Meet Google TV

The internet is just like peanut butter. It's amazing, addictive, and at its best when it's combined with other great things. The internet and mobile phone technology have come together like PB and J, and it's definitely a combination that's here to stay.

But today we're going to talk about a new winning duo featuring the internet. Peanut butter and Fluff, if you will. And the Fluff is TV.

Search Your TV …

Channel surfing is a big waste of time. Can you imagine if the internet was set up like TV is, and you had to flip from website to website or scroll down a "guide" screen until you came across something interesting? Finding what you're looking for would be frustrating and time consuming, and web surfing just would not be as fun.

But now picture life the other way around. Imagine that TV was like the internet, and a search engine was built into your TV. Think about how convenient it would be to search the TV for programming that meets your criteria. Yeah, that's more like it. And that's what Google has done with their Google TV setup.

And Merge It With the Internet

But that's just the beginning. Google TV also takes the entire internet and makes it available on your TV. So while you're searching your TV for the best show, you can also search the internet for related articles. And while you're watching the game, you can look up stats and sports blogs. Google TV takes two independent entertainment and information worlds and fuses them into one awesome phenomenon.

How It's Going So Far

Google TV is designed to work on special TVs or on existing TVs paired with a special box. Since Google TV enabled devices launched in the fall, Google TV has met some mixed reviews. Like any technology that sounds great in theory, it looks that there are kinks to be worked out now that people are actually using it. But between Google TV itself and its competitors such as Apple TV, it's likely that web-enabled TV is going to grow.

Smile! Your Site is on TV!

What that means for you is a) make sure you set some time TV in your daily schedule and b) make sure your website is where you want it to be. Whatever your objectives prefer PB and J, peanut butter and fluff, or peanut butter straight up, having the right web presence is one of the best ways to nourish your business. …

Internet Marketing – Leveraging Your Skills

Leverage is a key part of business success-leveraging your money, leveraging your time, leveraging your assets. Leveraging your skills!

You can not be good at everything! Beside, there's no time. Some people think internet marketing is about creating fancy webpages, or neat software. It's not! None, of course, those are your products.

Internet marketing is about finding a thirsty crowd and then selling them water! It's about finding out what people want and satisfying that need-scratching their itch.

Just as copywriting is salesmanship in print; internet marketing is salesmanship on the computer screen. Note: it's salesmanship, marketing! That sort of thing. Some of the best internet marketers can barely turn on a computer. They are, however, incredible salespeople!

So, you do not need to know HTML (although a little helps). You do not need to understand JavaScript. You do not need to be an expert at Dreamweaver. The basics will suffice.

What you do need to know is how to communicate either in writing or with spoken communication.

The single most important thing you need is to know how to sell!

What you need to understand is there's no real essential difference between internet marketing and off-line business. Off-line businesses succeed because they find a niche and fill it. Internet marketing is the same thing.

What's different about internet marketing is the following:

Market research is much easier to do

It's essentially free to start a business

All you need is a webpage as a "place of business."

If your business does not work out, then you're not losing any money by pulling the plug-just a little time

To make an internet business go, you need to find a market of hungry people willing to pull their credit cards out of their wallets. Then you need a way to collect their emails. Next, a way to keep up with them. Finally, you need something to sell them-either an affiliate product, or even better, your own.

None of the above requires much technical skill. But it does require marketing and sales savvy. It also requires that you be able to write in a way that induces people to buy. If you have the salesmanship and the writing skills, you're over half way there.

Take stock of your own skill set, and decide where it fits into this. For instance, when I think about myself, I know my skill set. It's sales skill and copywriting skill.

Once you find your skills and hone them, you can approach other internet marketers who may lack your particular skills and talk about joint ventures. If you're good at list building, then you can find people with new products to sell to your list. If you're good at copywriting, you can find someone with a good product, but a poor sales approach and help them out.

Find and solidify your own skills first. Then leverage those skills to get the maximum out of them. …

Tweaking Your Web Pages For Search Engine Optimization

It takes more than just writing articles to get your website to rank well in search engine. I know it sounds complicated and you're not even going to continue reading this because this sounds like a very technical article already. But hang on a minute here, it's not complicated, I promise you. On top of just writing your articles and posting in your website (click away if you have a blog system running or a content management system going for you) because there are many things that the search engines can see that you can not without you go into the HTML codes underneath.

