The Automatic Pilot – A Homer Simpson Moment

I was driving up in the parking deck of my building the other day when I realized I needed to retrieve my mail, back on the ground floor. So I stopped on Level 2 and walked downstairs.

Ten minutes later I found myself in my office, needing to make a call. No cell phone. No purse, either, and no car. DOH !! I'd left everything except my keys on Level 2.

My first thought was, "You nut!" But, my second thought was much more interesting. What happened was a perfect example of my "automatic pilot" in action. It took full control, allowing me to walk downstairs, get my mail, walk up several flights of stairs, enter my office and sit at my desk, all while deep in thought about …. whatever. Wow, what else could it do?

Really, we could not survive without our it-it allows us to do things like walk and talk at the same time, or hit the brakes when needed. But our automated pilot also has us think, feel, act-and react-to certain circumstances in ways that may not be so valuable.

And much of our auto pilot's programming is inherited, was developed unconsciously or is no longer useful. For example, some of us dread the ringing of our phones no matter who is calling, while others can not resist answering whenever our phones ring, or responding immediately to the ping of every new email.

But what if you could certainly program your automatic pilot in ways that serve you-that make you happier, more productive and more prosperous? What if your automatic pilot had you seen the positive aspects of almost any situation?

We can not be present to everything, every moment-that would be impossible, not to mention exhausting. So do not fight the automatic pilot-PROGRAM IT! It is possible to have your automated pilot work for you in manifesting your dreams.

In the coming month, get to know your automated pilot and to look for where it's helping and could be even more helpful. …

How to Detect Computer Viruses

The world is more connected nowdays than before. Research show that there are more than one million computers connected to the internet.1.5 Million to be precise.

Although this is good news, there is the danger of computer viruses spreading within the sane system at a very alarming speed rate.

You may wonder how this happens. All the spread of viruses occurs mostly when people are browsing. It can happen even where the system has been compromised.

It is easy to detect computer viruses. Should you notice that your computer is becoming slower than the normal speed, know that there is a possibility that your computer is infected with a virus. Such viruses aim at controlling the whole computer so they will try and occupy as much space as possible.

Viruses are very notorious at times defying even the warning signals set by the Microsoft Word or Firefox which informs the computer of any invention. They will attack any computer at the slightest chance.

If you notice that you computer is starting on its own or its changing programs without you commanding it, then know that there is a virus attack. The virus is sometimes smart and may corrupt the computer to start on its own so that it can infect as much programs of the computer as possible.

If you notice that your computer is under the attack of a virus, do not loose heart since there are different programs meant to remove the same type of troubling types of viruses and the problems that go with them.

It is a good idea to be running an anti virus program more often especially after the first incidence of attack. This way the virus will not have a chance to hide while working underground. This may be hard to remove should you want to remove it later. …

Dish Network Offers The Highest Level Of Service

With the busy lifestyles that most people are leading, convenient television service seems to be a necessity. No one has the time or energy to devote to dealing with television companies that offer less-than-ideal service and programming, and no one has the money to pay exhorbitant rates for lackluster service. Dish Network has devoted itself to offering the highest level of service and best programming and technology because it wants to make your life (or at least your TV viewing) easier. So far, over 12 million people have discovered the ease and enjoyment that comes from signing up for one of the many Dish Network packages, and many more are beginning their subscription each day. You too can simplify your life by switching to Dishnetwork and accessing the convenience and myriad options available.

From the moment you start looking at Dish Network service to after you are happily watching your programming, Dish Network wants to give you the ultimate customer service. You will find that ordering your satellite system is incredibly easy, whether you choose to order online or by telephone. Plenty of helpful information and easy access to trained representatives will make it easy for you to choose the equipment that will perform the services you need and the programming that will best suit your lifestyle. And, once you have made your decisions, your satellite system can be up and running within less than a week- often as soon as 1-2 days! The customer service does not end once you have your system so you can always get friendly service when you ask questions, change your service or take care of any other needs.

Your biggest decision when it comes to Dish Network service should not be either to switch, but which programming to opt for when you switch. With the tons of programming packages and additional options that Dish Network offers, this can actually be a difficult choice. But, because all packages are reasonably priced and offer plenty of entertaining and informative programming, it really is not possible to choose the wrong package. If you are looking for standard-definition programming with plenty of options, the America's Top 60, America's Top 120 or America's Top 180 are likely to be what you are looking for. All of these packages offer exciting programming like A & E, TNT, MTV, CSPAN, and Nick at Nite. Dish Network also offers great variations on these packages like the Top 60 Plus that adds your regional sports network to the package, or America's Everything Pak which offers 4 premium movie packages along with the Top 180. And, if you have been wishing that you could access programming from foreign countries, Dish Network Satellite TV has the largest foreign programming selection you can find. You will also find that Dishnetwork offers the best HDTV selection available.

