Watch Live TV On Your Computer – What You Need To Have

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Some of the best shows and programs to watch on television are live events that take you right right into the middle of the action as it happens. Live TV makes you more than just a spectator but a witness to history as it unfolds. Sports, concerts, competitions, news and other events are best watch along with the rest of the world. Now you can get into the thick of the action through your computer.

Whether you are rooting for your favorite football team or enjoying your favorite band's latest concert tour, you can now watch live television on your computer, not just on your TV. To be able to watch live TV on your computer, here are some of the basic equipments you need.

1. Hardware: Your computer must have a RAM of at least 256MB, a hard disk with a capacity of 80GB, a 1.3GHz processor, sound card and a television tuner card. The tuner card is necessary for your computer to receive signals from TV channels. Tuner cards come in a wide range of features; some even allow you to record TV shows and lets you build up your own collection of TV programs on your computer's hard disk.

2. Software: Your computer should have compatible software installed such as multimedia players. The most basic software may include media players and codecs that will let you view TV content seamlessly. There is also software you can download from the internet that lets you directly watch live TV on your computer through your browser. There are dozens of websites that offer TV content you can watch anytime. Most of the leading TV stations typically offer video clips of their TV shows on their websites, with an option to subscribe for more TV content.

3. Dish Antenna: You will need a dish antenna, angled at the right degree depending on your geographical location. The dish antenna acts as a receiver of the TV signals that will be transmitted to your computer at the bet quality. The dish antenna acts as a reception device which receives the TV airwaves and then transmits them directly to the tuner card installed in your computer.

4. Cables: Of course, you will need cables to connect your digital TV antenna dish to your computer's USB port. It is recommended to use only the best quality cables to ensure the high quality viewing experience.

5. TV format compatibility: Your computer must be compatible with the different international TV formats such as PAL, NTSC and others. By ensuring compatibility, you can watch any TV show from anywhere in the world in your computer. Making your computer compatible with the latest TV formats ensures that you get the freshest TV content, even from foreign TV stations. …

To Create Dynamic Pages Choose An Advance Programming Language Like PHP

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PHP is an open sourced server side scripting language and almost used in foremost operating systems like Linux, UNIX and also in Windows. PHP follows object oriented programming (OOPs), practical programming rules and near a combination of them. It uses command line interface, desktop applications so it is know as the best traditional server side scripting language.

PHP programming supports most of the reputed database connections like Oracle, SQL, My SQL, and ODBC so it is an easy choice for freelance programmers to build their dynamic pages with the help of PHP development. The latest version is also popular because it can be embedded HTML coding directly and can be transported by nearly all of the web servers.

PHP is a popular language because of its numerous features infused specifically to design websites or you can say to develop dynamic pages. PHP engine and the PHP coding can be used in every platform that increases flexibility of PHP language. Basically PHP is profitable for both programmers and designers, programmers who realize its flexibility and tempo and web designers who worth its handiness and user-friendliness.

PHP language can develop great business services like CRM solutions, community sites, chatting forums and E-Commerce shopping cart as well. Several pools of qualified web programmers are using PHP development for organizing their goal, resource planning and fulfilling their client requirements.

Here are a few things which you can perform with PHP:

  1. Design HTML web forms.
  2. Superb Database usability to store records.
  3. Calculate visitors by sessions and cookies.
  4. You can use arrays as well.
  5. Play with files through file management system.
  6. Creating XML for large number of product list on E-Commerce


Serialization is not needed for all kind of databases. In some particular databases like ODBC, MS SQL etc when you wish to pass a value without mentioning its type, it gets dumb. This problem is solved correctly in the latest version of PHP. This is also an added advantage of PHP over all king of scripting languages.

Using PHP to improve design on your website

PHP has many capabilities features specifically designed for use in Web sites, including the following:

1. Securing Your Website: PHP is designed to allow user level access to the file system, it's entirely possible to write a PHP script that will allow you to read system files such as password, modify your Ethernet connections, etc. thus this can provide a customer with an exclusive membership in the business.

2. Working with Web Forms: HTML form can be displayed by PHP and it is the best way to know more about the requirements of your customers and to gather note about their detailed benefits.

3. Communicate with Your Databases: When a persistent connection is requested, PHP checks if there is already an identical persistent connection and if it exists, it uses it. If it does not exist, it creates the link.

4. Customer Loyalty Functions: PHP allows content and applications to be generated and run server-side. This is highly advantageous …

Fix a Slow Computer in Minutes – Five Quick and Effective Steps

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If your prime goal is to fix a slow computer but you are not sure how to make it happen, this article can assist you.

There is no bigger frustration than a crashing or freezing computer, or just having a system that moves at a slower pace than a sea turtle. Part of that frustration is not knowing what to do to get your PC running like new again. Many people avoid the conflict and purchase a new computer. There are many solutions at a fraction of the cost to fix a slow computer.

Step One: Do a Defrag on your hard drive disks

If you have a Microsoft operating system, it comes with accessories like a Defragmentation for your hard disk drive that can compress file sizes and streamline your computer. This can enhance speed and do so without a dime out of your pocket. Go to control panel, performance information and tools, advanced tools, and choose to open disc defragmenter.

Step Two: Close applications that you are not using

Another thing that can make a huge difference is to close out applications that you are not using (on the task bar). This will allow your system to run more efficient since it is not taxing on your PC when programs are closed.

Step Three: Run the free utility scan in Windows

Run the utility scan to check for errors on your hard drive. To accomplish this, go to my computer (or computer in Vista) and right click on the drive you want to check. Then choose properties, tools, then error checking. Scan for errors.

Step Four: Shut off design tools and desktop animation

Turn off unneeded desktop animation and other appearance-oriented tools. This includes special fonts, 3D objects, and styles that are eating up resources. This can be done in Windows XP by going to my computer and right click, go to properties, advanced tab, and to the settings button in the performance section. In the performance options dialogue box go to the visual effects tab and choose the option to adjust for best performance. In Vista go to start, control panel, system and maintenance, performance information and tools, and then click adjust for best performance.

Step Five: Get a free registry repair scan complete

Microsoft has an internal file library on each computer called a registry. When you add and remove programs files can become corrupt and leave partial files on your computer over time. These cause the system to bloat which contributes greatly to slow computer problems. One of the fastest ways to make your computer run effectively is to remove registry errors. The best bet is to download the free scan and simply run the scan to see what errors come up. Although it is always an important idea to keep a registry cleaner on your computers at all times, you can choose not to purchase a full version registry repair software until you use the scan and check for errors.

Be careful with any …