Customizable Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress Themes have gained a lot of popularity in the last year and many small business owners are consider them instead of building custom web sites. Premium WordPress Themes offer more functionality and their look is more unique compared to the free themes that are widely available on the Internet. Many of the premium themes also have a control panel that is more advanced and are widget ready. The advanced control panel comes in very handy when you want to setup a theme because you will not be required to touch any code. The authors of premium WordPress Themes also provide direct support to users.

At the moment, one of the most popular styles of premium WordPress Themes is Magazine or News themes. There are various themes you can choose from in this category and the difference is usually in the quality. One of the most common premium WordPress Themes in this category is WP-Magazine, WP-MediaMag and WP-Genius which are suitable for websites that have a lot of content and need to display a significant percentage on the homepage. These theme layout include custom widgets, a homepage you can customize, unique color schemes, built-in backend options panel and an automatic thumbnail creation.

If you take a look at WP-Genius, you will see that you have a control panel which makes it possible to customize and manage many elements of the home page. For example, you will see that the homepage has a content glider section which lets you highlight the images and stories that are most important on your site. Other controls provide you with choices for how display colors, category content, videos, and subscription information on your site.

One of the mistaken perceptions of WordPress is that it is exclusively a blogging platform that is inappropriate for corporate and business websites. This couldn’t be further from reality. First, businesses need to stay in touch with their customers and blog web sites are a great way to do. So go ahead and use WordPress themes as is to set up these important components of your Internet presence.

The innovative designers who love WordPress have figured out how to take all of the best content management functionality from this blogging platform and incorporate them into premium WordPress themes that look like full blown corporate or small business web sites. The biggest advantage of these themes is they empower the executives, marketers and communicators in an organization to quickly and easily update web content without any knowledge of how to write code. Updating an article on these premium WordPress themes is literally as easy as writing an email.…

Older Film Technology Allows HD Remastering of Old Reruns

The growing demand for High Definition Television sets creates some problems when it comes to finding programming to view on them. Some television providers have taken the initiative to produce new programming in High Definition. This is evident in a number of newly offered High Definition channels like HDNet which provides access to special events, concerts, documentaries, news, and travel programs all in High Def. Equator HD and Discovery HD Theater both produce original content in High Definition as do Gallery HD, Ultra HD, and Rush HD. A number of other channels like Monsters HD and Kung Fu HD feature remastered older movies for their content. Although most of these movies probably were not significantly filmed in the High Definition format, the fact that they have the wide screen 16: 9 aspect ratio required for high definition and were filmed in a high resolution so that the images would be maintained on a large screen, makes them ideal for High Definition programming.

We see a potential problem though when people start to talk about remastering old television shows, like Gilligan's Island and Star Trek, to meet High Definition requirements. The fact that they have a lower resolution than High Def requires is not much of a problem- presumably it would be possible to go in and digitally add more detail to the picture on the pixel by pixel level. The problem comes from the fact that all of those old shows had a 4: 3 aspect ratio designed to fit normal standard definition televisions.

It's easy enough to turn a 16: 9 aspect ratio into a 4: 3 aspect ratio. It's done all the time and that's what's meant by the statement you often see when you watch a video cassette of a movie: "This film has been modified from it's original version. When a 16: 9 movie is reformatted, that means that the 16: 9 picture has been compressed so that everything and everyone in the picture appears unnaturally tall and skinny, or the left and right side of the picture have been chopped off so that it will fit on the screen. The latter is more common, although some DVD players will do the former automatically. The other solution is to display the entire 16: 9 picture on the 4: 3 screen and black out the top and the bottom so that it keeps it original format and all the images keep their proper proportions.

The idea that someone might attempt to make a 4: 3 image to fill up a 16: 9 screen is even more troubling. Conceivably it would be possible to digitally stretch the picture horizontally to take up the whole screen, but that would make everything look even more ridiculous than the equivalent process described above. It would also be possible to display the image with 4: 3 proportions on a 16: 9 screen and black out the unused left and right of the screen, but that would defeat the point of High Definition. …

The Difference Between PHP Echo and Print

Few other web development languages ​​have done as much for web developers as PHP has. And in learning all the complexities of the language, web developers will be able to better become higher paid, more satisfied, and better prepared to make the next best web application. But taking baby steps in getting there is important: and the finer things such as knowing the difference between Echo and Print become clear.