There are not a lot of things you have to concern about in all those HTML codes. After planting your article into the web page, there are three things you have to look at before it's properly search-engine optimized. It sounds tedious but trust me ….. it gets easy after a couple of times. Hey, I studied law and was working legal documents here! And I sing on stage and do clown shows, ok? So, if I can work this HTML shit, so can you!

OK, after planting your article into your web page, if the program that you're using allows you to click on head contents, life's simple for you. Programs like Dreamweaver or even Mircosoft Frontpage allows that. Otherwise, just click to the HTML view and you're going to see a whole bunch of codes that's going to freak you out!

Take a deep breath ….. relax. You're going to be looking at the top part of that whole bunch of alien language, anyway, ok?


Look for the tag. It should follow up toward the end with a closing tag which is. Found it? OK, in between the and tag, you're supposed to put into your web page title. Do not leave it a generic one. From experience, I can tell you that it's best to make the title of the web page unique to the content in the web page. If you're article about facelifts or home spa treatments, put in a short description about what readers can expect to find on that page.

The Title is one of the most important elements you SHOULD ALWAYS implement in your website … every page. Although search engines are placing less and less importance on ranking your website or pages based on your titles, descriptions and keywords, it pays to pay a little attention to the title because even if it does not help all that much with search engine ranking, it'll at least help interest the readers into reading the article.


If you're not familiar with all those alien encodings INSIDE of your web pages, trying to find the description tag can be a little difficult. But here's what you're trying to look for ….

Descriptions used to be an important factor that search engines take into consideration when they rank a page but because people find it easy to tweak the …

SEO Content For SE Positions

SEO Content is Content Optimized by the Search Engines. What does this mean? Here are a few things:

1. The search engines read your site as closely and as humanly as possible.

2. If you're SEO Content is related to your site then you are satisfying their requirements

3. It is important to know how to strategically place this content into your site and in such a way that it causes the search engines to read your site on a regular basis.

Fresh Content on a regular basis and keyword related content is your key to accomplishing these techniques.

Having said this, what is implied here is, that you carefully reviewed your industry and discovered which keywords best fit your site. Do not assume that because you would find a site under a certain term that everyone else would.

Sites like Yahoo and Google provide tools to help you discover SEO Content related keywords. Go to Google or Yahoo Search and search with each of these terms:

1. Overture Search Tool

2. Google Search Tool

There is other tools out, but keep in mind that these 2 search engines generate the most results. Now, open one of these tools and enter in a keyword. In our example we are using "SEO content" Based on my results I am seeing that I want to use these 5:

1. search engine SEO

2. search engine content

3. Content SEO

4. web site content

5. SEO optimization

Why only 5 keywords instead of 100's? Well if you want to be strategic about this then you realize that time is not on your side and you can better focus on 5 then 100's. Filling your site with just keywords is not useful as you need to fill your pages with information surrounding the keywords.

Now that you have your keywords and a basic understanding what is next?

Think carefully before you put this next step into action. You have 5 keywords but we will start with one of them. I will start with "Content SEO" and will write at least 400 words or more about this keyword and give informative information regarding this phrase.

Even though the search engines are reading this near like a human, they do not comprehend the meaning of your words. Why take the time to write content that is of great quality if the search engines do not really understand? Because, these pages will be indexed by the search engines and read by real people. Do you want to turn business away because you are just trying to get great positions on the web? No, you want to retain the traffic you get from these results.

If I spend time actually defining the keyword "Content SEO" or write educational content related to it I want to make sure in the end, that the reader and search engines were satisfied. In fact you may want to write 2 separate pages of content relating to the keyword in these ways:

1. …

Time Management And Internet Marketing

Are you working at creating your income from home by internet marketing?

If you are like me you will find it easy to be distracted. I sit in front of my computer trying to work and suddenly I get an email. Now curiosity gets the better of me and I have a look. Next thing I find I've spent an hour or more just surfing the internet looking at interesting things. This does not make any money.

Have you found yourself distracted? It's easy is not it? How do you get control? Here are some pointers that you may find useful in controlling the use of your time.

Your Mindset

Firstly you need to see your marketing as WORK. You are in the serious business of making a living and conducting a business.

One thing you need is a place where you can work and concentrate on what you are doing. So your environment must be conducive to working.