Along with Dish Network's large programming selection, you will also be able to access the most convenient home entertainment technology. The digital video recorder is quickly becoming a favorite …

Nintendo DS Games – A Sensation in the Video Game World

In the early 1980’s, the video games were first introduced. They created a sensation in the gaming world and made people very much crazier about such gaming actions. Then with the easy reach of computers the system of computer gaming came into existence. These electronic gaming activities gained a wide popularity among the masses and people of different age group. Moreover, the puzzle, racing and WWF games are some of the examples of the most preferred gaming categories which are played on computers. Moreover, the video games are considered to be very challenging and exciting means of entertainment for people of all age groups. Nowadays kids, teenagers and people from different age groups spend most of their time enjoying the gaming actions on the computer and Internet. Everyone, can find many suitable suitable genre according to their likes and preferences on the Internet.

Nintendo DS, is one of the best examples of gaming consoles. This console is easy to use and fascinating interactive activities can be played on the device. This console has been designed keeping in mind, the needs of everyone. Whether you are a child, a teenager, an adult or anyone, you can play games on this console very easily. This gadget is very popular among the masses. The DS gaming gadget can easily download all types of games. The console users can also easily access games from all the Nintendo Systems and other systems such as Sega by subscribing for their services.

This console has been made for all age group people. The Nintendo DS games are supported with Nintendo Wi-Fi connection which is a free online connectivity. It allows the users to interact with some one in between the game. This gaming widget weighs just 300 grams. Moreover, this gadget comes with 2 separate 3-inches TFT LCD screen. The physical dimensions of this console is 148.7 x 84.7 x 28.9 mm. This widget comes in two colour options. One is sleek black and the second one is stylish white. The users can opt for the device colour, according to their choice. Moreover, 1.65 volts is required for operating this device.

The built-in CPU of this high end gadget comes enabled with 2 Arm processors, an Arm 946E-S main CPU and ARM7TDMI co-processor. They are available at clock speeds of 67 MHz and 33 MHz. The gadget even has 256 KB of Serial Flash Memory. Furthermore, the device comes supported with Wireless 802.11 and Nintendo Original Protocol. The Wi-Fi built-in support with 802.11 Wireless Network Connection would further assist you in wide variety of ways.

Today, many web sites are coming up and as such it is very easy to search for free of cost games from these gaming websites. The users can play and download online games free of cost. There are many game options also to select from. Puzzles, Super Mario, shooting, chess, fairy tale, cricket and so on are some of the examples of most preferred games which are accessed by most of the …

Website For The Company Store

If your company own one or more stores, you might be wondering if it would be a good idea to have a website. You might also be wondering if a website for the company store would be profitable for your business.

Those are very legitimate questions.

I worked as a marketing director for a store for some times, and I was always harassed by salesman wanting me to by publicity for every imaginable form of paper advertising. Some offer were interesting, most were not.

Are you in the same situation?

If you are, you know how expensive paper advertising is. A simple add in the yellow pages can cost you thousands of dollars each year!

So you might be wondering if a website for the company store is a good idea, furthermore an affordable idea. And the answer is maybe.

Why? Because it depends on who you buy your website from and why.

Who should you buy your website for the company store from?

There is a large choice of company who can help you. My suggestion? Go either with a local company you personally know, or ask 3 companies for a quote and compare prices, or do it yourself.

A local company you know

This can be a great choice, because you can get a personal recommendation from a friend or a business partner. But do not fall into the "I have to buy from him because he was recommended". Do your homework first and find out if the company knows what she is doing.

Ask for 3 quotes

This is in my eye a good way to compare prices. The only important thing here is to know what you want first. If you ask quotes without detailing what you need, you will not be able to compare the 3 offers very easily.

Do it yourself

If you have the time to do it, you can use a very simple online tool and build your own website for the company store. The good side of this option is the reduced cost, because you control everything and you do not have to pay for updates. The downside is that you need to learn how to do it. But when you compare the prices, you may decide you want to learn!

How much should you pay for your website for the company store?

Again, it depends on your budget. If you are already spending thousands of dollars in advertising each year, you might have a larger budget to put in the web. On the other had, if your company has little budget for advertising, you should pay less.

