Computers Play An Important Role In School

Computers, during the last two decades or so, have been instrumental in bringing about changes in the way we communicate and gather information and / or knowledge to such an extent that it is hard to find any sphere which has not undergone changes after the advent of computers.

The system of teaching in elementary schools, and of course higher education, is one such area where the advent of computers, coupled with the growth of the World Wide Web, has brought about a complete metamorphosis in the way knowledge is being imparted even in elementary schools.

The conventional mode of teaching by way of imparting knowledge only through books and the written word is fast becoming outdated. The transformation is so forceful that not only do schools provide computer teaching but also put them up in classrooms to aid in the teaching process. Those of us, who see children learning with the aid of computers in a manner that is fun as well as educative, lament why these beautiful machines could not be made available to us.

To the traditional teacher or an older person, it may appear that books and the written word are the last word in teaching. The present day scene with computers even in elementary schools is difficult to imagine for those who have not actually seen and experienced the change that come about in the method of teaching.

The PC's and the Mac's have the capacity to offer information and knowledge to an amount which can not be matched by any other single source. The computer with Internet access is a fantastic teaching tool that the present generation is lucky to have.

Varying from school to school, knowledge is being associated with the aid of PC's or Macs. Mac's may appear to be simpler to operate but they serve the same purpose as the PC's. It depends on the type of deal that the schools strike with the companies and the content that they require as part of the knowledge they intend to divulge to the students. The Internet is a storehouse of knowledge which can be accessed through a simple procedure, resulting, in most of the cases, a scope to bulky books which in any case are no match for the content that the Web is able to provide through the aid of a computer.

To sum it all, the use of computers as a tool of imparting knowledge to students in elementary schools is a judicious tool in the hands of the teacher. …

Top 5 Best Flash Websites Ever

5: NEOSTREAM Interactive

This is a great multimedia company with very nice animations. The preloader is great to watch and when it’s finished the fun really begins. The main figure on the page waits when you press a button but it’s so much fun to wait a second and hit the figure with your mouse a few times. If you’re ready (after a few minutes hitting), press a button and watch all the different animations. Because of the nice animations I had to click all the links one by one. A very nice flash website which deserves a number 5 place.

4: 2Advanced Studios

Who doesn’t know this website. I guess this is the most discussed website ever. Maybe most people think this is number 1 ever but I think differently because they didn’t update the site graphics for a long time. I think they need a new update with a complete new style and layout. Still, the idea and graphics are fabulous. Also the scripting behind it is advanced and nicely done. It loads very fast for a huge site like this one. Love this one, definitely a number 4 position in my top 5 best flash websites ever.

3: IamStudios

Yeah a dutch company in the list. Welcome to, a really original concept and layout. When you enter the website, you see a fun 3d animation of a dog with a speakerhead. After you clicked on the button that you use to enter the flash website, the dog starts animating (very smooth). When the site is loaded, each button gives you a wonderful animation. I really love the 3d work here and the beautiful “white” look. I’m really proud this site comes from the Netherlands. The overall look is very impressive so a number 3 for this doggy.

2: DerBauer Audio Visual Media

Welcome to DerBauer, a website from Marcus Bussejahn. This classic website is one of the best websites I’ve ever seen, actually THE BEST but unfortunately I don’t really like the latest layout. Especially the menu doesn’t look great in my opinion. 5 years ago derbauer was unique and original. Nowadays there are much better ones but because of it’s history and quality it’s for sure a number 2 position. BTW, when you opened the site, there is an Easter egg when you do nothing for a few minutes, very nice! Are you afraid?

1: MGM Grand Entertainment

I know….this site is not famous and perhaps you don’t like it but I think this site is so original that I had to put it on number one! Enter the world of MGM Grand. Press the “Enter Maximum Vegas” button and start the tour. This is not really a flash animation site but a flash video site. With Adobe Flash 8 and later, it’s easy to integrate video in your website. MGM did it in a special way. They shot one video animation and loops it. You can stop the video with the navigation on the …

Time Track Your Children's Computer Time at Home

If you think that time track only works for businesses, you are wrong. There are unique ways to use it at home. One of them is to monitor the computer and the Internet time of your kids.