Two commands are used to output text to the screen: Print and Echo. But since both do the same thing, why would there be two different commands? The answer, interestingly enough, eludes even some PHP experts.

Print is actually something more of a function, as it can be enclosed in brackets. Echo lacks this ability, but then again, there is almost never a need to do so. In reality, having this ability is something that even those who have seen it all in PHP probably will not need to make use of. This just adds more confusion to the topic than what was previously apprehensive.

While performance may be a big issue for PHP developers and their clients, the debate between Print and Echo is actually fairly meaningless. It is true that Print will take more system resources to use, but it is such a minimalistic amount that developers are recommended to choose the construct of their choice, regardless of speed issues.

So far the industry standard has been to use Echo, but it should be stressed that either command may be used at will. Echo seems to be the favorite as it is easier to type, not to mention it's a fun word to say! Those who favor the Print command are usually older programmers, who are accredited to using the command Print from other programming languages ​​that are now considered archaic.

As a last note of worthiness, it should be made clear that if speed is an issue, more emphasis should be put on how the two commands are used. Repeatedly using either command where a programmer could simply concatenate a string or value together will waste system performance- and on a much more noticeable scale that the difference between returning a value or not. Thus, this subject should be addressed if anything in regards to speed.

In Conclusion

PHP development just would not be the same without fun debts such as the one just mentioned. But in reality, it really does not matter which route is taken- so long as either language construct is used in a performance-based manner. Although Print may still have some of a following today, as books and publishers start using Echo more often, it's likely we'll see a death to the Print command soon enough. …

Slow Computer Fix

When you first get a computer it comes optimized to run efficiently and well. However, as time goes by and you download software and files and (equally as important) delete software and files, your pc becomes less and less set for optimal performance.

There are a number of core reasons that can cause a computer to run slowly. The most common cause of a slow running PC is that the registry has become corrupt. After this, the next most common reason is having too many computer programs running simultaniously. These programs end up using all the available processing power of it and can literally bring your PC to a total halt.

To discover if your computer is running slowly because of registry problems, you should run a self diagnostic tool. These programs are numerous an usually very easy to use. They carry out a deep scan of your PC and identify any problems with the registry of your pc. Therefore you can work out why your computer is running slow but do not need to pay for a technician to basically carry out the same procedure.

Registry diagnostic tools scan every single file and all parts of a computer's hard drive. Once the deep scan has been completed the tool then produces a visual report of all problems identified. It is very common for a registry diagnostic tool to find literally hundreds of problems on a single computer.

A registry repair program will identify and (with the click of a mouse) fix most problems that cause a computer to run slowly. Using registry repair software is also significantly less expensive than having to arrange for a computer technician to resolve the causes of a slow running PC. …

How to Determine What Type of Dell Computer Memory You Need to Upgrade Your System

Upgrading memory is a quick and inexpensive way to improve your Dell computer’s performance. However, with so many types available, selecting it for computer systems takes a little research to be sure you get the right Dell computer memory for your system.

How Much Dell Computer Memory Do You Have?

Before you add more Dell computer memory, you need to know how much your system already has. To find out, right-click on the “My Computer” icon on your desktop, then select “Properties” to get a dialog showing system information including the amount of memory. Let’s assume it shows 512 MB, which means you have 512 megabytes (millions of bytes) of computer memory.

The next thing you need is the number of modules or “sticks” of memory in the computer. Computers generally come with parts lists detailing components inside the computer. If you saved this information, it should show the number and size of modules. If not then turn off the computer, remove the cover and count the memory sticks.

What Type of Dell Memory Do You Need?

The wrong type of Dell computer memory won’t fit in the memory slots and will be useless. Even if it does physically fit, memory comes in different speeds and putting slow memory on a fast motherboard puts serious brakes on system performance.

If available, computer manuals or parts lists are a good place to find this information. Most memory vendors allow you to look up your computer model (such as Dell Vostro 200) to find the right memory. Or try Dell’s website and use your model number or service tag to find the information needed.

A cryptic line such as “800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM DIMM” can be easily decoded once you know what each piece of the code reveals so that you can purchase the right memory. The first set of numbers tells the memory speed (800 MHz), the second set describes the technology (DDR2 SDRAM), and the third set the form factor (DIMM).

How Much Can You Take?