Make a Plan and Work the Plan

Next you must have a plan of what you want to achieve. Some of your work may need to be sent in creation of products. You also need to spend time communicating with customer enquiries. What I have found useful is to allocate time for each daily task.

In my last 2 articles I deal with creating an opt-in list. I also pointed out that this will remain part of your work as long as you are in business. So what I would do is spend 2 hours each day in tasks that will help to build up my opt-in list. You've heard it said that the money is in the list. Your business is about making money. You need to work out what things you need to do each day to reach your goal of making money.

To manage your time, ask yourself what things you need to accomplish each day to do this. Now you need to set an amount of time besides to accomplish that task. Do not get distracted. Once the time is up go to the next task on your list. If there are some tasks that are not completed in the time allocated to it go back later when you have finished the other tasks you set out to accomplish.

Take Time Out

There is one caution I need to mention here. Do not load yourself down to such a degree that you loose your enjoyment. You must enjoy what you are doing. If you do not you may as well stay in the day job you hate.There will be times we do not feel like doing anything. We're only human. Even so force yourself to accomplish your tasks. You will feel better for doing so.

Does this mean we can not take any time off? That we become workaholics? No you have control. Just do not beg off because you do not feel like it today. Take time off! But do it because you have planned for …

C Programming For Beginners

Have you heard of the type of programming language called C #? Perhaps you have, but for those of you unfamiliar with the term, this article is intended just for you. Here we will provide a very brief, and indeed, very basic definition of C # programming, as well some of the goals behind this particular type of language.

What Exactly Is C # Programming?

Many people have heard of C programming, and even C ++, but what is this C # programming all about? First of all, just in case you're pronouncing the term "cee number" or "cee number sign," you should be aware that in this particular instance the "#" sign after the "C" is actually referring to the musical symbol for "sharp." In other words "C # programming" is technically referred to as "C sharp programming."

C # is defined as a "multi-paradigm programming language which combines elements of functional, generic, imperative, declarative, class-based and component-oriented programming disciples." In other words, C # programming is a modern programming language which is intended to be much more user-friendly than previous languages ​​of its type.

C #, like so many of our technological discoveries these days, was developed by a team from the Microsoft Corporation as part of the.NET revolution, and was first released in 2001. Later on, C # was approved by ECMA International, one of the leading international organizations that set the standards for information and communication systems.

Basic Goals of C # Programming

The C # programming language was intended to be easier to learn and simpler to use than its programming language prerequisites, and there before by it very design it is considered to be the language that most closely resembles Microsoft's Common Language Infrastructure.

The goals of the C # designers were fairly straightforward and according to ECMA International included:

– C # language should provide support for common software engineering principles
– Source code portability is very important
– Internationalization is very important
– Intended to be a "simple, modern, and object-oriented language
– C # programming should be economic with regards to computer memory

The C # language has many new features than earlier C programming languages ​​which has made it one of the preferred choices of programmers worldwide. …

Search Engine Optimization – An Explanation Of What It Is All About

Search engine optimization is a term used when a website owner is trying to improve search in rankings to drive traffic to their website. Making changes, often small will get you better placement in results for specific keywords. These changes are often in meta tag data, content writing and overall design of a website.

Many website owners often look to an outside company to provide this type of specific optimization on their website, while results with different companies can vary; the ultimate goal is to get more traffic to the website. Many webmaster do not understand this part of the design process and often search for ways to increase traffic, this article will explain the basics of using the proper keywords and phrases that will help you understand what search engine optimization is about.

The reason that most website owners do not get the traffic that they feel they deserve is because the keywords and phrases are not correct. Choosing the wrong keywords to use for a website will hurt your chances of getting top listing. Most times a simple modification of the keyword used will increase your results, and bring in twice as many users. The key to this is understanding how keywords and phrases play a factor in determining the relevancy of a website with search engine results.

Using an example, we can see how it becomes an important factor in optimizing your website for the correct keywords. A website that sells cards often thinks that "cards", "greeting cards" or other general terms are the way to get traffic. This is not the correct way to approach it. You must use keywords and phrases that are more specific to your products.

Using terms such as "holiday greeting cards" or "personal greeting cards" are a better alternative. Once your rankings and traffic improve you can begin to use more general terms, but you must be an "authority site" on the topic before general terms will be effective. …

Scam Free Internet Money Earning Opportunities

The internet is a great resource of opportunity for legitimate business. It is unfortunately also an easy route for scam artists and merchants who do nothing but get money out of unsuspecting victims through lies and plain theft. You can find scam free internet money opportunities and I have given you some easy tips for online success below. This is how to avoid internet scams.

