Page Structure – Make It Lean N Mean

One of the least understood and utilized areas of SEO is probably page structure. Webmasters will use an editor such as Frontpage, Dreamweaver, etc. to create there pages making sure to get the right keywords in the title tags, spread through the pages, in links, alt tags, etc. all the while forgetting one important fact, what it looks like to the search engines.

Unfortunately, a fairly small amount of webmasters actually know how to code in HTML. They use a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) such as one of those mentioned above. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, it is how I originally started. The problem is that most of these types of editors produce horrible and I mean HORRIBLE code.

This is often referred to as "code bloat" and while it is not NECESSARILY bad, it is not good either. First, this "code bloat" increased the overall size of each page. For some pages, this is not a big deal, but for pages that are already fairly large in file size, this can make a big difference.

I once went through a page that was roughly 50kb in size and removed all of the offending code bloat caused by a WYSIWYG editor. Once finished, the size of the page was reduced to roughly 30kb. That means just under 50% of the pages size was extraneous code! Now, you may be asking yourself … "Self … that's a lot, but what's the big deal". Well, the issue is that at 50k, a visitor on dial-up will have to wait an average of 10-12 seconds for the page to load, while at 30k a dial-up using visitor will only have to wait 7-8 seconds for the page to fully load.

That 3-5 seconds may not seem like a lot, but it could mean the difference between the visitor staying on your site or leaving to visit a competitor.

Now, there are definitely other reasons to avoid "code bloat". That brings us to SEO. Remember, while your pages make look pretty when viewed in a browser, that is NOT how a search engine sees them. They see only HTML. Have you ever pilled up a page to look at the HTML of the page only to go "Whoa … I can not make heads or tales of this!". Well, put yourself in the place of a search engine spider.

In order to know what your site is about and to properly index and rank your site and all it's pages, it needs to be able to properly read your pages. This means the less code the spider has to sift through to find your content, the less chances there are that something will cause them to get "tripped up".

Over the past 9 years, I have seen the search engines get MUCH better at spidering sites, but if you think it is impossible for an error on a page to cause a spider to not be …

Internet Marketing is a Must for Successful Online Businesses

Internet marketing is an indispensable tool in the survival and success of an online business. The facts are clear: those businesses that have a strong online presence generate more clients and more product awareness. The power of the internet is not one to be trifled with, and as a result more businesses have chosen the road more traveled nowdays- that is to promote one's existence both offline and online.

There are a few essential things that a company needs to master, in order to be a pro in internet marketing. Creating and developing a website is the first one. A website will serve as the platform with which to create a product or service offering, provide information and background on the business, accept payments for purchases, and even to communicate to the clients through e-mails and feedback.

Of course there are a number of web hosts that offer to set up a website for free. There are upsides and downsides to these so-called free services. The upside would be on terms of no or less expired- free websites mean you get to have your own website without having to pay anything. However, with a free website, there is less stability and less control over the part of the business owner, thus the restrained internet marketing efforts. The no-charge web host may choose to discontinue the free service anytime or to automatically delete the site account, and this could turn out to be detrimental for any online business.

Promoting and advertising the product through a number of means should also be given top priority in internet marketing. Even with a website, site traffic will not increase if efforts geared towards such traffic goals are not being done. Some of the means at promoting a business site would include article marketing, affiliate marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, Search Engine Optimization, web content writing and redesign, and even blogging. Anything that seeks to promote your site and offerings in a positive manner should be helpful, although you must find those that you believe are returning the most benefits for your online business.

Maintaining good customer relations is always good for any business, whether land based or internet based. After all, in any business the customer is always king. Constant communication with clients through autoresponders would give the strong impression that the online business is taking the effort at improving awareness, and maintaining relationships. Through all these, internet marketing is made more valuable in achieving a more powerful and longer lasting online presence for businesses. …

Online Computer Repair Service – Economical and Efficient Computer Repair

Online Computer Repair has become a rising industry. Why more and more computer users are fond of online computer fix when PC problems occur? Following is a comparison and contrast list. “O” stands for Online Computer Fix Company’s tech services; “L” stands for the local computer repair store. “S” stands for computer/software vendor’s tech support. After the comparison, it may explain the reason why online computer repair is becoming increasingly popular.

Service Attitude and Efficiency – Decide whether you will have a happy computer fix journey

O: Most of online computer fix company’s staff have patient and warm attitude towards their customers for this is one of impression that online computer repair companies are dedicated to bring to their customers.

L: Since there is not any regulation for local repair store’s owner, whether you can receive a good service attitude just depends on the owner’s awareness.

S: It depends on the company’s culture. But usually, if it is free support, the service quality will be lower than charged support service for lazy employees who provide free support will like to pass your issues like a hot potato.

Convenience- Everybody wants fix computer problems with easy

O: Online Computer Fix Company will fix your problems via remote support. After you give them permission, they can remote in and fix your problems manually. All you need is just to sit back and watch your PC problems being fixed by computer experts. Don’t worry about your PC’s security for you can see every action those experts do on your PC and if you don’t want the remote support, just stop it and the remote connection will lose immediately.

L: If it is near to your home or office, it will be fine. But if the computer repair shops is far away from you, you may need lug your computer to the shop.

S:Sometimes you will need to let strangers into your home.

Cost, Appointment and Guarantee- Your Most Concern

O: Some online PC repair companies offers 24/7 online unlimited tech services through the year and the price is very substantial. And some of them do not require you any appointment so you can contact their experts anytime for tech help. Almost every online PC repair company promise if your PC problems are not fixed, you will get 100% refund. Since you sign up for their services on line so usually you can use PayPal, the world’s biggest online payment processor and your right can be fully protected by PayPal. If there is a dispute, you can ask help from PayPal and PayPal can judge the issue for you according to the evidence you offer to PayPal.

L: Usually you will be charged according to the time and usually you can’t expect the cost will be lower than $60 for one time. You will certainly need appointment to fix the PC problems. If your PC problems are not fixed, you may still need to pay and if you want to get a refund, …

PPC Campaigns Vs Organic SEO

Seo is an abbreviation to search engine optimization and it is considered as a process or a method of optimizing a website to rank high on search engines for search engine positioning and search Engine rankings.

Seo are of two types:

1. in organic Seo

2. Organic Seo

PPC is an abbreviation for Pay per click Campaigns, which is considered as a form of advertising which pays referrer on per click basis. It has a dominant place in Search engine industry. It is used to boosts the traffic of a website very quickly and by running PPC campaigns for a website they get targeted traffic and good placements on search engines. PPC campaigns have a better conversion rate than any other marketing strategies. This method was used for a long period and even it is carried out by big companies. PPC campaigns is a very expensive marketing method and it should have high budget and this is the reason, Webmasters who are running small websites or business can not go for PPC campaigns, as a result of the necessity for a method which can replace this. Now how we can use different methods which can replace PPC campaigns. Organic SEO has gained huge popularity now days which is very cost effective and can get almost equal results.

Organic Seo is cost effective and is equally performing with proven results. Organic Seo is one in which professionals do study on search engine algorithms and placement techniques and based on which the search engine optimization is done. It's a time consuming process but result oriented, while doing organic Seo we have to follow search engines guidelines otherwise websites will get permanently banned from search results. In Organic Seo, professionals target on Onsite and offsite factors of a website to get higher rankings and SE positioning.

Onsite Optimization Includes:

1. Content development

2. Meta Tagging

3. Internal Seo

Offsite Optimization includes:

1. Link Popularity

2. Keyword targeted link backs.

If you are looking for cost effective and high search engine placements, you should go for Organic Seo which almost produces the same results when compared with PPC campaigns. …