Safeguard Your Website From Hackers

"Criminals have been hijacking sponsored links to attempt to spread malicious codes", the search engine giant Google says.

"Turkish hackers broke into two of the most established international websites that oversee and regulate the Internet in order to reroute visitors to a rogue domain" – news about site hijacking from the New York Times.

"Due to security weaknesses in Barack Obama's site, it has been exploited to redirect visitors to Hillary Clinton's website when visitors view the community blog section."

We have listed only some of the site hijacking news to make you aware of site hackers. On reading this, you may ask yourself, is my website safe? How can I save it from hackers? No worries, after reading this article you will get a clear view on various hacking techniques and precautions necessary to safeguard your site from hackers.

Hackers attack a website through many different techniques, to exploit it. Most notable techniques are SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS) and redirecting server.

SQL Injection -It is a code injection technique in which a piece of malicious SQL code is injected in a web form, to exploit a security vulnerability occurring in the database layer of an application. Through this technique, hackers will gain access to resources and make changes to web data. To protect against SQL injection, user input must not directly be embedded in SQL statements. Instead, parameterized statements must be used (preferred), or user input must be carefully escaped or filtered.

Cross-site scripting – It is the process of embedding malicious codes like HTML code and client-side scripts into the web pages used by other users, to bypass access control and collect some type of data from the victim. One way to eliminate some XSS vulnerabilities is to escape (either locally or at the server) all mistrusted data based on where that data is to be placed in the HTML document. This escaping results the data from being interpreted and executed. There are several different escaping schemes that must be used, including HTML numeric entity encoding, JavaScript escaping, CSS escaping, and URL (or percent) encoding.

Redirecting Server – People clicking on your site will be directed to other site that may or may not be related to your site. Even if your site URL is displayed in the browser, people will be redirected to some other site. If your site is affected by this issue, then it means that your site is attacked by hackers. They make use of flaws in some DNS and provide incorrect information to redirect your site to some other site.

Using a secure DNS server is the only way to get rid of this attack technique.

Some other simple techniques that help you in keeping your site safe are providing an entry page (a log in) for the site, update your open source applications regularly, avoid using Internet Explorer as it is vulnerable to some hacking tools like spy ware, and other security issues, and encrypt your web application with SSL. …

Starting Game Development for iPhone

Due to the increasing popularity and demand for mobile and independent games, the economy of gaming industry has continuously becoming a boom. Virtual games have been updated from different versions to another only to cater the growing need for satisfaction people can get out of playing inside a virtual world. These games have become more breath-taking, more visually enchanting, and even more challenging. All these have opened the gates for new adventures, new opportunities, and new life breaking moments.

Programmers and game developers have been continuously on a quest for creating independent games without finding a publisher first. With platforms like Apple’s App store, things have become much easier and possibilities have been opened to everybody for them to develop and sell their own virtual games.

To start developing games for iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you will need to grab a mac. A mini mac will do but you can always opt for the bigger ones though. And then you need to have the development environment used to develop for iPhone, the X Code. As long as you don’t want to release or test on the iPhone itself no development account is required. If you want to test your software on the hardware you need to get a developer account for $99 per year. To jumpstart the development you should obtain a game development framework. Free choices are either sparrow or cocos2D. Both have strong communities allowing many people help in case of problems. Getting yourself used to object-oriented programming would easily get you started. If you did not yet develop using Objective-C grabbing a book about it and learning its basics would be helpful. Fortunately, there are tutorials for C++ programmers who want to start Obj-C development readily accessible anywhere on the net.

Tools make it easy to develop mobile games. A sprite sheet maker, like Texture Packer, is on the top of the list. It allows optimization and organization of graphics objects. On the other hand, if you want to make a game that uses physics simulation you should also get Physics Editor which helps you create the physics definitions for your game objects.

The increasing demand for new, updated, and modern independent and mobile games has paved the way for the success of game development and marketing. Creating mobile games would never be as easy as counting one to three without the help of special tools like sprite sheet makers.…

SEO For Google

A website is only valued when it is known and visited by many people. A website being great and is not known by people is useless. The tips and methods to bring your website in the sight of the vast customers round the world through the search engine Google is discussed here.

The methods that Google implly on sites for its ranking is to be known for your sake of website. That is you should know well what will make Google rank your website above in it index. Since the Google SEO experts only what to do with the sites ranking we can only make an estimate what will work and what we know does not work for the high-ranking purpose. Now again one should observe, the Google ranking means a lot to any company's website. So the website maker knows what will work for the profit would be the first step towards earning higher rank on Google.

One of the basic tips is that make your website the most simple and understanding, Google give priority to the simplicity. The more your website is easy and simple the more chances to gain higher rank on Google. The Google itself has claimed the methods and today it is the world's number one search engine. Especially with it neat appearance it is now favored and relied by the world. Its results have made it superior than other search engines like Msn or Yahoo.

The best part to make your website ranked toped in Google- is the keyword power. Will you believe there are a number of millionaires who have earned a lot just because of their keyword? Achieving top rank in the Google is not that difficult but the only main subject is to get a meaning full keyword. It is observed after a long time of errors and mistakes. Companies claiming that they have some top secret of earning higher rank in Google, this is all stupid making statements and there is no such thing except knowing what Google prefers and what it does not.

The main thing to look for is to catch what Google looks for ranking the website. Google Search Engine Marketing is a procedure that will make your site upgraded. …