Steps to Becoming a Great Website Designer

Many individuals may have entry level web designer skills, especially as so many now complete their own design projects, including everything from the creation of personal blogs to family-related or business-driven websites. The working knowledge of the web that the average younger person contains within his or her mind is impressive; however, the process of becoming a professional level designer is significantly more complex than most people realize.

Do not mistake the skills you have as being the only ones of merit in obtaining designer jobs. Even if you have achieved a significant degree of knowledge and skills within the web design field, there is always so much more that you can learn. And with the ever-changing and constantly advancing technologies in the IT and web design industries, you'll never run out of new things to learn or new challenges to meet, even after completing a formal education and years of practical work experience.

Many younger people understand the basics of HTML, though few have advanced HTML skills. Learning the ins and outs of higher level HTML, including frames and tables, DHTML, style sheets and other skills, is part of what is achieved through undergraduate programs with technical schools, colleges and universities.

Most web designer jobs with reputable firms require a minimum of a bachelor's degree. You will need to master not only HTML but many other cruel design and programming skills. Although web designers primarily focus on the appearance and character of the website design, it is possible to merge programming and design skills and, in fact, some of the most highly thought after designers are those who are both designer and programmer.

The ability to complete the seen and unseen parts of a website design makes you a more highly valued employee in many instances. Employers are happy to have both skill sets in one individual, especially as this means that the designer / programmer is able to fully integrate all of the aesthetic and technical elements of a webpage in a cohesive, beautiful, and fully-functional manner.

As more and more businesses are taking advantage of newer technologies, it is becoming even more important that those working in web designer jobs understand how to create web content that can transfer easily and attractively to other formats. As the multimedia focus in digital design continues to expand, designers with multiple skill sets will be even more highly valued in the future job market.

A formal education in the field is only the first step to obtaining jobs in the web design industry. Since the technology and methodology of web design is ever changing, much of your learning in the field will occur on the job. For this reason, practical, real world experience in design and programming is also quite highly valued by employers. Part-time jobs, hobby designing, and internships – whether paid or unpaid – are all legitimate ways to gain practical experience before obtaining any full-time web designer jobs. …

Making Your Websites Earn Money Even If You Are Sleeping

Do you have a website? Does your website earn some bucks for you? Do you want it to lead you serious cash? Then you are at the right place. Many people today and they are maybe like you that would want to have a serious flow of money even though they are peacefully sleeping, and I mean it literally. So this people are a little bit lazy by not stretching their bones, but what we have here is better than working in a food court or any establishment if you are very eager to construct many kinds of words, prose, sentences, paragraphs or any kind of group of words. To have this tips work on you, you are required to have a website and an electronic money receiver.

So if you have already a website then we must proceed now and skip these procedures, but if you do not have yet then construct one. You could choose from freewebs and multiply or any kind of webhost. And if you enjoy them putting in a way that you must combine codes then you can, use notepad or if you are very serious in making it offline then use the softwares such as Microsoft frontpage and upload it.

Once you have a website with a lot of worth reading contents then you may now proceed to some of these steps:


You must promote your website and you must consider the aim that it must be view by all people of the world, I mean it must be very famous to different people and they are considering to subscribe to your site. Follow some of these tips:

o Posting some of articles

Write articles about your topic about your website and post it to bigger or more famous than your website and it mayought some of their visitor back to your website. With this technique there would absolutely a visitor to your site. You can post your articles to goarticles, isnare, article-emporium and to other websites, and please aim to post it at least 20-50 websites.

o Partnership with other webmasters

It is one of the very effective way of approaching a visitor is to have a mutual relationship with other sites and ensure that you have the same topic so that if the visitor is finding some more he may click to the link you offered at the other website and in exchange you offer your partner a link back to his site.

o Taking advantage to free services

There are many sites that offer free services for the links of websites. They are the one taking care of your link exchange with other site and making it very convenient for you and for the second party to send some request. The advantage of this one is that they are ensuring that the two parties have translated the link correctly and that their link is posted to the different part of websites.

o Banner Advertising

It would be …

Tools of the Trade For a Computer Repair Technician

I was asked recently what the tools of the trade were for a computer repair technician. Here is what I think they are from my years of experience.

