SEO Tip – How Do Search Engines Choose Page-One Sites?

How Do Search Engines Work?

There are three important elements that make up the database and finding relevant material by search engines. From the inputting of words, the search until the hierarchy of results, there is a process that is mathematically formulated and produces the links and sites that suit best.

1. The web crawler. This is also known as a "spider" or "robot" which roams the web. It is a program that translates web pages and any existing links relevant to the page. The web crawler begins by looking through the web addresses that are available in its database or index. Any other page on the internet is added to the database should the web crawler consider it relevant to its existing index. Thus, the database continuously grows and the web crawler also goes back to the index to check for updates and again search for new available links.

2. The index. The index holds all information of websites and pages that the web crawler has discovered during its frequent web roaming. Whenever any website or page is updated by the owner, the index also updates its stored information then it continuously grows over time.

3. The search engine. A search engine is a software that goes through all the information stored in the index whenever a search is done by a web browser. An algorithm supports the final results according to how relevant the websites found are to the search. The hierarchy of page results is determined by shutting on or off categories that the search engine feels is relevant to the search.

The Goal of Search Engines

The ultimate goal of a search engine is to provide the most relevant and informative webpages to the web browser. The effectiveness of search engines may be tested through search engine optimization. Page results for different search engines may vary depending on the algorithm that they are using. Thus, website owners aim to improve their rank based on the algorithm.

How Can I Get Page-On of Search Engines?

1. Links. Links are small routes leading to your website so a lot of these will increase your visibility in search engines. When typing in a search, it is possible for your URL to be exposed even if the engine may be revealing another website housing your link.

2. Page Summary. Make your page summary more effective by using meta tag names and using keywords in a balanced manner. Be more flexible in your website's description so that it can stand out even if the search is bound for a different category. This results your website from being completely shut out by the search engine.

3. Title. Although the true nature of the fixed algorithm used by search engines is not fully known, it may help to start with titles that begin with the letters A to E. Engines arrange equal scoring websites in alphabetical order.

4. Keywords. Wisely input keywords in your web pages. More is not better when it comes …

Why Real Estate SEO Is Different From Standard SEO

When it comes to real estate SEO, you might as well take everything that you've read about in those basic SEO guides and toss them right out the window.

Real estate SEO is a horse of a different color for many reasons, but for one in particular: whereas other websites can be optimized to bring in leads one time and then convert them into long-term clients, real estate SEO has to work over and over again, constantly bringing in new leads and converting them into new clients.


Because the average person does not buy a house one day and then come back a week later to buy another!

What Makes It Unique

Sure, there is loyalty in the real estate game-when you get your clients a great deal and make everything run smoothly for them, chances are they will come back to you when they move again (or if you're in the higher end of the market, buy a second or third third home).

But let's face facts here: that turnaround time is not something many real estate agents can bank on. Plus, since most agents only sell locally and most moves are made into a specific region or area, chances are that you will not be getting a cut of your current client's next move anyways.

That's what makes real estate SEO so unique and vital to the industry. Without the proper techniques, you areaving an invisible, bait-less hook in a sea of ​​fish that is being scooped up by your competition left and right-all of what have fishing nets!

3 Things to Consider

Here are a few of the factors that complicate real estate SEO as compared to a wider-ranging business that can bank on global sales, customer loyalty and static products:

1. Local SEO is Everything for The Realtor.

While other SEO tactics can focus in on broader keywords that are related to the industry, this type of SEO has double the work. Not only do you have to rank for those standard keywords your leads will be looking for, but you also have to match for those keywords in the exact locations that you are selling or renting property.

This means double the keyword research, double the content, double the work. It means going different routes to get your rich snippets up and running, to get your local map showing on the search engine results pages-it means a lot of different work you have to put in, unless you have a system to do the work for you.

2. Content is Essential To Realtors.

With SEO for realtors, your market is constantly changing which is great considering you have to consistently bring in new leads and clients, but that translates into more content.

