Compatible Software

Back in the "dark ages" each microcomputer (as they were called before IBM introduced the PC) had its own operating system and software. Most of what would run on one computer would need major alterations made in order to get it to run on a different computer. Many, but not all, of the different computers used a version of CP / M as the operating system and most programs were written in BASIC which at the time was interpreted rather than compiled and most computer users knew about the technical aspects of their chosen system so (trans) porting programs from one system to a different one was possible, it just involved a lot of work.

Enter IBM in 1981 with the PC (with its 8088 processor). The entire system except for the BIOS chip was built using open technology that the other computer manufacturers had equal access to. As IBM was at the time the name in computers they effectively set the standard and most other computer manufacturers then tried to introduce computers that were compatible with the PC and hence could run the same software only on much cheaper hardware. All that they needed to do was to emulate the functions of IBM's proprietary BIOS chip. The various manufacturers had varying degrees of success at doing this but the most successful were deemed to be IBM compatible.

IBM continued to dominate the market through the 80s and produced the XT (8086 processor), AT (80286), but at around the time that they introduced the ET (80386) their competitors had gained the major portion of the market and IBM compatible came to mean that the system was compatible with the industry standard rather than compatible specifically with IBM. As the compatibles were built with standard BIOSes producing computers that were compatible with the standard became much easier than it was when IBM had control.

By this time most compatible software could be run on just about any system with sufficient memory to run it but that's not the end of the story with compatibility. Different computers have different brands of an assortment of devices attached each expecting its own particular method of communication with the rest of the system. Software writers needed to cater for the assortment of for example printers that could be attached to a system and a program like Wordperfect contained the code necessary to communicate in a different way with hundreds of different printers.

The introduction of Windows did away with this requirement of catering for all possible hardware from each individual program. (This more than the graphical interface was the real benefit to be gained from this product). Instead of having to access the hardware directly a program could call surfaces built into Windows which would do the access for the program. So instead of each program having to be able to communicate with all possible hardware, Windows took over this task. To make the job easier, Windows defined a standard way that it expected to …

Used Computer Desk

A used computer desk can be a very handy and convenient item to the person who does not have very much extra cash to spare on this particular type of office furniture. The best part is the fact that a large number of individuals will often end up spending a lot less money and they can still end up with a product that is made of the highest quality of materials, with a lot more use to offer.

There are a wide variety of different choices that can be made in pre-owned desks and numerous other types of office furniture as well. You just might be amazed at the elegant styles and the unique designs that can be found in several different places that are known for selling pre-owned items. Many of the local newspapers in almost every city feature a qualified section where individuals and companies have the ability to list items that are selling such as a used computer desk or any other product they may have. Whether you are simply looking for a plain and simple design, a style that you can sit in the corner of your office, or a choice that offers you a look that shows a tremendous amount of elegance, if you will simply take the extra amount of time to explore all of your options you will soon find numerous choices available to you. There are many styles that are offered today that are made from the classic look found in a variety of beautiful and durable woods, glass and brass, metal, and other high quality and appealing materials that are used in their construction.

Other choices where you can easily find a used computer desk that is priced to fit almost any size budget would be thrift stores in your local area. This is an advantage that gives you the item that you need at a much lower price than what you would be able to find one at new prices. One place that is one of the most preferred methods to use among the numerous price conscious shoppers would be in using the Internet. There are tons of reliable and well-known websites that can easily be found online, and they feature several different styles in a huge selection of used computer desk choices that are made from some of the most trusted name brand manufacturers. Take your time, browse at your leisure, and enjoy some fantastic money saving prices. …