Your computer has slots, generally 2-4, for memory. Each slot can take a certain maximum capacity. A slot taking 512 MB accepts a smaller stick (256 MB) but not a larger one (1024 MB or 1 GB). The number and capacity of slots can be found at the same places as type of memory.

For example, say you have a Dell Dimension 3000. You look it up and find it has 2 slots, each taking a 1 GB stick. You know it has 512 MB of memory and upon looking inside you see that one slot is filled and one slot is empty. You could buy a 1 GB memory stick for the empty slot and increase your memory to 1.5 GB. If you wanted to go to the maximum memory of 2 GB, you would have to discard the existing 512 MB module and install two 1 GB modules.

Dell computer memory can seem confusing, but by narrowing down your selections by computer …

The Google Sandbox — How To Get Early Release

What Is The Google Sandbox

The Google Sandbox is an algorithmic filter designed by Google and implemented around March 2004 with the purpose of weeding out spam sites by placing all new websites under quarantine for a period of assessment.

How Does The Google Sandbox Affect Your New Site?

Although the Google sandbox was designed with the primary aim of targeting spam sites, in reality it affects all new websites.

The general consensus in seo (search engine optimization) circles is that the Google sandbox algorithm functions to prevent new sites from blasting their way to the top of Google (using whatever means possible) and in effect overtaking quality websites that have been around for years.

Who Goes Into The Sandbox?

Google is a non-discriminatory organization–well anyway at least as far as the Google sandbox is concerned–so all and sundry are equally invited to the sandbox party.

How Long Will Your Website Remain In The Google Sandbox?

As far as Google is concerned not all sandbox invites are equal. Certain factors will determine the length of your stay in the Google sandbox. If the keywords your website is targeting are highly competitive then your website will be quarantined for longer.

If you think about it, this approach makes sense. Most spam sites have one goal…to make as much money as quickly as possible. So accordingly the average spam site will target big profit keywords which naturally tend to be more competitive.

Following this thinking, if your website focuses on keywords and markets that are not very competitive, your stay in the Google sandbox will be considerably shorter.

It appears though that, irrespective of factors such as good on-page optimization, incoming backlinks and original content, the average duration in the Google sandbox is 3 months.

How D’You Know You’re A Bona Fide Guest To The Google Sandbox Party?

They are a finicky lot those Google folk. They don’t want just anyone at their Get-Togethers! So they employ a posse of mean looking bouncers to ensure you’re not some pesky gate crasher! These bouncers check thoroughly to make sure you actually have the proper credentials required for Google Sandbox bash. Such credentials include:

* New Website

* Having good Google page rank (PR) but ranking poorly for primary keywords

* Having good number of inbound links yet ranking poorly for primary targeted keywords

* Having good homepage page rank but zero PR for your inner pages

* Having page rank but are still not indexed by Google

Things To Do While Frolicking In The Google Sandbox

Like most other situations in life, here you have a number of choices.

You can sulk, fret, stamp your feet and moan and groan that the Google sandbox party sucks

…or you can get into the swing of things and utilize your time effectively:

* Go ahead and add quality content to your fledgling site.

* Work on increasing the number of inbound links (quality links not just any ole link)

* Tweak …

How Do I Remove PAV Off of My Computer? It's Easy – Remove Only in 5 Steps

Before we discuss how to remove PAV from a computer let us first have a bird's eye view of the threat. Personal anti virus or PAV, as is commonly called, is fake software that performs a chilling job of introducing a virus in the system and thus infecting the entire system. All your personal data is at immediate risk and the stability of your system is under threat.

These powerful Trojans hide in the deep recesses of the personal computer and try as you might may never be able to locate what is exactly going wrong. The latest version of PAV actually disables the genuine anti virus that is running in the background thus putting the computer at a far greater risk of being an open gateway now for a family of Trojans to enter into your machine.

Following 5 easy steps should help to remove PAV completely from your system:

1. The moment you notice a pop up coming up with a message "Your computer has been infected – critical threat" or some such similar messages, save all your work and switch off the internet.

2. Close all programs and data files and activate a scan of your computer – if your antivirus has been tampered with you may have to download a good antivirus from a reputable download site – read through all reviews and ratings before downloading anything in your computer. A reputable antivirus with the latest updates will help to remove PAV completely.

3. Your antivirus will show the Trojan sitting pretty in the c: Documents and Settings and c: Program files folders. You may also find the virus hiding in some of the messaging systems. Delete all these files one by one. Invariably these files will be marked by red, and a good antivirus will do the deleting itself.

