How to Get Website Traffic Through Article Marketing

Writing and distributing articles is another fast and free way to get free websites traffic. Writing articles has many advantages. One is that it helps to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. When you have articles published, you gain credibility. Article sites have a high page rank. Your articles will typically appear high in the search engines before your new site is indexed. Getting the links to your page also helps your site get indexed. Finally, people who read your article are highly targeted traffic.

Although some forms of writing can be challenging, writing articles is not that difficult. Each article only needs to be 300-500 words in length. Focus each article on one aspect of your niche. If your niche is about guitars, do not try to write a general article about guitars. Instead, write an article about changing guitar strings. Do keyword research for each article you write.

After doing some keyword research, it is time to start writing your article. There is a simple formula to writing articles. First, you tell them what you are going to tell them. Then, you tell them. Finally, you tell them what you just told them. If you are still hesitant to write your own articles, take some time to read articles by others in your niche. Emulate, but do not copy, them.

You are not writing for a prestigious publication. Your article should be informative, interesting, and free of major errors. If you can accomplish these three things, you will be successful at writing articles. If you dislike writing articles and have the money to spend, you can outsource this task. It is simple to find article writers online. Be sure to look at previous work before hiring someone.

After you have finished writing your articles, you might think you are finished. You still need an author bio. Although you want your articles to be interesting enough to be read all the way through, you want your author bio to be interesting enough that the reader clicks through to your webpage. So take the time to write a quality author bio.

Here is what you do not want to write – "John Smith is an expert in owning small internet businesses and generating traffic. Find out what resources he recommends at" Instead, write something like – "Are you going to be part of the 95% of small business owners that fail? Discover what tools and tricks can keep you from being part of this statistic at"

In the first author bio, you are talking about you. This is a mistake that many people make. Although it is the author bio, people do not care about you. They only want to know how you can help them. A successful author bio has people wanting to click through to your website. You have given them some free information so they already know and trust you. If you use the author bio to show them how you can help …

How to Build Confidence by Understanding What it is – And What it Is not

I used to feel quite worried when my clients asked me how they could build their confidence. As a Personal Coach I was clear what they wanted – but I knew the concept of 'confidence' was intangible. Only after years of helping and supporting people did I realize what this request was really about.

There are numerous powerful techniques around today to help people build confidence. One of them – Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – has produced a great variety of tools, most of which are designed to help people feel unstoppable, energized and invincible.

Sometimes these feelings are appropriate to a situation and sometimes they're not the right sort of confidence required. For example, if a loved one needs emergency brain surgery and the surgeon who is going to perform it is bouncing off the walls with energy and absolutely 100% confident, you might not feel happy about entrusting your loved-ones life to them if you discovered they were only a junior doctor!

In this article I invite you to further explore what being confident means to YOU.

I will start with some simple questions:

– Are you confident that you can clean your teeth or do you need to use techniques to feel unstoppable before picking up your toothbrush and toothpaste? I suggest you just go to the bathroom and brush your teeth, not giving it a second thought! I think it's probably safe to say that you're confident you can clean your teeth.
– What about switching on the light in your living room, or getting yourself dressed in the morning – even driving to work? These too are things you know you can do and feel confident about – right?
– Have you not noticed how people talk about confidence? While they will usually tell you they're confident about doing this, or that, they mostly use the word confidence in connection with a lack of it! For example, they say "I do not have the confidence to do that" or "I wish I felt more confident when talking with people of the opposite sex" or "I can not speak in public because I'm not confident. "

We're now moving closer to my realization of what confidence is, and what it's not.

The things you know you can do (such as cleaning your teeth) do not have feelings associated with them. They're things you just do. The feeling only comes when you lack of confidence.

It's a lack of confidence that we have to deal with – not confidence itself – and lack of confidence is nothing more than a way of saying we're afraid or worried. Just think for a moment about something you feel unconfident about. Do you fear that you might not be able to do that thing?
What you're fearful of is what the outcome might be.

