Dish Network’s Baby Steps

There is a new channel in town, and it is just for babies. It is great news that Dish Network now carries the first and only programming designed just for the very young ones in the family. BabyFirstTV is one of the latest additions to the already exceptional family programming of Dish Network. This innovative channel is backed and approved by developmental experts and has an enormous amount of imaginative, commercial-free shows designed for children from the age of 6 months to three years. EchoStar, based in Englewood, Colo. is proud to include this latest addition to the Dishnetwork family. You can find this child-oriented network on channel 126. It is available as an a la carte choice for less than ten dollars a month, and free previews are running in the Preview showroom, which is channel 288.

BabyFirstTV is a twenty-four hour channel, devoid of commercials, and is created expressly for babies, young children, toddlers and their parents. Learning is the name of the game, and this channel supports early learning, play, and interaction with both Mom and Dad. The low cost of BabyFirstTV is less than the cost of a DVD designed for babies and a single month would have over 700 hours of programming for the baby and parent! BabyFirstTV has over 40 original programs for young children. Some of the programs are: Rainbow Horse, I Can Sign, and Sandman. Parents will also be familiar with some of the brands that will be featured on this new channel. For example, Baby Songs, First Impressions, Brainy Baby, So Smart, and others. The color-coded programs will indicate to parents the educational content of each show. Blue will be for numbers education and green will indicate educational content involving the senses. There are subtitles included, where appropriate to help parents know to better utilize the original programs. Also, the programming is smarter than it first may appear. It is uniquely calculated to provide layers of instruction, so that older or more accelerated children can concentrate on different things within the same programming.

This instructive, deeply rich content will provide children with hours of learning that have never been seen before. The positive programs will foster faster education and stimulate fresh methods of learning for young children. One of the programs features two squirrels that play a game called hot and cold, and involves trying to find the acorns that they have hidden. Another program is called The Numbers Farm and will help children learn to count. It also promotes friendship and learning about animals. Learning to count to five has never been this much fun before. Catch this channel and much more Family programming on Dish Network.…

How to Succeed Like an Internet Marketing Guru

Why is it that some people make a few hundred thousand even millions of dollars online in a couple of days time even though the economy is down? Why do they succeed and the rest fail? Are they so different from us? I believe the answer to the previous question is a resounding "No"! They study, they eat, they sleep, and they work just like everyone around us. So what separates them from the crowd and caused them to stand at the top of whatever business they choose to succeed in?

What can we learn from them in order to be successful like them? Below are 5 Lessons that you must master before you can succeed like them.

Lesson # 1: People who fail, choose Failure.

People who fails always choose one of the two ways that they could "fail." They choose to give up and quit. Or they are unwilling to learn from their mistakes.

For those who really succeeded believed that failure was a choice. So they always choose to win.

They liked to test new ideas. They learned from what worked, and what did not. Then they applied those lessons to their next test or idea, and they kept doing this until they got the results that they are satisfied with.

It's normal to get frustrated when things go wrong. It's OK to dwell on it, but this is where it separates the winner and the losers.

Losers will say, "This stuff does not work!" and they scraped the idea totally and go back to their old style of working. When another opportunity comes by, they'll say, "Oh, I've tried this stuff before and it definitely does not work! Do not bother trying it!" That is why they keep failing and failing and failing. They are dwelling on the failures!

Winners will ask, "Well, what did we learn from this?" or "What can we learn from this?" … And, more importantly, "How can we avoid doing it again?"

They firmly believed every costless lesson is going to result in exponentially greater success in the long term. In another word, it's always a blessing in disguised.

And they are always right.

Lesson # 2: Assume always makes an "Ass Out of You and Me."

Winners do not like to accumulate and they have zero respect for people who were always fast to assum. To them, assuming was a mark of laziness. So winners liked to hear nothing but the facts. They do not assume that this is a good idea, or that is a bad idea. They will try out both ideas. And sometimes what they thought originally was a bad idea came out to be a good idea and what they thought was a good idea flopped like a pan cake.

When winners do not know the answer, they will say, "I'll look into it and get back to you."

Losers will give a quick answer like, "I think this might be the answer," or "I assume …

How to Get Website Traffic Through Article Marketing

Writing and distributing articles is another fast and free way to get free websites traffic. Writing articles has many advantages. One is that it helps to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. When you have articles published, you gain credibility. Article sites have a high page rank. Your articles will typically appear high in the search engines before your new site is indexed. Getting the links to your page also helps your site get indexed. Finally, people who read your article are highly targeted traffic.

Although some forms of writing can be challenging, writing articles is not that difficult. Each article only needs to be 300-500 words in length. Focus each article on one aspect of your niche. If your niche is about guitars, do not try to write a general article about guitars. Instead, write an article about changing guitar strings. Do keyword research for each article you write.

After doing some keyword research, it is time to start writing your article. There is a simple formula to writing articles. First, you tell them what you are going to tell them. Then, you tell them. Finally, you tell them what you just told them. If you are still hesitant to write your own articles, take some time to read articles by others in your niche. Emulate, but do not copy, them.

You are not writing for a prestigious publication. Your article should be informative, interesting, and free of major errors. If you can accomplish these three things, you will be successful at writing articles. If you dislike writing articles and have the money to spend, you can outsource this task. It is simple to find article writers online. Be sure to look at previous work before hiring someone.

After you have finished writing your articles, you might think you are finished. You still need an author bio. Although you want your articles to be interesting enough to be read all the way through, you want your author bio to be interesting enough that the reader clicks through to your webpage. So take the time to write a quality author bio.

Here is what you do not want to write – "John Smith is an expert in owning small internet businesses and generating traffic. Find out what resources he recommends at" Instead, write something like – "Are you going to be part of the 95% of small business owners that fail? Discover what tools and tricks can keep you from being part of this statistic at"

In the first author bio, you are talking about you. This is a mistake that many people make. Although it is the author bio, people do not care about you. They only want to know how you can help them. A successful author bio has people wanting to click through to your website. You have given them some free information so they already know and trust you. If you use the author bio to show them how you can help …