Information Systems

Information System consists of physical components like hardware, software, database, procedures and people operating these components which interact to support the operational, managerial, and decision-making information needs of an organization. So, an information system is the means by which data flows from one person of department to another. An information system accept data from the user, process this data to produce information and achieve knowledge.

Data is a collection of facts, figures, statistics which can be processed to produce meaningful information. A process involves collecting, capturing, sifting, rearranging, calculating, comparing, decision-making, storing, retrieving, reproducing and transporting of data. Information is processed data. It refers to facts, figures or statistics that have meaning. It can become data or input for another process. Information which is known and verified is knowledge and this knowledge which is relevant and useful in any given situation which anticipate events helps the business move in the right direction taking the correct decision at the right points in time is known as business intelligence.

Types of Information Systems

The types of Information Systems are Data Processing System (DPS), Management Information System (MIS), Decision Support System (DSS) and Expert System. The data being processed in each of these systems may be done using Batch Processing Systems, On-line Systems, Real-time Systems and Distributed Systems.A data processing system process large amount of data for routine business transactions; they run a series of programs on an automatic basis at regular intervals. E.g. Payroll, Accounts, inventory.

Management Information Systems (MIS) provide reports or generate information for planning, control and decision making. They use a shared database. E.g. Estimation software for civil engineers. Decision Support Systems (DSS) differs from MIS in that it emphasizes more on decision making in all levels. It provided ad hoc (as and when required) decision reports. E.g. Business software integrating all modules payroll, accounts, inventory which helps the top management to take decision based on the business intelligence gained. In Expert System decisions are taken by the computer itself, it captures and uses the knowledge of an expert for solving a particular problem. An expert system selects the best solution available to a problem or a specific class of problems. E.g. Judicial System, medical system.

In batch processing system data are gathered from time to time and collected into groups or batches before they are entered in to the computer for processing. In On-line System data is entered online and each data is processes immediately. Real Time Processing System is same as on-line system but output is generated fast and efficiently enough to influence on going activity. But on-line system need not be real-time system. And, in Distributed System processing is shared by several independent processors at different locations in a network.

An organization may consist of many business systems and information systems is a subsystem of the business.…

Top Teenage Business Ideas for the Internet

Teenagers need not earn money from waiting tables and babysitting alone. Provided them with a computer and Internet connection and they could well be on their way to becoming one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs in town. Get them started by discussing the various teenage business ideas listed below.

Kids with creative skills should use the Internet as their marketing platform for their works. It does not matter if they're good at drawing, writing, sculpting or making scrapbook pages. All of these can be easily marketed online. Just take high-quality photos of your child's works; these would serve as your child's online portfolio. Take a look at standard rates for similar products and price your child's works accordingly. Afterwards, start spreading the word about your child's works or creations. If it's as good as you believe it is then everything will fall into place eventually.

Blogging is also considered to be one of the top teenage business ideas because it's something your kid can do for fun and for a long time. The best blogs are those that come with their own well-chosen domain names; a name that sounds cool and immediately lets the reader know what to expect from the blog. Its layout should also be as cool or smart but the most important success factor is the content. Your child must write something that his peers or maybe younger or older readers, depending on what his target market group is, would find informative, entertaining or interesting. Your child should be able to blog something his or her readers can not get enough of. When the blog contains ads from Google or other advertisers, your child would be able to earn from advertising revenue.

Do not forget that your child can also use the blog to join a relevant affiliate marketing program. If his blog is accepted, he can earn percentage-based contracts from every successful referral he makes.

Lastly, remember that many popular online teenage business ideas are simply a twist of a traditional service offered. Take, for instance, tutoring. If your child is good at playing a musical instrument, a genius in a particular subject, or is fluent in a foreign language then he can use it to teach other people online. As long as your child can prove his qualifications to tutor someone else, students will not mind his age. For this type of business, your child would need a web camera and microphone and charge clients by the hour. …

DishTV Is The Television Provider For You

Are you longing to increase your television choices? Do you often aimlessly flip through the channels, hoping that this time you might find something interesting to watch. Are you eager to try all the latest technologies to make your viewing even better? If so, DishTV is the television provider for you.