You're probably familiar with the principle that says that when you've finally defined what the problem is, you're most of the way to solving it! People …

HP TouchSmart 600xt All-In-One

Assessing consecutive productions of HP's TouchSmart series takes me back to the time when I was so excited to get my first car. If you go to a store to look for the perfect set up for your Desktop and your heart was captured by one of these "HP TouchSmart 600xt All-in-One" and and without thinking twice, bought it, make sure not to visit the store again in the next few months or you might get brokenhearted.

Well, appearance wise it is indeed eye-catching, elegant and striking! With "HP TouchSmart 600xt All-in-One" applications everything was a breeze. HP built this machine so thin that I put an ear right over the top vent just to feed my curiosity about its fan – this amazing gadget is whisper quiet.
With Windows 7 as its operating system it has a multitouch gestures. Although you can do things and work your way around your HP TouchSmart 600xt All-in-One by a flip, tap or swing of your finger, I still do not think I will be saying goodbye with my mouse anytime soon.

Physically, this new gadget accommodates the recognizable and well-designed TouchSmart design, together with the ambient lighting that emits a relaxing colored radiance. Its 23-inch display makes it superior than the new TouchSmart300PC (20-inches), but ranged between the 22-inch Touch SmartIQ100t and 25.5-inch TouchSmartIQ816 that the new models replace. Similar to the latter, the TouchSmart 600xt supports a resolution of 1920 by 1080 (1080p) – ideal for watching high-definition movies and TV via its built-in Blu-ray slot drive and HDTV tuner. You can also stream shows wirelessly over 802.11n, and save photos with the integrated multicard reader. A remote comes with the package, as well.

Although, in appearance it is still similar to the past models one weakness of the "HP TouchSmart 600xt All-in-One" is that sometimes touch recognition does not work especially with a big screen. With HP TouchSmart 600xt All-in-one touch you will experience occasional nonresponsiveness. But then if you enjoy movie marathon during a weekend with the family or friends you can simply connect your HP TouchSmart 600xt All-in-One to your 50 "plasma and voila experience the perfect home theater you can enjoy anytime. …

Predicting the Futures Markets with Technology

The importance of market knowledge when try to maximize returns through spread bets
Financial spread trading is primarily based on your predictions of the future market movements of stocks, shares, commodities and forex markets. Financial spread trading can be cost effective provided you have the right knowledge of the current markets. The right spread trading strategies could guide you to successfully spread bet on different financial products, helping you maximize profits and limit your losses. You should invest time in gathering as much information about the markets and do a complete analysis of your chosen area. This should help you minimize the risk of losing your hard earned cash due to a lack of knowledge about the relevant market (s).

Clean Financial is a useful web guide to the current state of online financial spread betting companies in the UK and Ireland. You can find information on both the UK and Ireland based spread betting firms as well as a range of other facts and figures.
Risks associated with financial spread betting

It is not advisable to place spread bets on companies and financial products like stocks, shares, forex and commodities if you have insufficient knowledge on that financial product (s). By doing so you could risk losing a lot of money – the risk involved in financial spread betting when accompanied by market ignorance could prove to be very harmful to your bank balance.

Understand the importance of stop-losses in spreadbetting which can help you minimize your losing trades. Remember to be careful when placing bets on markets with wide spreads. If there is little movement in the market you can still lose your trade even if the market moves in the right direction.

Technological advances have helped improve spread trading

Advances in technology and free fast online data on the web have helped online spread betting in the UK has been increasingly popular with investors. The vast amounts of information available on the internet have given greater access to online spread trading. Current information about markets, high flexibility in trading, easier access to different markets and online payments are some of the benefits of online trading.

A wide range of information related to online spread trading is now available at the click of a (mouse) button. With the advent of the internet, unlimited information is now available. Clean Financial gives you access to a vast resource of information related to "target =" new "> UK Spread Betting Companies and different spread betting markets.

Visit for further details. …

Restaurant Website – An Effective Marketing Strategy?

