Texting Tips For Men – Flirting and Wordplay

Text messaging is totally godsend. With this new innovation, you can definitely communicate with the women you've been eying for the longest time in just a press of a button. There's no pressure, no demands and is the most accessible way to flirt nowdays. Having the gadget and your girl's number are not enough. To guide you through it like a breeze, here are some texting tips for men that have guaranteed to make your girl hooked on you for good.

  • Do not text all the time. It would make you appear like a stalker. Instead, send her short, funny and straight to the point messages with a hint of flirtation on it. Girls may like a lot of attention but ogling them is a whole new different story. Make it brief, witty, straight and playful. This will definitely catch her interest.
  • No grammatical errors please. Having perfect grammar may sound a little tight but it can also show that you're smart. Smart guys are a turn-on for most girls. Let it show through your text messages. It will reflect that you are one intelligent dude.
  • Simplicity is beauty. Do not narrate your entire schedule to your text mate during an exchange. This will make you seem overtly eager and may turn them off. Answer each question as it comes, ask your own questions and have fun.
  • Take it easy. If she suddenly stops replying, do not bombard her with more text messages. Keep your cool. She might just be busy. You both have a world away from texting so do not overreact and barrage her with questions or demand an explanation why she's not returning your texts. Two to three consecutive messages are enough. If she does not reply, leave it be.
  • Have fun. Flirting through texting is fun and less stressful. You do not need to dress-up or make eye contact and you can choose your words more and practice them before blurting it out and make you look stupid. Let the words flow. Engage in an animated conversation. It's supposed to be natural and enjoyable.

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Streaming TV on Your Cell Phone: 4G Makes It Possible

How long has it been since the first portable televisions appeared on the electronics market? Perhaps you can recall purchasing one of those brick-like black and white TVs for your grandpa to watch football games on nearly 15 years ago. It seemed like a revolutionary development at the time to be able to tune into the tube from a handheld device. Yet, we've waited what feels like far too long for the technology to step up to the challenge and bring us quality-streaming television broadcasts for our mobile lifestyles. With 4G networks coupled with advances in web technology, it finally seems that the wait may be over.

Although it still is not as comprehensive as we might like it to be, watching TV on our portable electronic devices has finally come to the masses. With wireless internet networks that work faster and more efficiently, transfering data at higher rates than we've ever seen, you can finally appreciate the live action of a sports game, news broadcast, or even some of your favorite movies. The tools are there; the technology has arrived; now it's just a matter of incorporating the possibilities into your daily life.

Carrying between four and eight megabytes of information per second, (and up to twelve in some cases), you can rest assured that what the developers are talking about is well grounded. With third generation wireless Internet services, it may have occasionally been possible to view a few choppy low-quality segments from a television program or tow. If you were satisfied with this kind of coverage, than you'd certainly be among the minority. For most smart phone users, getting online necessitated fast and efficient coverage that could rival their experiences at their desktop computer. After a long and trying wait, that technology is finally at your fingertips.

For the average American these days, making use of a personal computer is not what it used to be. In fact, typing up some documents and checking e-mail or the least of our everyday interactions with the computers of today. Now, we use our beloved gadgets and machines to help us stay connected socially, for work purposes, entertainment and much more. As people become more accustomed to the unique tools and services available online, there's only one thing remaining on their minds- How do they take these possibilities with them wherever they go? The solution comes in the form of fourth generation mobile broadband services.

Now that the service is finally available in the form of 4G, it's up to the consumer market to respond by investing in tools that are compatible with this cutting-edge technology. More cell phone and personal electronic device companies are fabricating gadgets that meet these primarily needs. They are well aware that the public has been waiting to take advantage of streaming video capabilities and more from the convenience of their cellular phones. With the right equipment and the right service, the future is finally visible to the masses. …

Improve Your Computer Performance With Registry Cleaner!

How many times do wait and wait for your computer to finally upload something? Or trying to read an article and your computer takes forever to click over? If your computer crashes frequently, has DLL errors, regular error messages, or is basically basically runny very slowly then it's trying to tell you something. It means its Microsoft Windows registry needs repairing or cleaning up.

Windows could result in numerous registry keys and files that are spread across the Windows registry. Many of these entries are no longer needed or used by Windows and may well disable the smooth running of your system. If you've never even heard of a Windows registry, do not feel bad. Many normal computer users have not either. The registry is usually the province of computer repair technicians and software geeks.

Something has gone bad with a registry key, or 20 keys, and needs to be fixed. The best way to fix this is to run computer error repair software, and let it tell you what is wrong with your computer. Maintaining the registry and stabilizing its growth can greatly increase the life expectancy of your Windows system. It is a daunting task for you to repair registry because there are so many complex registry entries stored in your system. Most experienced technicians tend to stay away from the registry unless there are no other options to resolving a computer problem except editing registry keys.

To fix these errors in windows registry there are various free windows registry cleaner. This software detects, check and generate a log of available fixes to be done. The options are clearly set to let you choose from like editing the particular registry, keeping it or permanently deleting it. The free windows registry cleaner are to be chosen with care and caution.

Just keep in mind by starting now and regularly cleaning it up with a Registry Cleaner is one of the tools that will help you do so. Application error messages are reduced since increasing the speed of the Vista operating system as well as its performance. …

Act Now Before Spyware Kills Your Internet & Computer

Here's the deal … If you frequently download software from the Internet, then the chances of your computer being infected with some form of Spyware, or Adware are quite high.

