High Standard and Quality Website

If you will cook a special food to a very special visitor, I know that you will make it the best menu ever. It will really be the food that your visitor will be filled and satisfied. Your food will sure be well prepared and well presented even without tasting it and your visitors will say, "Wow!"

Your website is like the special menu that your visitors online should say wow as well because of the sense and importance to them. Even in one look to your website should make them confirm that they found what they are looking for. Your site should be well prepared and presented too. Leave your old website and modify it to the very attractive and organized web page. First impression really keeps, so you need to make sure that your menu of food or your website is concise and complete, meaning filling and satisfing your visitors.

To make the best menu is not an easy task. You should have enough knowledge on ingredients and procedures to end up with your special food best. Likewise, you should know how to package your website and how it works in every search engines. Your expertise is very important and if you need more knowledge about making your site traffic creator or talk of the net, experts are ready to help you too. The looks of your website maybe attractive to visitors but always remember the quality and taste is the most important part of it. So always make first impression really lasts. …

Freshen Up For Google

It has nothing to do with layout, design or images. Content in this article reflects only the text of the website's information. Google indexes the text content in websites in order to rank them in search results, but ignores layout, design, and images (except for the "Alt" text and captions of images).

While the website that you had designed for you last year still looks perfect to you, since then, many new competing web pages have appeared on search engines. Your content, while still perfectly good, is now no longer the latest in a search. So how can you fix that?

Adding new content

A useful way to get fresh content indexed is to add more web pages. Remember also that the quantity of information in a website is another of the many factors that search engine algorithms use to determine the relevancy of a website to a search.

Look through your current pages for bullet points that can be expanded into new pages. As the subjects have already been introduced in your website, they may be the easiest on which to provide more information.

Are there any new uses of your products or services that you can announce? These can be the basis of additional pages.

Is there any new customer feedback that you can publish? This not only adds to the content – it is useful information for prospective customers.

A "News" page is useful for summarizing new content. Have your products or services reached new markets? Are there any new products or services that you can announce?

Refreshing old content

There may be ways of rewriting existing web pages to show that they are fresh. Keep file names the same, but change titles, headings and text.

Add some words, sentences and / or paragraphs. Add something to make the text topical. Eg If you are selling surfboards, mention current surfing news.

Expand on some descriptions. But do not pad them out – not obviously anyway. Do not just rearrange the sentences.

How to write the new content

Once you decide on the pages that you will add, on the first night select a page and just type a list of the ideas you have for that page. On the second night, take each of the ideas on the list and type something about it. On the third night, edit what you have typed. Each time you take a fresh look at the text, after sleeping on it, you tend to improve it.

Use this procedure for each of the ideas listed, and for each new page. This works for most people. Only if you are a genius will write the perfect copy the first time. The rest of us ordinary people need to work at it.

When people tell me that they do not have the time or ability to write copy for their web pages, I remind them that they are good at running a business selling their products, so why not stick to that and …