Protect your Computer with Windows Vista

There are number of security features in Windows Vista. Most of which are newly introduced in this version. Along with them old security features also available with some advanced protection mechanism.

UAC (User Account Control) is the most significant security update in Vista. With this feature, all users, including users with administrative privileges, run in a standard user mode by default. When any action require Administration privilege such as software installation or changing system setting, Windows prompts for Administrator authentication. This security implemented in Vista to protect your computer from malware software. If any of those malware softwares attempts to change any setting or install any software in your system, they will be prompted for consent first. System administrators also have the option to configure the system to require an administrator password for such elevations.

Microsoft added another layer of security 'Windows Defender'. Windows defender goes to scan the system periodically to detect spyware, addition to that it includes Real Time Security Agents which is going to monitor the important settings of the systems if there any system configuration changes caused by spyware.

Windows vista introduced several parental controls. As an administrator it is possible to locking web content and limit web browsing to only Kids website. As well as controlling based on categories such as "Pornography" or "Chatting" and so on. Administrator can restrict other users from executing certain programs. Also there is an option to restrict certain hours of the day when gaming or other activities are permitted.

It also introduced BitLocker Drive Encryption to protect data from a lost or stolen computer. There is a big threat of data theft or exposure from lost or stolen computer. Data on lost or stolen machines can often be viewed by installing a different operating system. BitLocker Drive Encryption is a hardware-enabled data protection feature that helps protect data on a PC when the machine is in unauthorized hands. By encrypting the entire Windows volume, it prevails unauthorized users from accessing Windows file and trying the offline viewing of information on the secured drive.

The Encryption File System (EFS) is a powerful tool for encrypting information on client computers and remote file server to protect them from unauthorized users. EFS support storing user keys as well as administrative recovery keys on smart cards. If smart cards are used for logon, EFS operates in a single Sign On mode, where it uses the logon smart card for file encryption without further prompting for the PIN. The Client Side Cache, which stores offline copies of files from remote servers, can also be encrypted with EFS.

Another way that malicious software makes its way onto a user's machine is by taking advantage of buffer overruns. Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) is a defense capability in Windows Vista that makes it harder for malicious code to exploit a system function. Whenever a Windows Vista computer is rebooted, ASLR randomly assigns executable images such as DLLs and EXEs to one of 256 possible locations in …

SEO Vs AdWords, Or – SEO and AdWords?

IN the past six months, I've recorded over 100 AdWords accounts. I was not surprised to discover the better performing accounts were the ones with better Quality Scores … I WAS surprised when I realized there was a definite difference in PPC results for clients actively engaged in (best practice) Search Engine Optimization!

I used to advise people very strongly to hold off on their search engine optimization efforts until after their initial pay per click (PPC) work was done. That's because I thought it was essential to identify your "Money Keywords" first … so all your SEO dollars could focus on these.

However, the way things have been evolving, Google now seems to seriously consider your level of "authoritativeness" across the entire vocabulary of your market when they evaluate your PPC Quality Score.

Given the increasing shark infested, brutally competitive environment which AdWords has evolved to become, it's now almost essential to have an authoritative site for your market in order to accomplish anything in PPC.

Pay per click prices for the "stand alone" site, not well integrated into the community of the market it intends to serve are becoming just too high for most sellers to make a go of it.

Moreover, the ongoing bidding wars in PPC make it almost essential to "dollar cost average" by including organic, free traffic in their overall strategy.

I'm there before now recommending a mixed approach to Internet marketing. If you are focusing all your efforts on pay per click search marketing, now is the time to start paying attention to SEO as well. …

Internet Marketing Success Tips

Here are some basic (but very important) tips and / or lessons for success in internet marketing. Try to keep them in mind as you go through your day. I'll freely admit that I do not always remember to go through all of these myself, but I am making the effort to improve.

1. The main goal of internet marketing should be to help people improve their lives and to help make the world a better place in some way. I know that lots of people get into this field because they want to get rich. And do not get me wrong, I would definitely love to achieve financial independence doing this stuff, but if money is the only motivation, you probably will not make it.

2. This relates to # 1 above. You must have a big enough reason for getting into internet marketing. Why are you doing it? Saying something like "I think it would be really cool to do this and I want to make lots of money," is not gonna cut it. You have to be really specific. What would you do with the money you make? How would it improve your life and the lives of your loved ones? Are you doing it because you want to be able to take your whole family on vacation? Do you hate your current job? Are you looking to get a fresh start? This comes back to motivation. If you do not yet have a really strong, specific reason (or reasons), you need to work on finding one (I mentioned some things I would do if I had lots of money, in a previous post).

3. You must take DAILY action. You will greatly improve your chances for meeting your goals, if you do something everyday. Daily action creates momentum and so the more you do, the more momentum you create. In turn, this momentum will help you get to where you want to be in less time.

4. Focus on your strengths (positives), not on your weaknesses (negatives). This is one that I have a pretty hard time with. I have to remember to remind myself that I do have strengths and that I am able to accomplish my goals if I work at them. If you're always telling yourself that you're no good at something or that you do not know how to do something, you're pretty much guaranteeing that you're not gonna move forward. One thing that I'm good at is paying attention to details. My grammar and spelling are not too shabby either. They may not seem like much, but sometimes you have to find the positives in the little things. Hopefully, if you can get into that habit, you'll always begin to see things in a more positive light which may lead you to discover strengths that you did not even know you had.

So to sum up: try to help people; come up with an important reason why; take action daily, and …