The Automatic Pilot – A Homer Simpson Moment

I was driving up in the parking deck of my building the other day when I realized I needed to retrieve my mail, back on the ground floor. So I stopped on Level 2 and walked downstairs.

Ten minutes later I found myself in my office, needing to make a call. No cell phone. No purse, either, and no car. DOH !! I'd left everything except my keys on Level 2.

My first thought was, "You nut!" But, my second thought was much more interesting. What happened was a perfect example of my "automatic pilot" in action. It took full control, allowing me to walk downstairs, get my mail, walk up several flights of stairs, enter my office and sit at my desk, all while deep in thought about …. whatever. Wow, what else could it do?

Really, we could not survive without our it-it allows us to do things like walk and talk at the same time, or hit the brakes when needed. But our automated pilot also has us think, feel, act-and react-to certain circumstances in ways that may not be so valuable.

And much of our auto pilot's programming is inherited, was developed unconsciously or is no longer useful. For example, some of us dread the ringing of our phones no matter who is calling, while others can not resist answering whenever our phones ring, or responding immediately to the ping of every new email.

But what if you could certainly program your automatic pilot in ways that serve you-that make you happier, more productive and more prosperous? What if your automatic pilot had you seen the positive aspects of almost any situation?

We can not be present to everything, every moment-that would be impossible, not to mention exhausting. So do not fight the automatic pilot-PROGRAM IT! It is possible to have your automated pilot work for you in manifesting your dreams.

In the coming month, get to know your automated pilot and to look for where it's helping and could be even more helpful. …

How to Detect Computer Viruses

The world is more connected nowdays than before. Research show that there are more than one million computers connected to the internet.1.5 Million to be precise.

Although this is good news, there is the danger of computer viruses spreading within the sane system at a very alarming speed rate.

You may wonder how this happens. All the spread of viruses occurs mostly when people are browsing. It can happen even where the system has been compromised.

It is easy to detect computer viruses. Should you notice that your computer is becoming slower than the normal speed, know that there is a possibility that your computer is infected with a virus. Such viruses aim at controlling the whole computer so they will try and occupy as much space as possible.

Viruses are very notorious at times defying even the warning signals set by the Microsoft Word or Firefox which informs the computer of any invention. They will attack any computer at the slightest chance.

If you notice that you computer is starting on its own or its changing programs without you commanding it, then know that there is a virus attack. The virus is sometimes smart and may corrupt the computer to start on its own so that it can infect as much programs of the computer as possible.

If you notice that your computer is under the attack of a virus, do not loose heart since there are different programs meant to remove the same type of troubling types of viruses and the problems that go with them.

It is a good idea to be running an anti virus program more often especially after the first incidence of attack. This way the virus will not have a chance to hide while working underground. This may be hard to remove should you want to remove it later. …

Dish Network Offers The Highest Level Of Service

With the busy lifestyles that most people are leading, convenient television service seems to be a necessity. No one has the time or energy to devote to dealing with television companies that offer less-than-ideal service and programming, and no one has the money to pay exhorbitant rates for lackluster service. Dish Network has devoted itself to offering the highest level of service and best programming and technology because it wants to make your life (or at least your TV viewing) easier. So far, over 12 million people have discovered the ease and enjoyment that comes from signing up for one of the many Dish Network packages, and many more are beginning their subscription each day. You too can simplify your life by switching to Dishnetwork and accessing the convenience and myriad options available.

From the moment you start looking at Dish Network service to after you are happily watching your programming, Dish Network wants to give you the ultimate customer service. You will find that ordering your satellite system is incredibly easy, whether you choose to order online or by telephone. Plenty of helpful information and easy access to trained representatives will make it easy for you to choose the equipment that will perform the services you need and the programming that will best suit your lifestyle. And, once you have made your decisions, your satellite system can be up and running within less than a week- often as soon as 1-2 days! The customer service does not end once you have your system so you can always get friendly service when you ask questions, change your service or take care of any other needs.

Your biggest decision when it comes to Dish Network service should not be either to switch, but which programming to opt for when you switch. With the tons of programming packages and additional options that Dish Network offers, this can actually be a difficult choice. But, because all packages are reasonably priced and offer plenty of entertaining and informative programming, it really is not possible to choose the wrong package. If you are looking for standard-definition programming with plenty of options, the America's Top 60, America's Top 120 or America's Top 180 are likely to be what you are looking for. All of these packages offer exciting programming like A & E, TNT, MTV, CSPAN, and Nick at Nite. Dish Network also offers great variations on these packages like the Top 60 Plus that adds your regional sports network to the package, or America's Everything Pak which offers 4 premium movie packages along with the Top 180. And, if you have been wishing that you could access programming from foreign countries, Dish Network Satellite TV has the largest foreign programming selection you can find. You will also find that Dishnetwork offers the best HDTV selection available.

Along with Dish Network's large programming selection, you will also be able to access the most convenient home entertainment technology. The digital video recorder is quickly becoming a favorite …