Do people in the food business have a need for a restaurant website? Traditional businessmen might have an answer answer to this: NO! It's just an added cost. People people go to a restaurant to eat; they do not surf the Internet to order delivery.

And that is the common mistake of most restaurant owners. They assume that people only go to the Internet for products and services that they want to order online and be delivered at home.

The Internet is, as the cliche goes, the world's super highway to information. And, that is precisely what business people must bank on; the very raison d'etre why any business, for that matter, bought to have a website. People use the Internet to get information about things that either need or are curious about.

A website will not hurt any business; all businesses even the brick and mortar ones very much benefit from a website. Business websites lend global presence and large scale branding to companies of whatever niche and market. A restaurant website for that matter will be an essential marketing strategy that tells your customers you are not only updated but is keen on informing your clientele about who you are and what you can do for them. This is a significant act of showing commitment in serving and satisfying the clients' needs.

A simple yet elegant website showcasing your most prominent features will be a great restaurant website for starters. An excellent one page site with details like cuisine, restaurant address, contact info, and a detail map where to find you will be sufficient to establish a good internet presence.

If you want to be more interactive with your clients, you can also add a page for customer review and maybe a simple blog page which will inform your customer about what you're doing and other special offers that you might have on special occasions.

An informative restaurant website will also eliminate simple yet important calls that are repetitive and seem to come during rush hours when everyone is busy with restaurant work. Your client will benefit from your restaurant website more than you do since finding out information that usually means calling will be necessary online — any time and wherever they are!

And to bring your Internet presence to a higher level, why not have your restaurant listed on the online directories. One such first-rate directory is ; they welcome restaurants of any kind from around the globe. The service is free and restaurant owners can upload all details about their business including pictures without the added cost. It is the perfect business solution, right? …

Computer Cookies: Are They Good or Bad?

Explaining “Cookies” (the non caloric ones that reside in your computer!)

You can’t talk about all those nasty ‘things’ that can ‘attack’ your computer while you are surfing the Internet, like viruses or spyware, without talking about ‘Cookies’. But what are they and are they really bad for my computer?

Ok, first let’s define the term, and then we’ll explain the good and the bad about it.


A small data (text and numbers) file (piece of information) created by a Web server (large computer that stores web sites) that is stored on your computer either temporarily for that session only (the time that you spend on a web site) or permanently on the hard disk (persistent cookie). Cookies provide a way for the Web site that you visit and go back to visit again, to identify users and keep track of their preferences. Amazon and Barnes and Noble online are very creative in the use of their cookies that get generated when you visit.

Here’s an example from my computer from visiting the website:

CP null* 1761935360 30785590 403215680 29726670*

Notice that the only thing in that string of text and numbers that you can recognize is the name of the website. The rest of the information is simply a set of numbers that only a computer can understand.

Why are cookies important to you? Well, you would not be able to browse through the Web as you are currently used to if you had cookies restricted on your computer.

The Good “Cookies” (non calorie type)

Cookies are commonly used to “maintain the state” (the current or last-known status) of the session (time that you spend on a site) as a user browses around on the site. For example, if you filled out a form and decided to leave that for a moment to view another page, when you come back to that form, the information that you already filled in would still be there. Without cookies, the site would not know who you were.

On the 2 web sites that I mentioned, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, they both use a combination of cookies and online database to recognize you when you return to the site as well as “remember” your earlier choices and from those choices recommend possible book or music choices for you on your current visit.

Imagine, if you will, walking into a local Barnes and Noble store where a clerk immediately recognizes you, walks up to you as she calls you by name and walks you over to your own table of books and music. You see that they have put all of your favorite kinds of books and musicians on the table, both new and old works, all laid out for your quick viewing pleasure!

And, on the next table, is a sign saying “Other people who bought these items also purchased these items” so that you may find interesting items that you may never have seen but might find interesting. Wouldn’t …

Can Unwanted Ads Harm Your Computer?

Most people are now familiar with the threat that viruses pose to their PCs, but an invasion of another type of unwanted software, commonly referred to as "spyware", could be equally destructive.

