle caps from bottles. More typically, it might be thought to include corkscrews used to remove cork or plastic stoppers from wine bottles and many more. A metal bottle cap is affixed to the rim of the neck of a bottle by being pleated or ruffled around the rim. This bottle opener is a specialized lever inserted benefit the pleated metalwork, which uses a point on the bottle cap as a fulcrum on which to pivot.

The unique configuration, easy usability, and safety standards used in these designs makes quite a popular home accessory which ensures complete satisfaction and also helps in arthritis pain relief. Here comes the active participation of the bottle opener and other personalized products in your lives where in the wink of an eye, without any manual strength the fizzy bottle can easily pour down your thirsty neck and quench your appetite in one go. …