Usually, when I build a website for a company store, I charge between 1000 $ and 5000 $, depending on the complexity of the site. I can offer very affordable rate for small website because I use an online tool that has an unbeatable price. This allow me, for my clients who has a smaller budget, to teach them how to manage their …

Slow Running Computer? How You Can Easily Repair Your Registry

If your computer is running slow, a comprehensive registry scan may be all you need to get it running again at an optimal level.

You will be able to get your PC running the way it’s supposed to in 3 easy steps:


Some problems are not related to the registry, so first run your anti-virus program as well as an anti-spyware program.

Still have problems? Chances are, your registry is to blame.

So, do this first:


**note: some registry cleaners will automatically backup your files

Different versions of Windows require different methods of backing up files. Here are the methods to use with various Windows programs. For older versions, consider using a program like RegCure right now

Registry Backup for Windows 2000/2003/XP:

1. Click on Start, then go to All Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools- then Backup. The Backup Utility should then come up. If not, it may need to be installed from the Windows CD that came with your computer

2. After backup utility comes up, check to see if you are in “Wizard” to avoid errors, and hit Next

3. Select “only back up the system state data”. You will continue to hit Next until it’s finished. Then hit Finish, and the registry backup will begin. Close once it’s finished

In order to restore, do the following:

1. Initiate the Backup Utility

2. In the Wizard mode, choose the backup version you want (most likely, it’s the one you did most recently), and click Next, then Finish, then close out this program

Registry Backup for Windows Vista:

1. Hit Start, then Control Panel, then System, then System Protection

2. Select the hard drive that will be your restore point, then hit the Crate button

3. You will then be prompted on how to complete the backup

As for Restoring your Registry:

1. Hit Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore

2. Click Next, then select restore point and hit Next

3. You will be prompted on how to complete restoration


The easiest step is to perform a system restore, but if this can’t be done, you can do one of four things:

1. Re-format your hard drive and install windows once again

2. Go to the registry editor to repair or get rid of the problem (the folders & keys)

3. Send your computer to a shop to have it fixed

4. Use a registry cleaner…

MQL Organization

All MQL expert advisors and indicators contain a few essential components. The general organization of MQL programs does not vary too often.

Files typically start with a declaration of #defines (pronounced pound define) global variables and external variables, also known as an extern data type. They appear near the top of the code to help the read gain an understanding of the variables that will run in the program. Ideally, the names of the variables and how they are organized should assist the programmer with form a general understanding of what the expert advisor or indicator might do.

The next section is usually the init () function, which is the word initialize abbreviated. This section of the code is particularly relevant to programming custom indicators. Most of the general indicator settings like declaring the indicator buffers, the colors to use and other basic features are set within this section. I use init () in every expert advisor that we build to convert the inputs into an appropriate setting for the broker's pricing. If a client inputs a stop loss of 50 into an EA, I do not need to do anything if it's a 4 digit broker. I do, however, need to convert the input to work with a 5 digit broker. I run a quick check within init () to see if Digits == 3 || Digits == 5. If so, then I multiply inputs affected by that setting by 10.

deinit () is the least important section; it's pretty easy to deinitialize an MQL file because it typically does not take up any system resources. It's rarely used for anything important. The only uses that I ever have for deinit () are to close an open file handle or to make some sort of closing note. This is often done either on the chart directly through the Comment () function or more often by writing directly into the log file.

The start () function is the real meat of an MQL expert advisor or indicator. Whenever MetaTrader detects an incoming tick, it alerts any MQL programs. Those programs then call the start function so that it can do whatever needs doing. All trading operations, calculations, account monitoring, etc, occur within this section.

All of the other custom functions within the program appear below start (). I usually prefer to rank them in order of their importance or the frequency with which I call them through the program. The order of placement of functions does not affect performance in any way at all. It's strictly a cosmetic practice that makes expert advisor programming more legitimate. …

A Computer Crash – Unlikely – Think Again

You read about it, hear about it, but do you really think a computer crash can happen to you? You bet. It's easy to become complacent – after all, you take precautions. You're smart. No matter how long you've been using a computer, you know that it's absolutely necessary to back up your files just in case your computer crashes – right? Of course you do.

I've been using computers at home since 1993 – a long time. And, I've upgraded computers at least 8 times since then. Each new upgrade gets faster with bigger hard drives. Each upgrade in hard drives leads to more and more new software programs with more and more files being stored. In all this time, I've never experienced a computer crash – until now. I took some additional precautions so I would not lose any of my files.

I made sure that I backed up the majority of my programs and my files. But, what happens if my hard drive crashes and after several hours of trying different things, I find there is no fix? Do I have back up files – sure I do. But, there is not a day that goes by that I'm not creating more files, or web revisions. Do I have the most recent changes saved – no. I guess like a lot of us who are busy running work from home businesses (both online and offline) we do not always follow our back up schedules religiously. I'm guilty of doing just that.

