Web Template Or Web Designer – What is the Best Way to Create Your Website?

Whilst choosing a perfect website template to project the right image for your business could be a lot quicker and cheaper than hiring the services and skills of a web designer, it may not be the best way to create your online presence. So if you want a professional online presence generated quickly and cheaply, downloading a website template could be the right option for you.

Whilst this may be true not all templates are equal – some are designed and structured really well and look professional while others are downright nasty. But surely with all the website templates available online there must be some that are perfect for my requirements I hear you say.

That is probably true but, as mentioned above, not all web templates are the same in terms of quality or as easy to work with. In fact while some are free, some guide you step by step through the process of editing and uploading the template files and others require a certain amount of web design competency to edit and manage them.

So what is the best solution for creating your online presence? Well the list below illustrates some of the pros and cons of hiring the services and skills of a professional web designer or to use a web template.

Website Template or Web Designer?

  • Cost You will be able to find and download a great, well designed website at a reasonably small cost while the services of a professional web designer will come at a significant cost.
  • Timing Once you have located a suitable template online, you will be able to download it immediately, edit it and insert the content you want and upload it – you could have your online presence created the same day. However having a designer design your site could be a fairly long process with progress meetings and follow up meetings.
  • Customizing While most templates can be edited and customized to reflect your corporate image and so on, some of them could require a certain amount of html and web design competency. Having a web designer build your site would mean that all customizing of your site would be taken care of.

So there you have it. With all the information above you should be able to decide wherever your online presence will require the coding and graphics expertise of a web designer or will it be just as good and effective with a well designed template. …

The 4 C's Of Writing-Articles # 9 In The "High-Quality Content Builds Traffic" Series

What do your readers want? Useful, beneficial information. What do you want? To build traffic, build your list, and sell products or services. Step though the 4 Cs-color, clarity, cut, and carat-to ensure your content is useful, beneficial, engaging, and keeps' em coming back for more. Remember, developing high-quality content is key for traffic-building strategies such as publishing articles, posting blog entries, and adding fresh content to your website to entice visitors (and search engines) to return again and again.

The 4 Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat

My father, a jeweler, loved to look through a loupe into a diamond's brilliant, prismatic depth. Whenever he thought something was perfect, he likened it to "looking inside a diamond."

Even as a child, I could recite the 4 Cs to discern a diamond's quality: color, clarity, cut, and carat. Today, as a marketing consultant and copywriter, I use the same four Cs as a touchstone to improve my writing. And you can, too.


Replace commonplace verbs with active, colorful verbs. For example: "Broke again, Johnny had only two quarters in his pocket" versus "Broke again, two lonely quarters clinked in Johnny's pocket."

Tips to add color:

Watch for tired verbs -Be on the alert for ho-hum verbs and verb clauses such as: to be, to do, to get, to go, to have, to see, there is, there are.

Vibrant verbs at your fingertips! -Quickly replace stale verbs with precise, colorful verbs with the help of an online thesaurus:

-Microsoft Word (go to Tools / Language / Thesaurus)

-Merriam-Webster Online at http://www.Webster.com

– http://www.Thesaurus.com


Does each sentence say what you mean? Be specific, untangle lengthy sentences, and steer clear of the passive voice ("the ball was caught") when you can more effectively use the active voice ("Diana caught the ball").

More tips to add clarity:

Visualize your message -If you close your eyes, can you visualize the idea behind every sentence? Is every sentence as tangible and concrete as possible? If you can not wrap your arms around your message, neither can your readers. Rework sentences to ensure they're clear and concrete.

Sketch abstract concepts -If you're struggling to explain a technical or abstract concept, grab a pencil and sketch it. This exercise forces you to simplify and distill your idea and may spark helpful ways to present the concept to your readers.


Just like a skilled diamond cutter, you must trim excess material to let your message shine. For example: "The nostalgic charm of our town is somewhere as no where as evident for young and old alike as in the old-fashioned arcade" versus "The old-fashioned arcade evinces our town's nostalgic charm."

Tips to cut extraneous words:

Edit your copy -This is an important step in the writing process, even if you plan to hire a professional editor. Because extra words drown your message, it's critical to be as objective as possible during this step. Look for every opportunity to trim extra words, sentences, and even paragraphs.


Samsung Armani – The Enticing Gadget

The Samsung Armani is definitely a stylish handset from the domain of Samsung. The slim and compact design of this handset further adds to its sophisticated look. This Samsung handset has various advanced user friendly features. This gadget is armed with 60MB of embedded memory and this storage capacity can be extended further by using an additional microSD card. An intriguing music player is incorporated in this gadget, which can support the popular music file formats like – MP3 / ACC / ACC +.

The most innovative feature incorporated in this music player is the 'track filtering' option. This unique track filtering feature would enable the users to sort out their favorite music tracks by the name of artists, genre etc. When a particular music track is being played in the background, the music player shows the current music track in the standby menu.

The video player integrated in this mobile phone has the same interface like that of the music player. This video player has the ability to play video clips in the full screen mode. While, in the landscape mode the users can easily rewind and fast forward the clips. The video clips are supported by the MPEG4 format.

Armed with 3 mega pixel camera, this Samsung Armani mobile phone is further enhanced with the LED flash. This unique feature can capture and save images at a high resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This camera handset has setting options that include picture size, shooting mode and superb effects. The shooting modes such as single shot, mosaic and multi shot would enable the photographers to shoot images as they desire. The effects like negative, sepia, black and white further opportunities the captured images. The other extra features like white balance and viewer finder mode would facilitate the photographic passion of the users. This advanced gadget can even shoot video clips via a Camcorder mode also. With the QVGA resolution the video clips would be captured at a high resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and at the rate of 30 frames per second. While, the video clips that are captured and saved in the MPEG4 format would play on all the compatible devices. The most exciting Mosaic feature would allow the user to create photo collages. Whereas, the multi shot mode would permit them to capture several shots in quick succession with just a single press on the shutter. These additional camera settings can be accessed from the menu, where the user can switch between camcorder and the camera.

The various connectivity options like GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth would enable the users to stay connected with their friends and beloved ones through the day. The network data transfers would be operated via EDGE. Further, the USB port would facilitate you to transfer all your important files to other compatible devices within few minutes.

This Samsung mobile phone is also equipped with the advanced NetFront 3.4 web browser. Browsing the webpages with this version is really pleasant as it …