There is nothing wrong with your children using computer and going online, especially if it has something to do with their school assignments. There is also nothing wrong with playing games, chatting and posting in social networking sites from time to time. As a parent, though, you still have to make sure that they learn how to use it responsibly. It is for this reason that you need to implement time tracker at home.

Before you even allow your children to use the computer and to go online, inform them that you purchased a time track tool and that it is already installed in the computer. Show them how it works. Tell them that the reason you bought it is to limit their time in front of the computer. In this way, they will know that they are allowed to play, chat and to do personal stuff only at your approved period. Notify them also that it has an activity and program tracker, which records the software that they utilize as well as the websites that they visit. In this way, they will exercise caution and spend their time responsibly.

More importantly, make your children understand that you are only doing this to teach them how to value time. Tell them that it is not something that is spent on worthless activities. At an early age, they must make the most of their time to succeed in life. Lastly, make them realize that the time tracking program is a good way to start.

By knowing that there is an application running to keep an eye on their time, they will feel uncomfortable at first. In fact, they may use all their charm and convincing power to request that you remove it and they will do it on their own. Be firm with your decision; do not let your heart melt. In only a matter of days, they will get used to it. Before you know it, they are already using this approach for their other activities.

Time track benefits parents in their effort to teach their children how to value time. It may not be something that is customary, but it sure is effective. Just give it time. They'll learn to value not only the software, but most importantly, time. …

Technology Integration in Your Classroom – For Beginners

The British comic writer Terry Pratchett once wrote that you could tell that his office was a paperless office because you could see paper everywhere. Classrooms, like offices, will never be 100% free of papers, but integrating technology in the classroom is making the idea of a “paperless” classroom more feasible. How much easier would your job as a teacher be if you didn’t have a multitude of papers, books, black line masters, flash cards, attendance rolls, notes-to-send-home-to-parents, handouts and quiz sheets to cope with? Technology in the classroom is becoming more and more extensive. It would be a rare classroom today that doesn’t have at least one PC or laptop set up with a good internet connection, possibly even wireless, and nearly every classroom has its own VCR or DVD player, or at least, there’s a player that’s shared between two or three classrooms, depending on who’s using it today. Some classrooms have multiple computers, and some even have data projectors. Certainly, most schools would have a computer lab where each pupil can work individually on a computer.

Education at all levels today is becoming more and more computerised, so it is vital that your students don’t get left behind and they know how to use digital tools. They’ll be using them throughout their education, throughout their careers and throughout their lives, so the elementary classroom becomes a great place for them to get familiar with and start training in technology.

What are some easy ways that you can integrate technology and cut down on the amount of paper that you have floating around your classroom?

Use a spreadsheet for attendance. Once you’ve called the roll, you can email the result of who is and isn’t here to the secretary, or let him/her access it via the school’s intranet.

Use webquests instead of textbooks for some subjects. If you haven’t used them before, a webquest is an online teaching tool that sets your students various tasks that will require online research to be done. The best ones include helpful links to sites that can help in research. You can create your own customised webquests for your class.

Use computer games instead of flash cards for drilling your students in time tables and spelling words. You can use online computer games or buy software for doing this. One of the better ones for multiplication is Times Attack from, which has the look and feel of a classic dungeon-style first-person-shooter game but provides an intensive drill in times tables.

Use videos and DVDs instead of textbooks to explain a concept. Videos and DVDs can also take the place of information handouts. Better still, online video clips can be used, and your students have the chance to re-view these as part of their revision.

Have your students submit papers and essays online. This prevents the “Didn’t you get it? I’m sure I turned it in” or “My printer jammed” excuses and prepares them for college which uses online school work submissions …