Spyware is a general name for a large group of unwanted software that is downloaded and installed in the computer without the knowledge of the computer user. This type of software could range from rare innocent cookies, which keep track of what websites one has visited, to software that records key-strokes, and then sends this information back to the people who installed it, to enable them to extract information such as passwords, credit card numbers and other very sensitive personal information.

The large majority of spyware that is commonly installed on people's computer is what is termed "adware". This is most often a piece of information in the form of a cookie, which enables the sender to display advertisements on the computer in the form of pop-up ads. These ads can become quite annoying, but are generally not harmful to the operation of the computer.

Another type of cookie that is very common keeps track of the website one has visited, thus enabling website operators to display ads to the person browsing their site, specific to the type of preferences that person browsing the sites has displayed in the past. Such cookies allow the websites that you frequently visit, to 'remember' your preferences, your name, user ID or other information, which may identify you as a returning frequent visitor.
This type of personal information is generally stored in a specific subdirectory or folder on the hard drive and can be reliably easily removed, either by yourself or by your web browser, which may have a "delete cookies" button in one of the menu options.

Some more invasive types of software that can be installed on your computer without your knowledge are capable of changing your computer settings or preferences, such as installing toolbars, or modifying the default website setting in your browser. Usually these types are referred to as "spyware" and are much more difficult to remove. The most obvious signs of a spyware infection may be the sudden appearance of pop-up ads for items or sites you have no interest in at that time and are not related to what you are doing, such as gambling or adult sites.

Frequently spyware and related nuisance software is introduced to your computer during installation of software that you actually want, but then somewhere hidden in the installation procedure is a message, or if you are lucky a button to select the option to install it. However most of the time this option is so well masked or tucked away at the end of the installation process, that most people do not notice it and then inadvertently install this spyware as well. Toolbars and unwanted utilities are an example of this.

It is there though regularly advised during installation of software for certain tools, utilities or other applications, such as …

Avoiding Internet Crime: Do not Become A Victim To Scams

Internet crime continues to be on the rise. As knowledge is power this article seeks to educate you about some of the more common scams and how to protect yourself and your family. Unfortunately everyone on line will eventually have their e-mail bombarded with this evil stuff. This article is my art of revenge against such people who seek to rip us off and waste my time by stuffing my inbox. The more people who are aware of the scams and avoid them the less success they will have.

Firstly not every email you get is what is looks. In fact the problems has become so bad that my 'eBay' 'PayPal' and bank fraud emails out number the genuine ones.

The biggest scam ever is the NIGERIAN scam. This fraud named after the country where it originated and where most of the material was sent out. Originally letters sent by post they play on peoples greed and go along the line of – "I am a government official (or rich businessman) who is seeking to deposit millions out of the country – please help me and I will give you a percentage" blah blah blah. The rest is just icing to make the cake look pretty. Basically if you are stupid enough to reply the crook will then devote even more time to scamming you. The internet has given these pieces of human refusal the opportunity to save on the postage stamps and use email and autoresponders instead. They then claim that they need money to clear the deposit through various banks, agencies, etc – they may even send you an official looking cheque, bank draft or whatever will keep you in the 'game'. Seeing this cheque for millions plays on the victims greed to pay the 'clearance fees' which can be thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. The Nigerian scam has taken on many new forms – the Russian variant – "We are a company seeking business partners to deposit money in your country" – NO legalimate company requires this, they have banks and numerous other agencies willing to do this for very small service fees so why would someone pay you a thousand dollars plus to do this ?! I recently even received a BHP variant. BHP is the largest company in Australia and a huge miner. The email says the same deal – we are looking for partners to …

If you used common sense you would avoid this problem – why would a multi-billion company need you to handle money on its behalf – IT DOES NOT. The easiest way to avoid this scam is simply delete the email immediately. Do not bother replying they are sent automatically and the scamming it hoping you click on the provided link.

The eBay and PayPal type of scam. This involves receiving an email that appears to come from eBay or PayPal. Normally stating your account is under attack, or being subject to fraudulent activity and you must …