Real estate SEO needs more localized blogs, more pointed, helpful content, more keyword rich, sales driven webcopy and essentially more of everything content-related than standard business websites.


Because you have tons of listings and are appealing to a large audience from …

SEO Training for Business – Keep It In-House

For your business to survive in the new age, it's important to make sure your website is the best representation of who you are and what you do. Not only should visitors and potential customers and clients be able to easily navigate menus and click straight through to points of sale, but the work done to optimize the backend is necessary to ensure that you are sufficient to keep you on top of relevant search. With your staff's workload, however, you may feel it's necessary to hire an SEO firm to handle these tasks. In reality, maintaining the search optimization for your website is simpler than you think, and less expensive when you keep it in house.

Rather than hand your website over to an outsourced group, you have the option instead of bringing SEO experts into your office for a series of workshops designed to train staff to take charge of various aspects of site optimization – everything from keeping the code clean for spiders to better cache your information, to properly linking anchor text. Even if there are people in your office with some experience in maintaining websites and working to achieve high rankings in Google and Yahoo, the benefit of SEO training keeps everyone up to date on new paradigms in search, so you can stay ahead of your competition.

Why is it better to keep your SEO strategies in-house? For one, it's less expensive than outsourcing. You have the option of bringing in one or two employees to do the work, or parsing the responsibilities among your current staff. Also, keeping the web work inside retains security. Let's say you're interested in hiring an SEO firm. There is the risk, either during or after your tenure, that the firm could sign on to work with a competitive business, and apply the techniques used to help you towards their success. Why let that happen, when you can control your search rankings?

Search optimization training presents intensive groundwork for your Internet success. When you hire trained SEO agents to demonstrate the steps involved in creating and promoting a powerful web presence that includes your website, social media profiles, videos and even e-mail marketing, you'll discover that the time invested in SEO will not divert from your company's duties, and as certain staff become more profitable in optimization your business will reap more benefits. Keep the business of your website in-house for an affordable solution by hiring an SEO trainer. …

The Internet is Blooming With New Social Media and Internet Social Clubs

There are 6.7 billion people swimming around in this great big fish bowl we call planet Earth. The world is a very big place … With so many people buzzing around each other other everyday, one would think we would never get lonely, or need to look outside our own backyards to find interesting people, just like ourselves. Yet, for so many people, finding just that right person, group, or network really is not that easy. On the other hand, for some, it is that easy; however, they choose to look way beyond the next horizon to find interesting people to socialize with, or interesting places to visit. It is for this reason that the Internet is blooming with new, penpal websites, Social Media sites, and Internet Social Clubs worth checking out.

There are five million penpal listings on Yahoo, and well over six-million Internet social clubs listed on Google. there is another 519,000 international Internet social clubs listed on the World-Wide-Web.

Of course, we are all familiar with some of the giants in the industry, such as MySpace, Facebook, and Flicker. Oh, I could go on and on; however, I think you get my drift. What it all seems to boil down to is this; people, like you and me are trying to make our world a smaller place, in which to connect and socialize with people.

The thing is; though, the big guys in the social-media arena are just that, big and getting bigger. The bigger they get, it seems the harder it is to meet new and interesting people. Oh, sure these sites have become great for social marketing and mass networking, but for those of us looking to meet people to socialize with, either one on one, or in groups, it can be overwhelming. It's getting harder and harder to meet quality people. I have to admit, there are times, when on great social media websites, I feel like a little kid in the background at a large party, waving my hands, and shouting. "Look at me! Look at me!" while the world just passes me by.

So, yearning to make a few new, good friends, I decided to do a little surfing to see what else was going on in the penpal or Internet social club arena. I'm glad I did. I found what I was searching for, this new international penpal Internet social club website, It has only been up and running a short while, but it's really cool with great people, from all over the world as members. As a new site, it's still fresh and not over-crowed, so it is much easier to meet people and to socialize. While I was there, I met 19 people in all, from all over the globe. I also checked out an awesome group about motorcycling, played a few games, and checked out a lot of really great pictures. The best thing I liked about the site was that it was free to join and become …