How to Run a Successful Home-Based Online Business

As of April 30, 2008 the number of Internet users in the world surpassed 1.4 Billion people. This amazing growth, coupled with the simplicity of online shopping and financial transactions has created a vast opportunity for a new breed of commerce: The Home-Based Online Business.

You have no doubt come across several, if not hundreds of these websites as you surf. Simply Google "money" and you'll be bombarded with website after website – all promising that their system generates thousands of dollars overnight. While it's difficult to determine which offers are real business opportunities and which are fraudulent scams, some really do have the potential to turn into simple to operate cash cows.

In this guide I will first detail what to look for in a potential home business opportunity. Second, I will show you excellent methods to turn your business into an independent profit center using tested marketing methods that will not cost you anything.

Part One – Choosing the right business

The first thing I always tell people before they start a home based business is to ignore any offers that guarantee success. There is no such thing as guaranteed success and anything promising to make you rich without any effort is a flat out lie. I've also seen several offers which are nothing more than a book or CD-Rom filled with poorly written idea's on how to make money.

Any legitimate online business should be internet version of a franchise. By this I mean you should be provided with a REAL product to sell; software, eBooks, a reseller website etc. They should also offer you comprehensive training on how to setup your online business and market the product.

Things to look for:

1) Professional reseller website that grabs attention and screams "BUY ME"
2) Software packages with reseller right to supplement the reseller website
3) Step-by-step training to assist you with your setup and marketing campaigns
4) Telephone support – If a company does not give a # it's probably a scam


1) Offers that guarantee success – This is not practical
2) Offers that only supply a book or CD-Rom
3) Pyramid-Scheme Marketing – They simply do not work
4) Any offer that does not supply a valid telephone number

Important Info: A reseller website is the most important aspect of your online business. The reseller website is your way to market the online business program to other individuals looking to create their own business. This has the absolute greatest potential for profits, for example: My reseller website generates $ 200 profit for each person that signs up via my site, 1 signup per day = $ 6,000 per month in profit!

Part Two – Successful marketing tips

How successful a home based online business will be depends directly on the volume of traffic you are able to drive to your website. No matter how convincing your reseller website is, sales simply will not happen unless a steady stream of people are viewing the site. …

What Is This Buzz Called SEO?

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, uses various techniques to improve a web site's rankings in the search engines and thus increase the amount of visitors to their website. If you run a business and want more people to visit your website and use your services, it is important to use SEO to increase traffic. It is important to learn the techniques for using SEO properly so that you can get the greatest amount of exposure on the web without having to spend a lot of money.

While SEO helps to increase traffic to your website, it is not advertising. Instead, the idea of ​​SEO is to get your website at the top rankings because your website is relevant to a particular search term. You can use paid advertising to get your website out there, but SEO is successful in getting you in the top rankings without spending large amounts of money.

To have success using SEO it is vital that you learn how search engines work. It is the search engine that determines what sites are relevant to the keywords that are used and in what order to list the results. It is also important to learn the differences between the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) and what you need to do to rank high in each one. They are all different. What might work well in Google might not help your rankings in Yahoo.

If you want to get your website higher in search engine rankings use SEO. You can either learn the techniques on your own or you can higher SEO companies that can help you. By applying SEO techniques to your website you will be able to draw great amounts of visitors to your website and increase your business. And who does not want more business and more money? …

The Truth About Web Design

When online users browse, they are usually in search of information or some products or services that are relevant to what they need. If they are directed to another website from clicking on an advertisement, they will be expecting to see something relevant.

However, there are some websites which are poorly designed, making users are unable to find what they need. And so, what could have been a sale would be business lost. And with too many accidents like these, your website will surely be bound to fail.

Here are things to keep in mind when coming up with the design of your website.

One things that is certain is that people would not be visiting your website unless they feel that they can easily navigate around it. So you would need to make sure that your website has a design which is very easy to understand, making it extremely user-friendly. A lot of people would not care wherever your website is laced with elaborate design, as long as they would not be confused or lost in your web pages.

Make sure that you provide relevant, varied and up-to-date content so that your visitors would find your website interesting enough to come back for more.

Always keep in mind that viewers could just click away to a competitor of yours the moment they do not seem satisfied with your website and what you offer. Check if you are able to offer an edge over everyone else so that there is at least a solid reason for them to choose your website for their needs. You would also have to ensure that your website loads quickly as many people are impatient when waiting for websites to load. …