Internet Marketing – The Single Most Important Thing

Today I want to go into a more in depth discussion of communications, as I honestly believe this may be the most important key to your business succeeding.

It really can not be stressed enough …

If you do not have the ability to effectively communicate with your targeted audience then you are seriously limiting your full potential potential online.

First I want you to step back and think about business in general … not just on the internet, but ALL business both on and off-line.

Think about what happens when you walk into an electronics store and you are looking to buy a new stereo, iPod or HDTV. If you like most of us, you really do not know much about whatever it is that you want to purchase and have no idea how to decide which model or brand is right for you. Before you know it, an extremely nice and knowledgeable sales person walks over and you if he or she can be of assistance to you.

You probably start a conversation and explain to this person that you are looking for a new stereo, but have no idea which one to buy, because in all honestly you can figure out why one costs $ 20 and the other costs $ 3000.

I am sure you know what happens next. The sales person will walk you through each system and what they offer. Explain to you why one is better than the other. Probably tell you some technical details about the sound quality that you will pretend to understand, but in the end you will feel as though you have enough information to decide which model is right for you.

Now, imagine that you go into the same store and you get a totally different sales person. This person does not take the time to explain anything to you. He has no knowledge of the types of systems that are offered and can not even tell you why one costs more than the other. You will probably just walk out and go to the next store, hoping someone can help you out.

Now look at the two scenarios, which person is going to be a customer and why? The first person leaves happy and actually makes a purchase, but the products, the store, the prices, everything is exactly the same; except for the sales person.

And the difference between them is one thing, communication.

Now back to your online business. Even though we do not normally communicate verbally on the internet (although that is changing with the rising popularity of video), we do communicate.

We use things like sales letters, articles, autoresponder messages and even emails with our potential customers. If you do not handle all of these types of communications in a professional manner do you really expect these people to become customers of yours? Think back to the electronics store example.

The bottom line here is that effective communication is ESSENTIAL to making any kind …

Create Your Own Web Site – 5 Rules You Must Know

If you're just getting started in learning a little HTML and making your own web pages, I have some great news for you – the learning curve might seem incredibly steep, but it levels out pretty quickly.

To help you get to the point where it does not seem impossible, I'm going to share with you 5 rules of web site creation that will make things seem much easier.

Rule # 1: Do not Get Overwhelmed

That's the first rule of learning to make your own site. Not only are you learning a new software tool (something like KompoZer, Dreamweaver, etc.), but you're learning a new "markup language" called HTML and probably messing around with something called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

You have reason to freak out! But the good news is this is not a race. You have permission to take your time and soak it in a little at a time. Now that you know being overwhelmed is normal, you do not have to pay it much mind.

Rule # 2: Do not Be Afraid Of A First Draft

Not everything you create is going to be "world class" right off the bat. While it would be cool if we never needed to "dink around," it's not reasonable to think that's the norm.

Just like a writer creates a first draft, and then goes back many times to change things, so will you as a web page builder.

Do not be afraid to rip out a whole section if it did not turn out the way you planned – that's not a bad thing. While you may have more work to do before you find "perfection," you've just added to your "knowledge-base" – which means you're getting better …

… and faster.

There are many things you do now that take thought – that later will be done while you're thinking of other things, talking with your spouse, and watching the local news on TV!

Rule # 3: Reuse and Recycle Your Code

This is probably the largest secret to increasing your productivity as a web page maker. Long before "being green" became a trend, designers and programmers were already big fans of reuse and recycle.

Once you've created one web page, there's no sense in starting from scratch every time.

The navigation bar you created for one site can be copied to the new site. Tweak the colors or font style to match the new color scheme and voila, you have a new navigation bar with almost no work.

If you create a table structure that shows content on the left and buttons on the right, you can reuse that table in any page – just change the content to match the new site.

As you build more and more web pages you're going to end up with a massive amount of HTML and CSS code you can reuse.

When you start a new project you'll be able to pick and choose from your existing code and …