4. To make sure you are completely safe and free from PAV, go to the task manager and see if any unknown exe file is running in the background gobbling up huge bytes and using up limited resources. Delete the file.

5. Perform a reboot of your computer. On rebooting scan the computer once again.

Bored with facing consequences due to virus attacks and want freedom from this menace?

Just click on the link below and get the best spyware removal software in the market. …

Getting Website Traffic With Viral Marketing

All Internet Marketer know that traffic is king. Ok, content is king too, but that content won’t do a thing for you if no one visits your website and sees what you have to offer them. There are various ways that marketers use to get traffic to their sites and one of the best is to use Viral Marketing techniques.

The name ‘viral’ comes from the way a virus spreads itself around. If you’ve ever fallen victim to a bad flu virus or cold virus, you know how it can spread quickly, especially within your family or any group that spends time together.

A viral marketing campaign relies on social networking sites to spread the word about you or your product or both. You’re using pre-existing social networks to do this-so there’s no time spent on how to get your brand awareness across because you’re going to let the networks do it for you.

Look at Facebook. It’s a prime example of a social networking site that reaches a high number of people across the world. Imagine the benefit of tapping into this incredible flow of traffic and bending it to your will. That may sound a bit Machiavellian, but it’s true; you can manipulate a social network to do your bidding and your bidding is to bring traffic to your website.

The way you can do this is to encourage people to pass on your message to others spontaneously. You plan for it to happen, but you can’t make someone pass on your funny video, text message, interactive flash game, advergame, ebook, pictures or brandable software, but you can make your contributions to the social networking site irresistible so they’ll want to pass it on to their friends.

It’s been said in internet marketing circles that a happy customer tells (on average) three people about their good experience and an unhappy customer tells eleven people. Can you see the importance of making sure your customers are happy? Can you also see the value in creating something to put on Facebook, Myspace or YouTube that catches the attention and imaginations of the people who visit there?

Word of mouth advertising is a powerful tool. In order to tap into the viral marketing phenomenon you’re first going to have to identify your target audience on the social networks and craft your message directly for them. There are some on these networks who have a high social networking potential and these are the people you want to target.

Hotmail is an example of a successful viral marketing campaign, as is The Blair Witch movie. Do you remember when you heard about either one of those? Do you recall the excitement and the curiosity it aroused in those who hadn’t yet used hotmail or who had yet to see the movie? People tend to trust their friends and when a friend passes something on to them in an email or a text message it’s very different than when a marketer sends that same …

Local Search Delhi Helps You Settle Down Properly

When you relocate to a new city like Delhi for better opportunities, the whole experience can be really overwhelming for you, especially if you are not too comfortable with directions. Initially when I had moved in to the capital city of India, I used to feel all lost as I was very weak with directions. I needed to travel around the city and not knowing the directions was proving to be a very big hindrance to my movement. It was then that I came to know about local search Delhi, a service provided by some companies to help out people who are trying to find their way around the city. The local search service is an excellent means to find out information about anything that you want to know about the city. Local search is just perfect for everyone starting from a business professional, to a student and also for the busy housewife.

Local search has an answer for everyone and anyone; you just have to look properly to get all the information that you are seeking. Delhi has many excellent places where one can go to have a good time; it could be in a shopping mall, a historical monument, an eatery which is probably not located in a very well known place and it is here that local search Delhi helps out people. The area covered by the local search Delhi service providers is huge and you can get information about hospitals, malls, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, eating out joints, amusement and fun centers, parks and many other things as well. All these information are vital for everyone and especially if you are new to the city these are some of the information which you can not do away with at any cost. The local yellow pages also provide all the information that you want about a city.

You can get access to the local search information at any time through various sources. The internet is one of the most convenient sources for you to get the information. You just need to log in to the site and there you can type the kind of information that you are seeking. The information will be given to you in no time as the database of the company that provides the local search Delhi service is huge. Another source for you to get the information is through the SMS service provided to customers by the local search Delhi service providers. Here you just need to type the information that you want and send it across to a short code number and the information will be delivered to you instantly.

Local search services have made life very easy for people all around the world. Today when an increasingly large number of people are relocating to newer places and new countries, it is the local search service that is helping them out in knowing the city where they live in a better way. The revolution in the field of information technology has been …