Do not spend any money.

This may seem strange coming from someone who makes money from the internet but you really should not spend any money in the first few months. You can learn everything you need to know by visiting internet marketing forums and looking around. You will find many experienced people who know what brings online success. What is more, they will give free advice and assistance to genuine new people who need help.

Do not rush into something without doing research

The purpose of hanging around in the forums is to find out what different ways of making money online exist. More importantly you will be able to discount certain types of business that you know would not suit you. So you reduce the pool off ideas that you will choose from. I went through this process and very quickly decided that writing for websites was good for me as I have written all my adult life. For you it might take a bit of digging to decide what you want to do to make money online.

Ignore any time limited offer.

It will still be there tomorrow. Most scam internet schemes require you to sign up immediately. If you do not they tell you that the opportunity will be lost forever. Move on to other systems that are not trying to blackmail money out of you. You will find that these scammers will offer you the same "one time only" offer everyday of the week. It is a simple marketing ploy / lie to get money out of you.

If it sounds too good to be true then it is.

Always close down your computer for 24 hours to decide whatever what you are being offered really will benefit you. If you were to download it would you actually use it straight away or is it something too advanced that you will not need for 5 years. Look at any offer in the cool light of day. 11.30pm Is the worst time to make a rational decision. Look at it in the middle of the day and see if it still makes sense.

Following these simple steps will in the fullness of time lead you to scam free internet money with a good system that is honest, legitimate and workable. For me writing and article writing is what I chose and I absolutely love it. …

Internet Marketing Punctuality For Yourself

When you are working for yourself like most internet marketers do, you have to commit to yourself. Meaning you have to be punctual to yourself and your marketing strategy.

Punctual defined as action or arriving at the time appointed. Meaning you do what you are gonna do when you say you are going to do it. What’s good as a marketing strategy if you don’t follow it?

A good marketing strategy takes work everyday. Marketing is in the doing, meaning you have to go out there and get those prospects. Basically marketing is spreading the word about your product or service to people who aren’t familiar with you.

This is an open game, meaning that someone who’s new to the market is usually influence by the person who catches their eye first. An example is if you blew out your tire. Imagine if you blew out your tire, and all of a sudden you hear an ad on the radio talking about discount tires.

You would take a note of the company, and most likely do business with them even if you never heard of that company before. Market is a constant game because people want what they what when they want it. That’s why you have to be constantly marketing because if you are not your competitors will.

In what ever niche you are in, the reward (business) goes to those who can market and sell the most. It is usually a zero-sum game, meaning those who are your customers for that particular product won’t be someone else. So you have to grab as many customers as you can.…

Profit Lance Will Help You Earn Money Online – Protect Yourself From Scams, Learn SEO Yourself

One of the ways by which you can promote your product effectively is by the use of search engine marketing. When you are setting up a website, make sure that you use quality keywords in order to get a good search engine result. If you have a good standing in the search results of search engines, you have larger chances of attracting customers. Many companies involved in internet marketing understand the importance of SEO. Having the appropriate knowledge in SEO will go a long way to learning a steady stream of income. There are companies who have no other choice but to hire people to promote their website and increase website visibility. As a result, they are sometimes victims of SEO frauds. Here are some tips to determine whether an SEO company is real or not.

o If you see some spam email claiming that they are an SEO company and that they like to offer their services for you, do not believe them. They have never seen your site even though they stated that they already have. So when you receive these junk mails, ignore them. They are up to no good!

o If the company is offering their services for free, beware! They will get the info about your site and in short, they will have access to your username and password. Before you knew it, your site is gone! You must not sacrifice quality. Cheap companies are either scam or have knowledge about SEO. You will end up wasting valuable time and money. Before accepting the services about a certain company, check out reviews about them. In this way, you will have an idea.

o Avoid those companies which offer you a flat rate. This is not advisable especially if you are just starting out.

The best solution for you is to study about SEO. Profit Lance teachers you how to market your products and service successfully. All you have to do is enroll in this online course. You do not only learn about SEO, but you also learn many things about internet marketing. By doing it yourself, you do not only get to save money, you gain knowledge. …