Keyword Density – Tips for Business Success

Now that you have selected a set of keywords for your website, what do you do with them? Keywords are words that describe the main topics of information for a website. This means that the text of your website should include these carefully selected keywords.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is a measure that indicates how many times a particular keyword appears in the text of your website, expressed as a percentage. To calculate the keyword density, first count the number of times the keyword appears on a page (you can easily do this by using the "find" feature on a word processing program). Next, divide the keyword count by the total number of words in the text, and multiply by 100 to get the keyword density percentage.

Keyword Tips

* Keyword density should be between 1% and 3%. Anything more might be appreciated as keyword stuffing, the overuse of a keyword in the text in an effort to rank higher for that keyword on a search engine results page. This practice can backfire big-time, causing the search engine to ignore your website.

* A lower keyword density is best when used in conjunction with other related keywords on the same page. Most search engine spiders have an almost intuitive way of determining the relevancy of a topic. Displaying related terms on the same page shows the spider that the keyword topic is relevant. If your keyword is "lovely roses," related terms would be "flowers," "red roses," "aromatic roses," "rose petals," "rose scent," "beautiful bouquets," and so forth.

* Keywords should read naturally in the text. It is generally best to write about a topic and then check the keyword density. If you need a higher keyword count, you can go back and look for synonymous words that can be replaced with the desired keyword.

* If you make the keyword the topic of your content, proper density should come naturally. Never compromise the flow and interest of your content for the sake of keyword insertion.

* Relevance is everything for website content. If the topic is not relevant to your website, it is not worth displaying. Search engines may skip your website if they can not find a solid theme to help categorize your website. If you sell cleaning products, your text should talk about stains, fabric treatments, cleaning processes, cleaning tips and cleaning products. If a search engine spider visits your website that sells cleaning products and finds information on how to put a deck on your house and news about Paris Hilton's social life, it is not likely to list your website for keywords relating to cleaning products. These may be interesting topics, but they are not relevant to your website.

* Interesting content with relevant keywords will attract visitors and inspire return visits. Returning visitors are more likely to purchase a product or service from your website.

The proper use of keywords can increase your search engine ranking, make it easier for potential customers to find your …

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) – 85% of all website traffic originates from search engines. Our optimization experts understand that skillful keyword selection and placement, good content writing, and short and precise meta-text are the key elements in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. As e-marketing specialists, we have an excellent understanding of search engines and can advise you on your optimization strategy. Whilst there are no free shortcuts to the top of the list, we can employ design, content, research and analysis techniques that will contribute significantly to the overall success of your search placement.

Our SEO and marketing staff begins by checking the current status of your website to ensure that the optimization process will not be encumbered by any unforeseen problems of function. Then, using manual searches as well as custom research software, we use the collected data and create a list of the most highly trafficked and targeted words in your industry and will consult with you about the best option of Internet marketing strategies and web promotions for your business including Pay Per Click advertising and Search Engine Optimization. We pay careful attention to these elements during optimization, so that you may maximize your return on your investment into our affordably priced SEO services.

Search engine marketing is critical for today's businesses to keep the competitive edge and maximize internet exposure. Our highly refined and tested methodologies and optimization techniques will increase your website exposure. and assure top positions. …

Build Your First Computer from Hardware Scratches

Wow- if you do it first time and have some asset of time in your disposition – then go ahead and purchase motherboard, your favorite processor, memory, video card (probably it is better to purchase it external for advanced quality). You will also need computer case – first computer should probably go to the cheap one – with USB 2 ports from the front side – the only question – you might want to replace noisy cheap power supply with $ 50 dollars one. Processor fan – nowdays you will see the variety for all the tastes – get the one with adjustable spinning speed to regulate noise (if you could not place it into the basement of your house – I guess you live in apartment or student dormitory). Let's go to details:

o Ahead of Generation. It is not a secret that when you build your own computer – you might overpay – in considering to what is available in the stores .. However you typically get ahead of technology. For example – it is still common when Dell / Compaq / IBM computers use PC2700 standard of memory. If you bought PC3200 – you have two years of being ahead of the competition

o Processor. If you build your computer from scratches – you should look into 64-bits processor from the beginning. Get AMD Athlon 64 3400+ at least

o Video Card. For $ 100 you can get maximum of memory and performance. This is why we recommend to get external videocard

o DVD Writer. RW +/- unfortunately Japanese manufacturers are in the process of decision making on winning standards plus DVD of high density. Get both supported.

o Hard Drive. Decent motherboards support IDE raid and you could experiment with striping (raid 0). Then if you purchase two IDE disks 400 GB each – you will get 800 GB – unbelievable for supercomputers – but you are on your own and cosmopolitan individual – step forward and be ahead of competition.

o Troubleshooting. Understood and respected. First listen your mother board beeps and refer to its documentation. It may not see memory, graphical card, etc. When you are installing memory – be very careful to static electricity issue. When you are attaching your mother board to computer case – the most typical issue is motherboard shorting – so do not be surprised to try your motherboard first outside the case …

Why Use An SEO Expert?

A website is like a finely tuned engine. It should be built to generate maximum exposure on search engines, drive traffic to the site and make its owner money. It's not enough to put gas in the tank (content, graphics, links, etc.) and expect it to take off!

You are not a (web) mechanic and not expected to know all the nuances of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But to get the most mileage out of your website you need to have a SEO expert fine tune it. So instead of seeing red with SEO.

For example, not many website owners know about the "nofollow" tag. But it is important for your website optimization. There are certain pages, content or links you do not want the search engine spiders "to follow." It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam, thenby improving the quality of search engine results. By putting the "nofollow" tag in the code will tell the Google spiders not to follow your designations.

There are other SEO tags (ie meta, title, anchor and description tags) that need to be built into the coding for the search engine "bots" to find. These tags are taken from the keyword rich content in your website. When done correctly and according to the Google guidelines, it will help get your page ranked and make it easier for people searching for your products and services to find your site. Remember the more traffic, the more viewers, the more leads and sales.

The devil may be in the details of SEO but optimization should be in your website and be an important part of your marketing efforts. …