With Dish Network programming, you'll have plenty of choices so you never have to be bored with your television again. In fact, with Dish Network's America's Everything Pak, you can watch over 200 channels and plenty of premium movie channels like HBO and Cinemax. Even if you do not need quite so many options, Dishnetwork has a package for you. America's Top 60, America's Top 120, and America's Top 180 are all filled with great channels like The Learning Channel, NASA, MTV, ESPN, and Cartoon Network. You can even listen to great talk shows and music on SIRIUS radio when you subscribe to the 120 or 180 channel versions. If you want to still watch your local channels, it is easy to add them to your package.

For people who speak a language other than English and who wants to keep up with events and entertainment of foreign countries, Dishnet offers a wide selection of international programming. For Spanish-speakers, the Dish Latino series of packages might be a perfect match. From Dish Latino Basic with 30 Spanish channels to the Latino Everything Pak with 30 Spanish channels, 130 English channels, and four premium movie packages, you can find just what you are looking for. If you are looking for different international programming, DishTV offers 19 types including Chinese, French, Israeli, Urdu, and Arabic.

Dish Network has also created a very impressive HDTV programming selection. While most service providers concentrate on HD sports and movies, Dishnetwork also gives you art, cartoons, games, education, and general entertainment. Currently 4 HD programming packages are available with a selection of up to 29 HDTV channels and over 200 standard definition ones.

Once you choose your base package, you can also add extra programming to make your subscription more to your liking. Dish TV has plenty of options including special sports programming, A La Carte channels, game packages, and premium movie channels. With any package you can always access Dish on Demand which lets you watch new releases without the hassle of renting videotapes.

Not only do you get plenty of programming choices when you subscribe to DishTV, but you get plenty of great technology to make your viewing easier. All Dishnetwork receivers offer features like an electronic program guide, favorites lists, browse, and parental controls. These give you plenty of control in figuring out what you want to watch. For people who want more convenience and who tend to record a lot of shows for future viewing, the receivers with DVR are a must. With a DVR, you can quickly and easily tell the receiver to record a program, without having to worry about timers or making sure you changed the television to …

Rank High for Your Keywords with Diverse Anchor Texts

In the world of search engine optimization, we all know the value of back-links, these can be better defined as votes of trust which point back to our website. There are several types of links and they are ranked differently by the search engines, a few are: one-way links, reciprocal links, three-way links, etc. The most important type of links are the one-way links since reciprocal links have something lost their value due to the incredible link spamming which took place a few years ago.

The reason many reciprocal links lost value is because they were mostly placed in what were called "link pages", these pages contained huge numbers of links and many times that they pointed to websites which were completely outside of the linking site's niche; in other words pharmacy websites were linking to real estate sites, sports sites were linking to technology sites and so on. As you can see, this linking structure offered no benefit for the visitor and was specifically designed to manipulate the search engines.

Google quickly adapted to these changes and reciprocals were downgraded, this one-way links more value as far as SEO. These type of links are hard to get since webmasters need to write about a specific source and quote it on their sites by providing a link to it, this represented a serious problem to webmasters who heavily relied on automated reciprocal link acquisition.

Link exchange networks which operate even at this point in time, made things easier for the search engines to detect the linking patterns and anchor text utilization, this last factor helped determine if the reciprocals were in fact spam or if they were good links. By using link networks to spam the search engines, site owners have only one way to specify anchor texts, meaning if the keyword they want to rank for is "search engine optimization" they would have to enter that term in the automated system and that would be the anchor texts linked to their sites from the thousand of sites participating in the network.

By running a simple back-link analysis on such sites it is easy to see that they have participated in networks designed to manipulate the search engine result pages since their main term comes up repeatedly in the thousands of times of times. At this point you may be wondering "Well, how can we rank for a specific keyword without looking spammy?", The answer is simple, you can vary the anchor text, use juxtaposition or even make long tail phrases from them. For instance, if the term you are trying to rank for is "apple pie" you can use the following anchor text variations to rank for long tail keywords as well as for the main term: "delicious apple pies", "home made apple pies "," gourmet apple pies "," apple pie making secrets "and so on.

As you see the main keyword is mentioned in the anchor phrases but they are not redundant which works a lot better in …

How to Make Google LOVE Your Site Right Now!

Back in the early days of search engine optimization (SEO) getting top ranking was easy. All the tricks like keyword spamming worked great and there were only a few thousand competitive pages for any given keyword at most. Those days are long gone.

Nowadays most of the "good old ticks" do not work and the majority will get your pages banned. This is great news for you. Over the next few minutes I'll show you how to make Google absolutely LOVE your web pages and help you jump to the top!

