The Legend Of The Search Engine Sandbox

So what is the Google "Sandbox"?

The Google Sandbox or the "Google Aging Delay" is a much debated restriction that Google places on new websites so that they can not rank "well" in its search results for a certain amount of time. This time is supposedly to allow Google to determine weather a site is trustworthy and legal or spam. While a website said to be in the sandbox may have many strong incoming links and lots of unique and useful content, it will fail to rank high for the search terms it is aiming to be ranked for.

Why do some sites not get "Sandboxed"?

Some sites are just plain lucky to avoid the "Sandbox" and some are trying to rank in an industry that Google will consider not extremely competitive. Let's say you have a site offering "Information On Local Badminton Clubs On The Aran Islands". Google's job … Read More

The 3 Main Principles of Object Oriented Programming – How to Program With Java

Object Oriented Programming (or OOP) is actually classified by three main principles.

1) Encapsulation

2) Inheritance

3) Polymorphism

These appear to be frightening terms but are actually fairly easy principles to grasp. In order to figure out how to program with java, you’ll need to understand these principles. So let’s consider our first main concept of OOP, encapsulation. Encapsulation just means we want to limit the access that some other pieces of code have to this particular object. So, to illustrate, if you have a Person object, and this Person object has a first and last name as attributes. In the event another chunk of code attempts to modify your Person object’s first name to be say “Frank3”, you could take note of what the first name is trying to be set to, and remove any digits so that we are simply left with “Frank”. Without encapsulation, we will not … Read More

How Technology Has Improved Education Levels

The use of technology in learning institutions has increased. According to a recent study by CompTIA, up to 78% of teachers believe the use of technology in schools has positively influenced student’s productivity while 65% of educators believe the use of technology has made students more productive and learning exciting.

Technology is today used in almost all aspects of our day-to-day activities. People have become accustomed to the use of devices developed through technology. Despite a smaller percentage of individuals claiming the use of technology has done as much destruction as good, education is one of the areas where its use has completely transformed the way people study and educational institutions operate. Here are six ways how the use of technology has managed to help improve education standards.

1. Online Resources

You can always research on the internet for any educational information you need. You are always bound to find … Read More

Free Internet Dating Services

There are a lot of free Internet dating services, which make contacting singles faster, easier, reliable, and most efficient. These Internet dating services allow individual to secure free introductory services. These services enable individuals to get to know each other a little before they decide to date. Through Internet dating services, individuals can even send flowers to the person of their choice and get familiar with many compatible people.

Most of the free Internet dating services provide access to the photographs of thousands of singles that advertise themselves expressing their intention of dating or marriage. The number of Internet dating services representing singles from various religions and backgrounds has increased over the last few years. This is because Internet dating looks like an exciting option to find love and happiness.

Free Internet dating services are an extremely convenient way to find partners as they offer a lot of benefits. Individuals … Read More

Advanced System Optimizer – The Ultimate Computer Package

Advanced system optimizer is a suite that helps improve the productivity, power, and performance of your PC. Why is there a need for you to avail of this product when you already choose the PC with the best specifications? It is possible that you paid for your PC with a lot of cash for its innate power and performance. However, there are unprincipled individuals who can intentionally put malware in your computer whenever you go online or download something. These malwares, spywares, and viruses can hamper your computer’s productivity, power and performance. This way, your hard-earned money will go to waste.

You may be wondering by now how it is possible for this tool to do just that with a simple optimizer? It is possible with its all-in-one PC tune-up. It is like buying a new car that would need a tune-up or maintenance every now and then. Of course, … Read More