Should HTML5 Be Used for Creation of Mobile Friendly Sites?

In February 2015, Cisco forecasted that “mobile data traffic will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 57 percent from 2014 to 2019, reaching 24.3 exabytes per month by 2019.” In April 2015, Google released a mobile-friendly update, and announced, “We’re boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. Now searchers can more easily find high-quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling.

Thus, you can reap a number of benefits by developing a mobile-friendly website for your business. The mobile-friendly feature will make your website rank high on search engine result pages, and hence get regular website visitors. At the same time, the website will further keep the users engaged by delivering optimized mobile experience, and convert them into customers. However, you must use powerful and widely used web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create a website that delivers optimized mobile experience, regardless of the user’s mobile device.

As the complete and final version of HTML standard, HTML5 comes with several new syntactic features, element attributes and APIs. The new features enable developers accomplish a variety of tasks without writing longer lines of code. At the same time, they can also take advantage of these features to boost the website’s performance and compatibility across a variety of devices. They can further use it to create mobile-friendly websites that offer more functionality than native mobile applications, while storing data on the client. There are also a number of reasons why web developers across the world use HTML5 for building mobile friendly websites.

Why Use HTML5 for Developing Mobile Friendly Websites?

Compatible with Major Devices and Browsers

At present, HTML5 is compatible with the latest versions of major web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. However, each browser does not support all HTML5 elements. Whenever a new element is introduced, it is not supported by all web browsers instantaneously. But the programmers can simply define the doctype to convey information about the elements to the web browser. It is also designed with features to create mobile websites that function smoothly across many devices and browsers.

Enhances Site Accessibility

While using HTML5 for web development, you can take advantage of ARIA and several semantic tags. New semantic tags like <header>, <footer>, < nav >, and < section > make it easier for the screen readers to access your website content. As the screen readers can read the document, the users can get optimized experience. Likewise, ARIA assigns specific role to various elements in a HTML page. It uses role attributes to identify and separate elements like header, footer, navigation and article. HTML5 further validates these elements to customize the content for each device.

Optimizes Website for Mobile Browsers

HTML5 allows developers to use several Meta tags to design websites for smaller touch screen devices. Based on their requirements, the programmers also …

Why Internet Marketing Videos Are Leveling The Playing Field In Internet Marketing

This article outlines a popular video marketing strategy and also discusses how average people are becoming internet superstars through the power of internet marketing videos. Part 1 of this article discusses how internet marketing videos are enabling many people to grasp concepts that they normally would not be able to assist. Part 2 of this article goes into detail about an effective video marketing strategy

What could be more enticing to the aspiring internet marketer than to look over someone's should while watching an internet marketing video tutorial? That's why video tutorials are fast becoming the most popular way to learn any subject matter. If you use screen capture video recording software like Camtasia, then you can make as many video products as you want.

More and more offline businesses are using video tutorials to support their customers and train their work force. When it comes to online marketing, it just makes sense to have videos to help your customers and clients understand the concept you're trying to teach as an information product creator. The reason that internet marketing videos are leveling the playing field for the aspiring online marketer is that that makes it easier to rasp some new concepts. The understanding and understanding is now attained simply by watching a video.

There's no shortage of these internet marketing videos out there now, and people are actually selling master resell rights and private label rights to their videos. That's a pretty clear sign of how popular the videos are becoming, when people can make them so quickly and easily that they're selling the rights to them for not a lot of money. To learn as much as you possible can about internet marketing in the shortest amount of time, I highly recommend these internet marketing videos . And that's how these videos and lifting the playing field. It's a visual style of learning that is the closest you can come to step-by-step training.

Part 2 of this article deals with an effective video marketing strategy.

You have heard of YouTube before, right? Well, that site is extremeley popular right now because of the entertainment value it brings to thousands of people every day. If you look in the How-to section, you'll see some internet marketing videos there. The reason that many marketers put their videos up on YouTube is not just for the traffic from YouTube viewers. They put their videos up there to use YouTube's bandwidth instead of their own. Here's what some enterprising marketers are doing:

They make a video sales page and put it up on YouTube, then have as many people as possible comment underneath it so that it looks like it's getting good press. You'll see this in action when you go to a sales page and there's a video on there playable from YouTube's site. Putting a video up on YouTube for a product launch is a smart video marketing strategy. This means you do not have to use use your web server's …

ASP Net Development Vs Java Development

The debate whether .NET Development is better or Java Development is better continues unabated with fans of each technology pronouncing the decline of each other.
Java being the predecessor of all other programming languages ​​is open source and on top of that is platform independent. Being platform independent has made it the preferred choice of amateurs and professionals alike. Being open source, Java API's can easily be accessed by developers unlike .NET which is proprietary software and which API's are not accessible. Java, being open source, users do not have to grapple with hefty license fees each year, something which is mandatory in case of proprietary software.

Java being a very old technological platform is being taught in universities for a number of years. Therefore, there is an abundance of talent when it comes to developing applications in Java. There is however a significant shortage of developers who are acquainted with the .Net platform in the developed world. You would need to offshore your application development work to a low cost location like India where you would find a significantly higher number of developers acquainted with .NET technologies.