How often should you back up programs and files? That depends on how many changes you make on a daily / weekly basis. For some, once a month would be good enough – for others, once a day. You have to decide how much effort it will take if your system crashes, and if it can not be reclaimed, how much effort it will be to re-install your programs and files on a new hard drive.

How are you going to back up critical information? Your choice will depend on how large your programs are, how many, and how many files you have. If you have the CDs to all your software programs, it's just a matter of relating them all. But, what if you've purchased some over the Internet and downloaded them? If your smart, you'll keep them all (most of them come 'zipped') in a separate file folder on your hard drive and ensure that you back up this folder every time you download a new software program.

If you need Serial Numbers to load some of these software programs, and you received instructions and serial numbers by email, print them and keep them in a separate hard copy folder so you can retrieve them as needed. A paperless office is not necessarily good especially for this situation.

And, if you're really prepared, you have an older computer around (one you kept when you purchased a new model) so you can continue, in a …

Four Sure Key Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website or Blog

With an internet presence, you have to aim at generating as much traffic to the website as possible. This is due with an increased traffic to the site, there are more visitors. Some of these visitors are sure to turn into customers, which in turn leads to a profit to your online business.

o There are numerous ways for you to use for generating traffic, without having to pay for it. One of them is the exchange of links; which is a sure and proven method where webmasters exchange links with each other to create more popularity and awareness of their sites.

To exchange links, the sites have to have similar niches or contents and share a common subject for continuity of provision of service and information. By changing links, you get a high ranking in search engine results as you get more inbound and outbound links.

o With traffic exchange, it is possible to view another webmaster's site or page and vice versa. This way, both you and the second webmaster benefit from the generation of traffic as visitors of the other website can get to see pages from your site and learn about your services.

o Writing and submitting articles to ezines and online encyclopedias help to generate traffic. You have to write or get freelance writers write articles based on the niche of your site and which will generate interest of visitors to read. Perhaps articles with tips and guidelines about the subject of your site. Add a resource box at the end of the article which is linked to your site so that visitors visit your website after reading the article.

o Create newsletters to generate traffic to your site. Instead of writing all the articles for the newsletter, there are numerous authors and sites that offer free articles, as long as you mention their names on your newsletter. By passing the newsletter around to people you know, you cause awareness about your site and build an opt-in list that regularly visits your site.

Try out all these simple and cost effective tips in generating traffic to your site; there will be a great difference in traffic within a few months' time. …

How to Move From Novice to Master Internet Marketer

The best place to begin is always going to be the same. Yes, its at the beginning.

So what does being a novice internet marketer mean? It usually means you've got a small or non-existing list or customer base, a product that is either yours or that you're an affiliate for, that is not doing much for you but the surest, and truest measure of all is that you're likely to be making little or no money.

Money talks, everything else walks. For a thorough diagnosis of why you're a novice, the most important thing to do, is to look to what you're doing right now. Start making a note of what you're doing consistently to get what you want. To hit the goals that you need to hit to become recognizable (at least to yourself), as a master internet marketer.

Here's a few questions that you could ask yourself –

1) How many articles are put in the article directories? Are you paying attention to the needs and needs of your target market, and hitting this in your articles? How many articles would a master internet marketer have online, and how quickly can you do this?

Remember, rarely do you have to do it all yourself, get some leverage either by outsourcing your articles, or repurposing your content to hit that critical mass,

2) How often are you checking in on your pay per click account? Are you over or underpaying? Are you getting traffic. As Matt Bacak says you do not have to get it right, you just have to get it going, but do not forget that getting it going is great, but if you're interested in making money, then never forget the fortune is in the follow up.

The ability to get the job done, to execute, to tweak, and tweak and retweak is where the money's at.

3) How clean are your systems? Have you thought your sales process through from front to back, and from back to front, and from front to back again. Is it working? How do you know? Are you measuring?

As the direct marketing genius Dan Kennedy relates often the most important piece of the making
the sale jigsaw is getting out of your own way.

4) Are you utilizing the phenomenal power of momentum in your business? Basically this means setting small achievable goals and accomplishing them as quickly as you can. Getting it going. By consistently doing this you'll become unstoppable.

5) Are you focused? You've got sixty seconds, can you tell me what you want to achieve in your internet marketing business? If you can excellent, if you can not answer this – five years from today what singular thing do you want to have done or completed in your business?

Pretty simple – yeah? But simple does not necessarily mean easy, or does it? …