This is all you need to know … Search engines today place 90% or more of their ranking priorities on content and links. Keywords are still important, but more so in the text of your pages than in any sort of META tags.

Simple, right? It really is. The first step is to find the best keywords and place them just right in your web page text. Next you need to get great inbound links. And finally, you need to monitor your progress closely (and that of your competition.)

Part 1: How to Find the Best Keywords

Google gets more searches than any other search engine so let's peek into their database. Check out and type in any keyword or phrase you can think of that you believe your target audience is looking for. Not only will it give you tons of data on that and related keywords, it will also provide "Additional Keywords to Consider", which is a section at the bottom of the page.

BIG TIP; Try to use specific keyword phrases whenever possible. Let's say you have a web-page dealing with floral delivery. Instead of just the word "flowers", which has 233 million,000 positive pages on Google, try "send flowers", which has 1 / 10th the number of competitive pages. Better still, think like people speak (IE / I'm sending flowers to my mom.) As you would soon see, many more people are searching for "sending flowers" than "send flowers" and here's the best part; "sending flowers" has less than 1% of the competitiveness webpages as the search term we started with, "flowers". Now that's impressive! You have an advantage over about 99.5% of your competitors with just that single tip.

Now take the top three or four keywords (and keyword phrases) and list them in order for best to second best and so on.

Part 2: How to Develop the Best Possible Content

Content is king! If you take nothing else away from this article, make sure you take this. Producing search engine friendly, optimized real-person content is key to your success. Today's search engines can read a page just like a human would. And thanks to natural text algorithms, the can easily tell if you are writing your pages for real people or just trying to get better ranking. With this tip, you can do both!

First, call a good friend and describe exactly what you want to tell your web visitors. Now …

Nokia 6280 – Diversify Your Possibilities With 3G

The advent of 3G has bought unprepended changes in the world of mobile phones. Consequently, various new features came along with this dynamic technology. It was a matter of chance and Nokia took the right decision at the right time to come up with this technology. Here, it launched its Nokia 6280 a 3G enabled handset, which certainly makes a statement in itself. Beside offering the latest in mobile technology, this gadget also takes a good care of your basic needs in the easiest possible way.

When it comes to designing, the Nokia 6280 is not an ultra cool gadget, but it does look quite appealing. It comes with an unpredictable blend of black and sliver colors. A five way navigational pad has been added in it to give you a quick access to all the major functions. Everything gets along nicely, except the fact that this is a slider phone, which is not so sturdy and sometimes you might find it quite irritating. All the desired controls and keypad has been kept quite simple and plain to avoid any sort of mess. For your convenience, this phone is endowed with a volume control button and there is a PTT (Push To Talk) button on the other side – everything is at your disposal. Furthermore, you can easily capture all those larger than life moments with its dedicated camera button.

Enjoy watching all your favorite stuff on its intuitive and bright display. You can make the most of it by capturing all those special moments by its 2 mega pixels camera. Actually, it is endowed with a new Series 40 user interface, which offers the best of display. To take good care of your entertainment quotient, this phone is loaded with a music player, which is compatible with MP3 and AAC files. You can also add enough memory by using a miniSD memory card. You will certainly get more than you can think of in this humble performer or the Nokia 6280. …

The Site Visitor Contact Method You Must Use on Your Website

The internet is a great place to promote your business or offers. A major part of achieving credibility for yourself, your business, your offer and your website is to have an easy method for people to contact you.

People want to trust who they are dealing with online, and if they can easily find a way to contact you directly, then they will be more likely to do business with you.

Most websites who adhere to this principle typically have a "Contact Us" or "Email Us" link somewhere on their site. Most of this is a simple email link that triggers the user's email program.

However, using such a method is fraught with problems!

It's easy for webcrawling software to then go through your site, extract your email address and wham – your email address gets sucked into a spammer's database! If you've been receiving a lot of junk email then this is the most likely way that the spammer has obtained your email address.

However, you can easily combat these email parasite programs, AND enhance your website relationship with your prospective customers at the same time – by using a Contact form on your website!

A Contact Form is a simple website form that allows a prospect or customer to communicate with you directly on your website, without them having to use their email program. They are also much more likely to communicate with you via a simple web form than by email.

The Contact Form also hides your email address from the spammer's email webcrawler software. It does this by the use of a special file (called a php file) that contains your email address. When your prospect / customer fills out contact form on your site, and then hits the submit button, the information on the form is immediately sent to your email address. This is done quickly, safely and out of sight of any spammer's software that may be lurking about.