Lots of CD's / DVD's. You need to have all kinds of software in your toolkit. For instance, Windows XP, has more than one disk in fact there are tons of variations. Do you have Home or Professional? Are you using a retail version or an OEM version? What OEM version do you have, is it Dell or HP or Lenovo? Plus all the other tools you need like virus programs, disk utilities, memory checkers, etc. I carry a 64 pack of CD / DVD's, and still find myself sometimes wishing I had bought more stuff.

A Laptop with a mobile internet connection. Many times you're out in the field, and you need to look up a service manual, or get the drivers for one thing or another, and it really can be a huge help if you're able to get online no matter where you 're at. Also when it comes to that, you probably need a pretty big battery as well. I usually have two 12 cell batteries charged up and with me, so that even in an emergency I still have up to 12 hours of battery life that I can use my computer. Nothing worse than running out of batteries, when you're running a virus scan on a hard drive that you've pulled out a client's computer.

You're also going to need a good set of computer tools, that are equipped specifically with precision screwdrivers. You'll use these quite a bit while working with laptops. Plus of course the needlenose pliers come in handy more often than you think.

Also there are numerous miscellaneous tools you'll need like an external USB connector for hard drives that will allow you to attach IDE and SATA hard drives directly to the USB port of another computer. Multimeters that let you check the function of electronics in your computers. Anti-static wrist straps to protect you and your clients system while you're working on them.

Honestly it takes a period of time for each technican to get a feel for what they feel will be essential to their computer repair endeavors. Hopefully this will give you a legup in putting your very own toolkit together. …

Search Engine Optimization of Your Blog

Now-a-days installing blogging softwares are just a few minutes of click and run jobs. In few minutes you can install a nice looking blog ready to be published. Until this stage, everything seems simple, but when it comes to promoting something as complex as blogging softwares or CMS (Content Management System) applications for that mater, on which blogging softwares are based, can be quite tricky and painful. It is as much painfully easy to install blog software, as it is painfully hard to promote it on search engines if you do not know the correct direction to make headway.nnEven though WordPress comes with features which will help you make your blog search engine optimized, but these are too basic features to be related on and you will still need to make changes yourself to better it.nn <strong> Mata Tags </ strong> nnMeta tags which are important for search engine optimizing your blog, does not come bundled with your WordPress, when you install it. You will n!

eed to install a plugins to have your meta tags displayed on your blog head. Meta tags can be added in the header.php file of your blog. A list of popular Mata tags plugins can be found at [].nn<strong>Permalink Tag </ strong> nnEvery blog has a Permalink feature; it is the permanent link (URL) to a post or page on your blog. Having keyword rich URLs will certainly help your blog being dropped for important keywords. You can customize your permalink structure to have more keywords instead of default / category / year / date / time / hour / minute / second / post_title as your post URL. For instance, you can remove% seconds%,% hour% or% post_id% in your parmalink tag. These are not necessary and having them as your URIs will only make it look longer. Also you can do away with% date% tag altogether to just have% category% in the URIs.nn <strong> Category names </ strong> nn!

Be careful while making categories. You can always have the ca!

tegory n
ames as keywords so that your final URIs will be full of keywords.nn <strong> Tagging </ strong> nnYou can have tags especially <strong> Technorati Tag plugin </ strong> installed for your blog posts. Tags are basically names of categories or subjects. With tags in your post, you can categorize your posts based on these tags. While tagging will increase traffic to your blog, it will also make it search engine friendly.nnMaking above changes to your blog will definitely make it look more search engine optimized and will help you increase its online visibility in Search engine result pages (SERPs). nnHappy SEO Blogging !! nn …