PSP Downloads

Having been a big fan of my own psp for quite some time I felt it would be a good idea for some of the newer PSP owners to be introduced to an awesome website that the rest of us know and love.

You see, I remember when I first got my psp. I was sooo excited. I could not wait to explore its wonders. The wrapping never stand a chance. I just held it in my hands for what seemed like forever … it was love at first sight. The promise of endless psp videos, psp games and psp music had me drooling.

A few months passed by and I had completed the games I had bought and watched the videos I had bought and … my poor little psp started losing hers sheen. It became close friends with the dust particles in my home and started looking very sorry for itself.

Seasons passed and new gadgets were bought. A new digital camera, a digital camcorder, an ipod (at last!) And my poor little psp sat quietly in my cupboard dreaming of its day in the sun.

Until one day, a friend of mine introduced me to a website that brought tears to my eyes. I could not believe I had not known about it. Why had nobody told me?

That day, my psp was restored to chief gadget as I filled it up with the latest psp videos, music and games. And when I got bored of those, I just downloaded more! It was a never ending treasure trove of up to the minute media delights.

Me and my psp have not looked back since. I only regret those days I had not realized how amazing my little psp could be.

If you have not discovered this website yet … then dust off your psp and get ready for psp download heaven. …

Universal Design and Assistive Technology

Universal Design is a concept that – in a perfect world – would enable those students with a disability to enter a room and immediately have EQUAL ACCESS to any and all information. With Universal Design, assistive technology can be used so that class lessons can be easily completed by everyone including those individuals with disabilities who use assistive technology.

The following adaptations are everyday examples of Universal Design: sliding automatic doors, large restroom doorways and stalls, adjustable tables, sidewalk curve cuts, texting, motion lights, lever handles, and e-books. Each of these examples makes everyone's life easier, not just someone with a disability.

• Assistive Technology for Hard of Hearing and Deaf

For people who are hard of hearing or deaf, a Sorenson service uses remote interpreters via a videophone. Videophones are free with the Sorenson service. Individuals may be in one location, and the interpreter may be in another state. Some schools have CART reporting available to Hard of Hearing and Deaf students. The CART reporter sits outside a class and listens through headphones to make an exact transcript of the lecture just like a court reporter. FM systems are also available for individuals who have hearing impairments. FM systems will amplify the sound from room to room. One person wears a small device with a transmitter, and the other person wears a receiver. The person with the receiver can hear what the other person is saying as if they are next to each other. Assistive Technology like FM systems should be available to anyone who visits a museum or enjoys a performance at an auditorium or movie theater.

• Braille / Tactile Diagrams

For someone who is blind, Braille technology is available in personal computers called PacMates that allow individuals to take their own notes using a Braille keypad. Tactile diagrams for science are also available for human anatomy models, cross-sections of the head, brain, nose, mouth, throat, respiratory tract, heart, digestive system, etc. Tactile maps are also available for anyone taking a geography class or studying the globe. Textbooks and tests in school can be produced in Braille for anyone requesting such services.

• E-Text

E-text is now available through many textbook and non-academic publications. Students who have disabilities may qualify for free copies of their textbooks from Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic. The University of Virginia also has thousands of e-books available to students. Kent State University has a non-commercial repository for e-book research, and Project Gutenberg has many e-books that are free of charge. Google has over 500,000 e-books that are free access. Most publishers want a "proof of purchase" for college textbooks before providing an e-text alternative version of the book. Kindle, The Nook, and Sony all have electronic readers for thousands of books, but interested individuals should also check for text-to-speech software that will allow them to listen to the book as well as read it.

• Physical Disabilities / Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair technology and add on systems are available for recreational …

8 SEO Mistakes To Avoid Making In Your Blog

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is important for any successful blogging campaign, whether it is a personal journal where you share your thoughts on your favorite things or a business networking tool where you share your expertise with the world. Because optimization is such a complex group of techniques and strategies, there is plenty of false information floating around on the internet that a number of inexperienced people have taken for fact. We have compiled a list of 8 SEO mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs.

1. Automated tags – Most beginners will write a post that has a long title, which describes the topic using far too many words. You need to keep your titles short (no more than 60 characters) and optimize the tag using keywords that you are trying to target.

2. Buying links – Whilst you might get some sort of short-term boost to your ranking by buying links, you are playing a dangerous game by making this sort of decision. Google's bots are trained to look for questionable linking patterns and you will be caught.

3. Chasing PageRank – Whilst it is true that PageRank is important for the success of your blog, it is important to remember that this is not the only factor regarding your success. Use your SEO strategy to focus on other elements, such as analytics and relevancy.

4. Duplicate content – Some people think that creating pages for similar keywords is a great way to boost their ranking. This often leads to duplicate content, however, as there is only so much that you can say about the keywords before there's nothing left.

5. Free blogs – Whilst there are many free blogging services out there that can provide you with a good platform for posting, these types of services are able to support the plugins, themes and other extensions that you want to use as a part of your SEO strategy.

6. Keyword stuffing – This is one of the more common mistakes out there, even though it is completely unethical and actually ends up hurting your ranking. Target separate pages for each keyword, do not use hidden content and focus on creating useful pages.

7. Little content – Many blogs tend to be filled with posts that are simply too short. The main way that this hurts your SEO strategy is that it can affect your reader loyalty – they will come to expect a certain quality from your posts and you can not alter this.

8. Sacrificing content – Whilst it is important for your blog to have a nice design, otherwise potential readers will not be attracted to it, you must avoid becoming too obsessed with its appearance. Do not overcrowd the page and keep graphics to a minimum.

Whilst there are, of course, a number of other SEO mistakes that you should avoid making at all costs, the ones that we have outdone above involve the mistakes that we have found are most …