How to Craft a Remarkable SEO Strategy for 2017

2017 is coming to an end soon; still, there are chances to make your website stand out of the crowd by following major SEO techniques in a creative way. Here are few of those SEO strategies which will help you to sail through the remaining year.

Understand all the big-picture search trends

• SERP features are considered highly these days as Google is showing more types of markup and data in search results. As for example, keyword Explorer believed to have 17 records exclusive of those which are not recorded so far, which simply indicates that there are tons of features out there.

• Nowadays, Google itself is giving answers to a particular query, taking the traffic away from you. The instant answering technique is on a rise. Hence creating a unique opportunity to enter in those answers or features.

• Intent keyword is in the trend which we got started with the Hummingbird update and still is in continuation with RankBrain. It helps you to focus on the intent of what your customer wants to understand their needs like if a customer types SEO Company, his intention is to get SEO services. Therefore it’s a critical part to frame the content accordingly.

• The value of comprehensiveness is on the rise in the year 2016, which continues in the year 2017 and will get carried on to 2018. You must do research in this area.

• Google pays more emphasis on the user interface of the website. Your website must be user-friendly and must be accessible on all the devices, loading speed of a page is also considered in it. Pop-ups and overlays are not considered to be in Google’s good books. More the better user experience and engagement, better the chance you will stand on front pages of Google searches.

• Use Google AdWords keyword planner to get the bunch of search volume data. Though now Google doesn’t provide the exact search instead it provides the range in which the exact search falls but it is still better to have something.

• Another point which is on the rise is Voice Search. Though is not considered by many marketers, it will take a boost soon or later.

Build a keyword-to-content map

Next step is to build a keyword to content map. In this technique, first simply write all the phrases which pop-up into your mind according to your work. Then check them with the keywords for which people are searching and rephrase them accordingly. Then rewrite your URLs which should contain the targeted keywords in them. Use long-tail keywords, short-tail keywords on your websites to gather more traffic. More the keywords with higher searches more will be the competition but it will definitely increase your brand awareness.

Break down the SEO efforts into discrete projects with ETAs and people assigned, ordered by expected ROI

In addition to content to keyword mapping, you need to break down all your SEO efforts, to achieve all the desired goals. Break your …

How to Use Internet Marketing Through Live Chat

Instant Messenger is a virtual place where two people can talk, chat in written mode, or even can see each other and talk through webcam and speaker.Lots of sites offer this like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Skype etc. So when two friends can chat with each other, then why not two businessmen can deal with each other and actual sales happen?

In reality, this way many business deals happening in the whole globe every day. People comes in IM, bargain the price, sees the good, and actually 'feels' the goods they want to purchase and if they like it, actual sales happens. Everything is online in this era of e-commerce.

For business security purpose also this IM is very useful. Trustable connection with all chat history can show you the actual chats at any time preset by the two parties on each side. Here is authentic documentation of business rather in e-business.

The most useful thing and for why it is so much popular in today's world is its cost. Just install GTalk or Skype or Yahoo Messenger and start chatting. These are absolutely free available software in Internet. Any one can download it in his or her PC or laptop and start chatting. Only thing is your friend or client on the other side have to have the same software loaded in his PC. Another useful thing about IM is simultaneously you can chat with multiple players at a single time and if required, you can instantly form a group and chat amongst others. Even others being online, can not disturb your private business talk among the group.

By the spread of the World Wide Web, globe is always in your palm and by the advent of IM, now you can internationally business your product online through Affiliate Marketing at any time and anywhere. Certain rules fixed by WWW have to be maintained that your product is legal and you are paying international tax as per the rule. Obey it and clean business with focused vision would help you to win the battle in the affiliated market.

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