What Will Fail Your SEO Campaign Though You Rank No 1 in Google

All companies that strive to rank in Google top ten often forget a very important thing to complete their SEO campaign. They tend to focus only on top 10, but actually there is one more marketing strategy that if they fail to notice, it will just be in vain no matter how good their websites rank in Search Engine.

So, what is that "special" thing? That is your product or your service's uniqueness or why you are different compared to your competitors. In today's ultra-competitive business climate, showing up as Google top ten is not enough because there are other nine competitive websites. You need to make sure that your potential buyers will buy from you, not from those other nine competitive websites.

Imagine this scenario. Your company ranks very well in Google for your desired keyword. Let's say it ranks at no. 2 for "business software" keyword. Unfortunately, when a potential buyer searches through that keyword, he found out that your software has no value for him and he feels that your competitors (the other nine websites that appear on the same page as yours) offer better solutions (sometimes better price, better features, etc.). Who do you think will he buy from?

You see, SEO is just like any other marketing strategies. There's no point to be in Google top ten if the other nine websites have better advantages or benefits compared to your offer. You need to do a little research about who your competitors are for your targeted keywords, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and then how you will differentiate your service or product before you appear on page 1 Google.

Relying solely on SEO campaign to increase your company sales is not a good strategy in my point of view. You may start from it, but do not depend primarily on it. You need to take it a little further, for examples are strengthening your sales force to nurture the leads you obtained from search engine, enhancing your product or service quality, having strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP), etc. Remember, SEO is not a zero-free competition strategy. …

Various Types of Websites According To Their Uses

The need for a website to be designed is the one that dictates the type to be chosen for the same. Some choices where the needs are clear are very obvious while in some cases research may need to be done in order to identify the right choice. With virtually all website types and ideas available online, one can easily search and visit other websites that have content similar to what is intended to be developed then choosing the way forward.

The major types of websites categorized based on the need criterion include but are not limited to the following:

Commercial Websites

These are the most common websites on the internet and are developed for commercial purposes either selling products or services. They are used to promote any kind of business using search engine optimization (SEO) content. Depending on the variety of products and services that need to be promoted or sold, they may include simple or sophisticated features and elements implemented. Most of them are designed to allow customers to enter into secure areas online where payments are accepted. Others include affiliate marketing content and advertisements from which owners earn sales commissions. Commercial websites often have the.com ending for their internet addresses.

Organizational Websites

Groups or individuals use this type of website to advance their ideas to targeted audiences. Non-profit and humanitarian organizations or anyone pursuing a certain cause will use this website type. The websites often include chat and community forums for people to communicate and exchange ideas on subjects or issues of their interest. Donation capabilities may be included in a website of this kind. The.org ending for internet addresses is characteristic of organizational websites.

Personal Websites

An individual or a small group that wants to publish information online uses this kind of website. The information published is of course meant for the public so one will choose what they feel like sharing with others. The needs served by personal websites are varied with many people monetizing their websites or promoting desired causes. It all depends on personal interests. The website Internet address can adopt a variety of ending parts.

Educational Websites

Schools and training institutions use this type of website and so are other websites that present their content with a purpose of educating. Education programs and their details are often shared on such sites. Students may have a way of interacting on such websites with news on various activities of interest shared as well. The internet addresses of such websites end with.edu.

Entertainment Websites

These are websites designed to include media and content meant to entertain. Music and video players are common features integrated in the designs with plenty of social network sharing options. The internet addresses may use a variety of ending parts but.com is commonly used.

News Websites

These are websites completely focused on providing news about current affairs. They are designed with features to allow easy updating and responses from readers. Endings for the internet addresses may vary but more often.com is …