Here's a typical website contact form .

A Contact Form like this on your site can also be used for other types of interaction with your site visitors. For example, you can use a form like this to collect customer testimonials, do web surveys, or get feedback on some aspect of your product or site. It's a great way to build a relationship with your site visitors.

Do yourself a big favor and get one of these forms on your website. It looks much more professional than a simple email link.

Setting up one of these contact forms on your site is very simple. The easiest way is to use a Contact Form Wizard. This does it all for you, and creates the form code and necessary php file. You then just copy and paste the form into your webpage, and include the php file in the same folder on your site. If you do not have a Contact Form Wizard, you can search for one online, or see the resource box below. …

Search Engine Optimization – A Technique of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a must for any company today. Without any sort or marketing a company can not succeed and with digital marketing and it's ever changing techniques a company can benefit from it far more than by any other advertising means. It is basically the use of any electronic or digital means by which a business can promote its products. These means include the radio, television, mobiles and the internet. All of these electronic devices are very popular in use and target the maximum amount of people. As the key to success for any company is the more people who know about your product, the more you will be able to sell your product.

As the demands of new marketing techniques and more efficient strategies of digital marketing increases, more and more agencies and consultancies have been developed. The agencies and consultancies main task is to give advice and guidance to people on how to effectively use it to their benefit and the other task they have is do take responsibility of advertising for the company via any digital means.

One effective way to utilize techniques to advertise via the internet is through search engines. Search engines are extremely popular and have the most traffic on them. Everyone uses a search engine to find something, so why not use search engines to your advantage?

One way to increase your website's ranking in a search engine and also increase the number of people who visit your site is b search engine optimization (SEO). Now what is SEO? SEO is basically when you are trying to improve the visibility of your web site on search engines. The main focus of SEO is for a web page to gain web presence. Meaning that, the web site would appear more frequently in search results and as a result will gain more visitors. This is an excellent strategy of digital marketing. The more people who visit your web site the more chances you have of increasing your sales.

Most SEO's are now of the opinion that the Meta description is not that important in determining a pages ranking. The basic function it actually does does gives introduction of the site to search engines. However, have a persuasive Meta description would lead to a higher click through rate (CTR) and it will also increase the changes of a person visiting the site.

The best way to communicate with your customers is to deliver what they want to know. You should know what kind of quality consumers expect from you and you should know how to deliver it. That is a critical strategy to increase visitors. …

The Difference Between Page Rank and Google Ranking

Have you ever been confused by the terms "page rank" and "Google ranking"? Have you ever wondered whether you were being bamboozled by a marketing pitch that promised such and such page rank or so and so Google ranking? Would you rather have a high page rank and a low Google ranking, or a low page rank and a high Google ranking? The answers will all become clear in short order. Read on.

First let's discuss Google ranking (GR), because it is something that anyone who searches for things on Google regularly will have an intuitive feel for. Google ranking is search-term dependent. If I have a website that sells dog collars, and it comes up at the top of the Google listings when I type in the search term "dog collars", then it has a GR of 1 for the search term "dog collars". If, on the other hand, I type in the search term "pet supplies" and I discover that my website comes up as the third website listed on the second page of results on Google for that search term, then my website has a GR of 13 for the search term "pet supplies".

So when it comes to GR, the smaller the number, the better. If the number is 10 or below for a given search term, you will be on the first page of results for that search term. The best GR to have for a given search term is 1.

Google ranking depends in part on who is linking to you or mentioning you on the web, and it also depends on who is on how well your competitors are doing. So if one of your competitors (who also sells dog collars) suddenly gets mentioned in a bunch of news articles on the web, and those news articles point at his website, he will likely move to a lower (better) GR, and you may move to a higher (worse) GR.

Page rank (PR) is totally different from Google ranking, although PR is a number which is assigned by Google. Page rank as nothing to do with search terms. Page rank is a number between 0 and 10, which is an indication of how important Google thinks your website is to the world. Like the Richter scale for earthquakes, the PR scale could be thought of like a logarithmic scale of how important Google considers your web page to be.

Every web page has its PR assigned separately, so there is not one PR for an entire website. Only one web page (currently Google's main page, but it was Yahoo's main page until recently) is assigned a PR of 10. There are multiple websites (but only a handful) which home pages have a PR of 9. There are many more with a PR of 8. There are many times as many with PR of 7, and so on. The lower the PR, the more web pages have that page rank. The vast majority of web …