6 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Technology

Ever pondered on whether you can grow your creativity using Technology? Can you relate? Read on to find out.

Here are a few eye-provoking ways:

1) Music Composition

Do you have a yearning for music? You can download tabs, lyrics and compose music with voice using suitable software and play it in a concert while you go live as well. It will help you keep in track and any mistakes can be covered up. That way you are bound to be a success. People will love your show and you will be in demand.

2) Online Art Exhibition

Everything can be digitized now. Get those paint, water colors and drawing board and create some beautiful art. With Adobe Photoshop you can give further shades and change colors according to your taste and give a finishing touch to the art. Then sell it in an online art exhibition.

3) Creative Writing

Anyone can start writing creatively provided they read and write enough. Plot a story – take one or two days and then start writing. Everything will work out fine so long you plan everything about when you are going to finish your great piece of work, when you are going to sell and publicize it. Don’t give up – keep hanging on. As for the selling part and publicizing, Amazon would be a great place.

4) Photography

Photography is a great creative hobby for anyone. You learn to take photographs in enough light or with your camera’s flash light at night. Once you have the photographs computerized, you can further refine face shapes and colors, body shapes and colors and background colors using Adobe Photoshop. And finally print them out if you like.

5) Making handicrafts

Handicrafts can be made out of wood, bamboo, jute and cotton. They can be of various types depending on your taste for instance, smaller versions of real life objects such as, toy dolls, toy rickshaws and others such as, a handbag, money wallet, a picture with a village scene, boutique T-shirts etc. You can sell these in an appropriate online shop.

6) Making Blended Tea

Get different blends of tea leaves and try one day two blends, another day another two different blends and the third day three blends. And actually boil them in a tea pan. After boiling is done and tea leaves are removed, add sufficient milk and sugar and find out which day’s blended tea you liked the best. Have that more often and feel great. You can make a video of blended tea made by you creatively and embed it in YouTube.

You can tap your creative side in the above ways and technology can help you to grow in ways I have mentioned. Without technology in this modern day, life is meaningless. It has reached every sector of the world. So you need to keep yourself updated in your niche as well as the technology niche.

With both combined and the power of the two, money will keep rolling …

How To Use Free Reports To Promote Your Website

Viral Marketing is the method of creating something that people will want to share and pass around. This type of buzz, or word-of-mouth advertising can be incredibly valuable. Not to mention relatively inexpensive to launch, if not free.

This quick tutorial outlines a method to start a viral marketing campaign, build a highly targeted and responsive mailing list, and improve the conversion rate of your landing page … all by using free reports.

Start A Viral Marketing Campaign With Free Reports

The goal with your report is to impress your reader, and gain their trust and respect as an expert in your niche. The more you give away, the more people you will attract in your target market. This is a great way to build a highly targeted and responsive mailing list, which is an incredible asset to any online marketer.

1. Write your report

It does not take long to write up a Special Report for your niche. Start out by listing 7-10 tips or solutions for something of great interest to your ideal reader. If you have a hard time coming up with ideas, simply visit discussion forums in your niche to see what interests them most or what topics they are asking about.

Your report can be as short as 5-10 pages, as long as it makes valuable points and presents a solution for the reader.
2. Set Up a Landing Page

This step is important, as it allows you to connect with your market and also compel them to subscribe to your mailing list. The main purpose of the page is to give away your free report and make a personal connection with that visitor.

You may use a photo of yourself and a brief description of the report that they are about to download. Keep in mind that you still need to use sales copy to sell people on free things. Their time is valuable, and so is their hard drive space, so make it a no brainer for your visitors!

On that same page, offer them another freebie. This can be a follow-up report, a free trial, or something that your readers would want as much as they want your Special Report. Invite them to sign up for this second offer, by joining your mailing list.

Be sure to let them know what they can expect from you in the future (ie more great tips & resources to [insert solution]). You can also include a link to this page at the end of your report, offering the second download if they did not have an opportunity to download it when they got your original report.

3. Send Traffic to Your Landing Page

– Write a 600-800 word Article that refers to the topic of your Special Report. You may want to write several articles, but start with at least one. Submit this article to niche article directories, and to webmasters and ezine publishers that reach your target market. Include a link to your landing …