How to Write Content That Is Google Hummingbird Friendly?

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In September 2013, Google has introduced a new algorithm called "Hummingbird", which focuses on every single word in a query rather than just words. If someone is searching something by using a sentence, Google will take into account every word and come up with the most appropriate results. Initially, Google used to focus on words rather than sentences but with the Google Hummingbird change, the focus is shifted to the entire query.

Google Hummingbird gives an ideal situation to the content writers as they do not have to stuff inappropriate keywords in their content. Instead of short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords could be used that represent a complete question. Some of the important tips that one should keep in mind while writing content based upon Google Hummingbird algorithm are:

  1. Being a content creator, one should focus on writing content that has a longer shelf life. This is the type of content that is evergreen and has the ability to attract a wider audience. The beauty of an evergreen content is that people search it quite often and its ranking strengnthens on Google. In this way, Google crawls the content on a regular basis because of its popular content and it has better opportunities to remain in the top search results.
  1. Focus on content that is educational or which has the ability to teach the readers something new. The articles solving the questions by answering questions like "How to …" are more popular among the readers. It gains their attention instantly because they know it will help them to learn something relatively new and important. You should focus on writing "How to …" content, which is related to your industry or business. For example, if you are in a real estate business, you can talk about "How to stage properties?" Egypt "How to buy your first home?" etc.
  1. Google Hummingbird gives you a chance to post relevant content on your website. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page allows you to put a lot of content which is educational and which could answer questions that are in the minds of your target audience. You can easily use long-tail keywords in the FAQ section and make it more Hummingbird friendly.
  1. Talking about stuffs that has gone viral occasionally is also a way of writing Google Hummingbird friendly content. Although, Google does not get affected by social / viral content at the moment but it will start focusing on them soon, which would definitely impact on the Google rankings of your content.
  1. Google recently emphasized the importance of in-depth articles. According to Google, in-depth articles about a certain topic will be valued more as compared to the articles that have been written superbly.

If you want your Search engine optimization strategies to work, you need to keep pace with the changes introduced by Google. Focus on following the tips explained in the article and you would be able to see positive results but make sure that you are using high-quality and original content. …

The Value of Meta Titles In SEO

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Meta tags used to be the big, bad beasts of search engine optimization. If you manipulated them just right, you could get high rankings. Those days are gone, but they still are important.

The meta title is a very important for a number of reasons. From the perspective of obtaining rankings, it is helpful in identifying what is on the page in question. This, of course, means you better have a meta title that actually describes what is on the page in question.

Assuming you do, the meta title is very valuable for a reason many do not really think about. How so? Well, it actually can be used to bring in clicks from people reviewing the search engine page results. Consider the following example.

Assume I am looking to buy a construction invoice software program. I do a search for the phrase on Google, Yahoo, MSN or whatever. Ten results are kicked out and I start reading the titles. The meta titles appear as the first bold and underlined phrase for each listing.

Now, what result am I most likely to click? Most studies reveal that I'll click one of the first three. There is, however, more to the story. I am also more likely to click the result that uses the exact phrase I have searched for. In this case, I am more likely to click the listing that has the title that says "construction invoice software program" because that is what I search for.

This also raises a secondary issue regarding the meta title. Simply put, how many keywords should you put in it? There are different philosophies. Some people try to stick to one keyword phrase while others shoot for multiple versions. Personally, I tend to go with one keyword phrase so long as it equates to at least three words in the phrase.

At the end of the day, the meta title does not play the role it used to years ago when meta tags were king. It does, however, still have a decent effect on rankings and a strong impact on getting people to click through to your site. …

Motorola RIZR – The Most Dynamic and Versatile Gadget

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Motorola seems to have pledged to deliver the most stylish and most versatile mobile phones to lure the entire UK market. Once again, the mobile giant has come up with another sleek handset that's sure to catch your fancy. Yes, we are talking about the latest entrant in Motorola family, the Motorola RIZR. Impressive features & a modern slider design make the Motorola RIZR an ultimate choice for those who need dynamic phones to stay ahead in life. A Unique design, slim casing, narrow slider are not the only reason why the RIZR is having a huge fan following. This sleek innovative device has exceptional imaging, improved music features, global connectivity, and an excellent bright color screen. The ultra-smooth slider of this phone easily slides-open with a slight push. The fascinating look & feel of the easy-to-use keypad is sure to delight you. The Abstract tattoo feature is there to add an element of surprise for you when you slide open the MOTO RIZR.

Capture videos with the powerful 2-mega-pixel digital camera of the RIZR. Beside imaging features, the RIZR is a paradise for music-lovers. The built-in music player in this phone supports various popular music formats. You can transfer your collections of digital music using the USB connection with upto one GB, via MicroSD cards that are available, and can store your favorite music. To further increase the element of entertainment, you can pick the optional Bluetooth stereo-headset accessory available and enjoy wire free listening.

Stay connected to your family, friends and / or business even if you are on the move! This quad-band technology phone lets you roam across countries & continents without any glitch. Send MMS, IM, or SMS messages to stay in touch with your close ones! This phone gives you everything from the joy of possessing a stunning gadget with awe-inspiring looks to the hi-end functions that you always desired your tiny handy gadget to incorporate. …