HP Pavilion P6550z Computer Review

HP computers are sold globally and it is used in most of the homes, offices and other organizations. HP Company has successfully come out with many computers and one such model is HP Pavilion P6550z. Even the most advanced mini computers and laptops cannot beat the sales record of these desktop computers. Laptops are mostly used during travel and if you are looking computers for your office, then you should definitely look one like HP Pavilion P6550z model. Even though it is not possible to explore the advantages of HP Pavilion P6550z in a single review, I have tried my best to give major features and details of this machine.

Some basic features of HP P6550z

* This HP computer runs on certified Windows 7 Operating system. The OS is available in three different versions, namely windows 7 home, windows 7 premium and windows 7 ultimate. You are allowed to … Read More