In case you do not know, Spyware is a specially written piece of software that is designed to monitor your online activity while sending this data onto a third party, often located somewhere on the other side of the world. So by installing your recent downloaded program you're also blissfully unaware that you maybe installing Spyware too.

Now, not all Spyware is dangerous, in fact although it's generally frowned upon in the Internet community some advertiser will use it as a marketing tool to monitor the type of websites you visit, time online, etc. However, the more aggressive forms of Spyware will collect private information about you, sometimes your bank details or credit card numbers and before you know it your financial security has been comprised.

This is a frightening thought, but sadly all too real. So, what can we do to defend ourselves from Spyware? Well, the first thing we can do is look for a decent Spyware removal program. They work much like ant-virus software would do by storing a database of known Spyware programs. Most also have the ability to remove it from your system or hold it safely in quarantine somewhere on your hard drive.

Things to consider when you look for a Spyware remover are ones that regularly update their definition files, so even the most recent forms of Spyware are caught. Do not think either you need to spend a fortune on Spyware removal. In actual fact some of the very best utilities are free and are just as good as the paid versions.

Common Signs of an Infected Computer:

Computer runs slowly Internet connection is slow Browser takes you to websites you did not request.

Bounce-Back emails received from unknown addresses.

Credit Cards / Bank Account comprised.

So you need to be vigilant whenever you download programs on the Internet. You may be surprised to learn that buried deep in the license agreement on certain programs are details asking for your consent to sending data about you, or your browsing habits to a third party. Just be careful what you agree too, you may be welcoming Spyware onto your system without actually knowing it …

Even if your computer appears to be running fine, its still good practice to regularly scan you system for any signs of Spyware. If used early enough you can save yourself a whole host of problems further down the line. …

Dress Your Website For Success

" Clothes make the man. " Mark Twain

Fellow readers, I'm going to let you in on a deep, dark, shameful secret …

Once upon a time, I worked as a database manager for an apartment management company. Part of my job was to compile and maintain apartment rental statistics which we published in newsletters and generated out to everyone in our database. (Does anyone remember getting market research reports in the mail?) I had this brilliant idea that perhaps we should put the statistics on our company website, so anyone could view them. Of course, I had absolutely no idea how to do this. Armed with a copy of Microsoft Word, I somehow was able to create and post this hideous monstrosity of a web page.

Here is the first web page I ever created .

Why am I sharing this page with you?

Because in 2006, I am getting search engine optimization inquiries from folks who have websites that don't look much better than my first web page. While I admire the fact that these people recognize the importance of successful SEO in order to drive sales lead generation, (in a nice way) I have to ask them the following:

"Do you really think that all these new prospects will become your clients when your website leaves such a poor first impression?"

So, I recommend to these people that they update their website design prior to concluding SEO. Each industry has different standards for web design. In conjunction with a designer, they should examine the websites of competitors to know what level of site design it will take to make their site comparable to others in their space. It is not necessary to spend extra money to have the most "cutting edge" look. Frequently, getting too ambitious with site design could cause you trouble with search engine optimization (so if you are working with an SEO consultant, make sure you check with him / her before undertaking a website redesign). Your updated site design only needs to be representative of others in your industry and I recommend that you take the money saved on the "frilly design extras" and spend it on SEO … the ROI is much better.

In my industry, the first contact I have with the overwhelming majority of prospects is online. People generally learn about me either through the articles I write or by reading about me on our company website. For the latter group of people, our company drives to present an image as a first-rate provider of sales and marketing services to the B to B marketplace. If our visitors feel comfortable with the look and feel of our website, and are impressed with its content and resources, hopefully they will consider contacting us to discuss their needs.

But what if a disconnect achieved between our website information and the presentation of it? Our service offerings may be just what the prospect is seeking, but some hesitation might arise if we did …

Promote Your Website and Skip the Advertising Costs

OK, so I turn on the evening news only to find out another 2.6 million jobs will be cut by the end of the first quarter of this year. Does not that give you the warm fuzzies inside? More people out of work translates to more people not buying or spending less money. You will either have to cut your own staff for less sales or lower your prices to keep things steady. One other option is to cut your own costs so the sales do not get translated into a profit.

The one area where you probably have a big budget is marketing and advertising, and why not, without it customers will not find your website, right? Wrong! What if I told you that you can still get people to visit your website and eliminate your online advertising costs? Well it is possible and when you are done reading this article you will probably say to yourself why you did not do this sooner.

You can build your website to receive more hits by simply doing a technique called article submitting. This means you will write articles about whatever it is your website does or sells, submit those articles to various article directories such as Ezine or Article Dashboard, apply a resource box at the end of your articles so readers can find your website and repeat the process over and over and over. Really there is no end to this process; it all depends on just how many customers you want to receive.

So let's start with step 1 and that is writing the article. You want to write articles that are educational and informative to the reader. Let's say your store sells sells cameras. You should write articles about how to take good pictures, what makes up a good camera and so on. Your articles should be no less than 400 words, otherwise no one will take it seriously and no longer than 800 words or people will lose interest.

Now that you have your articles written you need to move onto step 2 and add what is called a resource box to the end of it. A resource box is short explanation as to who the author of the article is and how the reader can get in touch with them. For instance a typical resource box would read, "About the author: John Jones is the CEO of digital cameras are us. You can learn more about digital cameras are us by visiting their website at insert the web address here."

As you can see the resource box points the reader directly to your online business. If your article is written well enough they will take you to be a professional and expert at what you do, click your website link in the resource box and hopefully buy something from you. Now how much did you spend so far to get that sale? That's right, nothing!

However you are not done. You have an article and …