Getting the Right Website For Your Business – Static Or Dynamic?

Static websites:

A static website, as the label might suggest, is one that is not designed to change. Once the website has been designed, and the content incorporated in to the design template, each page will remain the same as the point where it is launched.

This type of website is best suited to the kind of business that does not have a large product inventory that it wishes to sell on-line, does not require a member's login facility, or does not need to have news / special offers added to the site over time. For example, a holiday cottage website might simply need a few pages that include details of the cottage, some photos of the rooms, a page giving 'how to find us' directions, and a contact form where visitors can inquire about making a booking.

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SWTOR Crew Skills

SWTOR Crew Skills are a little different than other MMO professions since you don’t have to do any of the gathering or crafting yourself. The crew skills allow you to assign the task to your companions while you continue questing, PVPing, or doing any other part of the game you are interested in.

Once you hit level 10 you will be able to pick your crew skills. There are 3 types of skills to choose from, Crafting, Gathering, and Mission. You may only have a total of 3 skills at once and you are limited to 1 crafting skill. So basically you will have either 3 gathering, 3 mission, 1 crafting with 2 gathering, 1 crafting with 2 mission or 1 crafting with 1 gathering and 1 mission.

Gathering Skills: You can choose up to 3 gathering skills for your character.

  • Archaeology: Allows you to find imbued items like Lightsaber
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Getting Indexed By The Search Engines – The Fast Way And The Slow Way

The first step to getting any traffic on the internet is getting your site indexed by the search engines – specifically, the 'Big 3'. – Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo. And there are two things you should forget about straight away.

Number One – Yes, you can submit your URL to the search engines using their online form. But be prepared to wait around for a long, long time if you're already on this to actually include your site in their databases. The search engines like to find your site through links on other sites, especially well ranked, established sites. With so many sites on the internet, this is their way of deciding if they should even think about adding your site to their index – never mind the question of ranking well in their index.

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