Some developers are of the opinion that ASP. NET is just an improved version of JAVA and has been developed by overcoming shortings of Java. Supporters of .NET technologies claim that java is a language while .Net is language independent. Opting for .Net does not bind you to a single language as .Net supports multiple languages. It even supports Java as J # is very close to Java.

Another major advantage of using .Net is the ease with which it allows the exchange of data between various software applications. This occurs because the dot net platform allows different programs to exchange data via a common set of exchange formats, to read and write the same file formats and to use the same protocols. Such features make ASP.NET the preferred programming language for developing database driven websites and applications. .Net proves to be useful when applications stored on remote systems have to communicate with each other through standard internet protocols like XML, SOAP.

In my opinion, you should always develop applications on such a platform which does not get obsolete in the next five or even ten years. In simple words, you should avoid the upgrade treadmill offered by proprietary software's who ask you to upgrade every few years. …

Do not Make These Mistakes With Your Blog

There are some basic tips that internet marketers and bloggers should take heed of when starting a blog, or marketing site for their business venture. Here are a few of these below. Through currently taking note of the snippets of advice online marketers can save themselves some heads later on down the line.

Always think business right from the start. Many marketers believe that the money comes after all else has been finished. Although this is certainly not the case. It is advisable to "think money making" from the very beginning. A blog is usually very easy to start up.

But if you do not monetize your blog as soon as possible, with advertising, your new patrons might just resist that advertisement later on. Get off the mark immediately, with good advertisements so that your blog or site visitors become accustomed to them. Place the opt-in box in a very prominent place.

Ideally you should create an opt-in list right at the start. You could probably not get many opt-ins simply by just having a box there, however, there is no harm in highlighting it prominently along the side of the blog. Together with your opt-in box, you should take care not to bury your cute RSS feed icon.

Many readers will be guided to subscribe to the feed. Some may hesitate to receive emails from you, but are going to much more willing subscribe via their RSS. You must get your readers interested in your story or article. Keep the readers' comments turned on if possible.

Place your social bookmark management tools in a prominent place to ensure that any visitors can take part in the content you post. You should welcome and encourage their comments and opinions, it really can create a loyal band of followers.

First and foremost because, before you commemorate your blog and your online marketing business, what will be an integral part of the entire venture, is the obligatory and sometimes feared, but oh so important search engine optimization process SEO.

In the absence of your keywords that are attached to your marketing efforts, you will be able to conjure up that natural SEO traffic, that can show ongoing visitor numbers without you needing to do anything else.

A lot of internet marketers and bloggers spend their time only thinking and toying around the concept of making cold hard cash. They think that by commercializing their blog, they may be somehow going against the grain of the Internet … wrong thinking!

When you approach online marketing and blogging in this manner, you are setting yourself up for failure, sometimes on a grand scale. You should be aggressive, but never ruthless, regarding your online business just as you would if you were opening a company in the offline environment.

You've probably considered all avenues of making profits, if you were to throw open a shop, or offer a particular service to the offline consumer. The world wide web marketing field is not any different. You …

How To Avoid Headaches While Working At The Computer

The concern most people have for the physical well-being of desk workers is minimal at best. Sitting in a chair and looking at a computer for eight (or more) hours a day does not exactly put us in the path of much physical danger, but just because we are not breaking a sweat or dodging bullets doesnt mean we 're totally safe from harm. The corporate / home office is an unnatural environment for humans and working there for forty-plus hours a week can cause headaches … literally. Headaches are no fun for you and drain your productivity, so learning which workplace activities cause them and how to prevent them will help you be a happier and more productive worker all around.

Every time you look at something, the muscles that make your eyes focus have to work. If you work in a place with inconsistent lighting from windows, fluorescent overhead lights, and computer monitors, your eyes have to work overtime to adjust to each type of light depending on where you are looking. Overworking your eye muscles can cause headaches. If you have ever spent time wearing the wrong glasses, you know exactly what it feels like for your eyes to be overworked. The best thing you can do to combat this type of headache is to try to make the lighting in your environment more consistent. Close the blinds from time to time (lame, I know), turn off your computer monitor, or close your eyes for a few minutes to give them a rest.

The posture most people grow accustomed to while sitting at a desk for eight or more hours at a time, typing and clicking and slouching in a chair, puts unhealthy amounts of pressure on the neck and shoulders. Combine that with any kind of job or family related stress, and you have a recipe for tension headaches. The best thing you can do to combat tension headaches learn to manage the stress in your life (easier said than done, obviously) and pay attention to your post while you are sitting at your desk. Use an office chair that is supportive and makes it easy and comfortable for you to sit up straight. Adjust your monitor height to just below your eye level and adjust your arm rests so that your elbows can rest comfortably on them without pushing your shoulders up. Try to keep your ears over your shoulders and your hip bones aligned. Every few hours, get up to stretch your legs, back, neck, and shoulders.

We're trained to believe that our minds are always more powerful than our physical circumstances (mind over matter) but we need to acknowledge the effects that our physical surroundings have on us too. Physical triggers cause headaches frequently and the better we get at addressing the things that cause headaches at work, the sooner we can get back to being comfortable, healthy, and productive in the workplace. …