Computer Repair Tips – Windows 7 Service Pack 1

A search for 'Win 7 SP1' on Google News will turn up articles saying that Windows 7 Service Pack 1 just got released to computer manufacturers. It's not surprising that there should be some hype surrounding the release, which is not yet available to current users of the OS. Some are even taking big risks to install the update and be on the 'cutting edge'.

Why all the hype? Most enthusiasts and power users probably remember when Windows XP Service Pack 2 came out, loaded with new features. While service packs sometimes do come with new features, the vast majority of them do not. Microsoft releases service packs to manufacturers so that new computers do not have to sit there and download updates for hours on end after you plug them in, and that's their primary purpose. A service pack is almost always just a roll-up of updates previously released to current users through Windows Update.

But do not try to tell the boring truth to the users who are taking big risks to obtain SP1. Downloads are cropping up all over illegitimate sites, peer-to-peer networks and BitTorrent. While many enthusiasts will spend loads of time and money to be on the 'cutting edge', downloading SP1 from an illegitimate source will probably only leave your computer hurt and bleeding. While most of the bootleg copies of SP1 that are floating around the internet are the real thing, some of them have been compromised by hackers and spammers looking to gain access to your computer. Downloading SP1 from an unofficial source simply is not worth the risk.

So if you're using Windows 7, it's nothing to worry about. You already have 95% of SP1 installed on your computer, courtesy of Windows Update. The other 5% will more than likely make no visible or detectable difference to your computer. …

SEO Tips – 11 Highly Effective Tips to Generate Back Links

If you want your website to achieve high rankings on Google organic search results listing, you need to increase the reputation of your website through link building. The process is to get links from other websites to point back to your site. Each link acts as a vote in Google’s eyes. The more inbound links you have, the more reputable your website is.

There are many ways to build links when it comes to SEO. Now, let me share with you some of the most effective tips to get inbound links:

1. Article syndication. You can write articles about what you do and submit them to various article directories. At the bottom of each article, you can include a link back to your site. You gain back links when your articles are accepted by the directories and published.

2. Press release. You can write press releases about your company, product or service and submit them to online press release sites like PRWeb. Once your press release is accepted, you will generate traffic back to your site and gain some back links too.

3. Directory submission. You can create a listing of your company and submit them to various directories like DMOZ and Yahoo Directory. You gain back links when your listing is accepted.

4. Create great content and post it on your website. When you have great content on your website, you entice other webmasters to share your content on their sites by providing a link back to you.

5. Comment on other people blog. You can leave constructive comments on other people blog, with a link back to your website.

6. Participate in forum discussions. Most forums allow you to post your website link in your signature. Participate actively in forum to expose your signature links.

7. Create Squidoo lens. Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create pages for subjects of interest. Pages are known as lens. Write about what you do and place links back to your website.

8. Start something crazy. When you create something crazy, you create buzz. With buzz, people will start linking back to your site.

9. Link to others and request them to link back.

10. Create a contest in your niche. People love contest. When you create contests, you get people to start talking about your website.

11. Offer to be a guest blogger. Source for blogs that are related to your expertise and offer to be a guest blogger in exchange for a back link.…

Choosing the Best Website Domain Names and Hosting Packages

Before you decide on the domain name, you should be careful and examine the content you are publishing on your website. The website domain name relevancy must be weighed against many factors. You should consider the category your website based on its content topics, major keywords used, availability of similar domains and the promotional needs of your website. If your website focuses on a niche area, try to capture the most specific name to it. Since not all domains will be available for you to use, you can easily find online domain name checking tools so as to make any adjustments necessary.

The right choice of a domain name is not complete without the right internet address ending part for your website. The ending part of the address depends on the type of website required. If you are developing a commercial website, the domain ending part will Organizational domains ending parts, while educational websites Another domain name ending part often used in place It is a top level domain ending part initially intended for large network operators to which it is still popular today. A variety of other domain name ending parts are available for use in both more specific and generic applications.

Considerations for the right website domains often go hand in hand with those of web hosting services. Free web hosting services are available and have increased the options available for webmasters. You simply design your website and upload it to the host's server as long as you comply with their terms and conditions. In most cases, these free website hosting packages will come with several limitations. Your preferred domain name has to be altered to become a sub-domain part of the host's domain name. This is viewed as promoting the host rather than only your website. The resources associated to your website are also limited in a way. You will not get large storage space and email addresses may also not be part of the package.

Paid website hosting is what majority of professional webmasters go for because the packages often include more features and extras. Different packages go for different prices so one changes what suits the requirements of the website to be hosted. Your domain name is not altered in any way as long as it has not been used before. You are more likely to get as much storage space and email addresses as you need with paid website hosting. …