Can Your Customers Find You Online?

Are your customers able to find you online using search engines? Many online business owners report to me that they could be found by searching search engines for combination of their last name + first name. While it is good that they can be found for the combination of their last name + first name, only people who already know them or have heard about them can search for the names. The vast majority of online buyers do not know your name (yet!), So they are searching for more generic terms, representing your products and services.

For example, if Jessica Brown is a business coach, someone who has heard about her from another client, or someone who met her through online networking, might search for information about her and her business by searching for Jessica Brown. However, many more people will search for business coach or business coaching. These are the people who do not know who Jessica Brown is, but they already have a need for her services.

In order for you to be found on generic terms relevant to your business, you need to perform search engine optimization (or SEO) for your web site. Search engine optimization is the process of modifying content of a web page and meta-information to improve the search engine ranking of the page. Meta-information includes certain HTML tags (title, heading, emphasized text, keyword and description meta-tags), as well as the internal (links between pages on the same site) and external links link structure of a web site.

Over to you – let's take action! Let's get more potential clients find your web site through search engines:

1. Use a few different search engines to find your web site. Does it come up when you search for your first name + last name? What about a generic term for your business or profession?

2. Find good generic keywords for your business. They could have keywords that are related to your business, profession, or specific products or services that you sell.

The best keywords are the ones that have many people searching for them, but do not have too many other web sites using them.

3. Use the terms you found to perform search engine optimization for your web site. This involves changing the content, as well as meta-information and link structure for your web site. …

Air Swimmers Shark

The Air Swimmers Shark is a one-of-a-kind gadget that's fit for kids of all ages and adults who simply want some laughter and entertainment. Its life-like appearance and fluid movements will definitely add some spice to a party or simple get together. Whether as an eye-catcher or the center of a game, this unique toy shark will put a new meaning to fun and excitement. After all, it's not everyday that one sees an intense flying fish floating in a room filled with cheering people.

A helium-filled balloon that is 57 inches wide and 36 inches tall, this amazing toy will effortlessly be an extra treat to a young boy or girl's birthday party as it swiftly "swims" in the air. With this large scary shark, or several of it, floating through the room, it is now possible to have an under-the-sea-inspired party indoors. This certainly saves the extra money to be spent on an expensive pool or ocean park venue. It will also be easier to manage the children's attention as they will definitely find it hard to take their eyes off the Air Swimmers Shark. More importantly, it does not make moms worry that their children might get hurt or even drown since the celebration will be connected inside a roofed, waterless setting.

Other than being a unique party feature, this gadget's appeal to children can also be used as an icebreaker in school. An elementary teacher will have no problem directing her students' interest in a lesson about aquatic life when a giant Air Swimmers Shark precedes her entrance in class. The body parts of the fish can also be properly described and taught to attentive pupils as this real-looking shark "swim" above their heads. After using it as a learning tool, students can play with the remote-controlled fish as a reward for their active participation in class.

This amazing gadget is not just for small kids, it can also be used for the amusement of those who are kids at heart. For a different twist to the usual all boys night of poker or billiards, try a flying fish derby and let the fastest air swimmer win. Racing the Air Swimmer Shark requires no complicated instruction as even a child can learn to operate it in minutes. It is operated by a remote control which can be used to direct it to climb, descend and even turn a full 360 degrees. Bringing this large remote-controlled flying fish to action is likewise economic as it requires only four triple A size batteries to have it ready for a day of air swimming. One battery should be placed on the shark while the other three are used to make the remote controller functional.

This inflatable flying shark is made from a high quality, durable nylon material so there is no need to worry that it will break or tear easily. It's actually light-weight and it builds off the walls and whatever it bumps into so the fun never …

How To Delete Harmful Internet Surfing Data From Your Computer

Delete Cookies

Many web pages put cookies on your hard drive. Cookies are files that include information that the web page can use next time you visit that page; for example, a user ID, password, and other information you had entered into the web page. Cookies may also include information that tells the website what kind of ads to show you based on personal information you entered at one time. Cookies can be a threat to your privacy as they can be used to keep track of sites you visit and that information can be used for unwanted purposes. About the only disadvantage to deleting cookies is you will be required to re-enter your user ID and password, or other personal preferences, next time you visit a website that requires that information. This is a small inconvenience considering the possible damage that can be done by cookies.

1. Display Internet Explorer if it is not already displayed.

2. Click on the Tools menu choice near the top of the Internet Explorer window and then click on the Internet Options … choice.

3. Click on the General tab if it is not displayed.

4. Click on the Delete Cookies … button.

5. Click on the OK button when the pop-up appears.

6. Proceed to the next procedure.

Delete Temporary Internet Files

Internet files are stored on your hard drive every time you surf the Internet. They are called Temporary Internet Files but they stay on your hard drive long after you are done surfing the web. This is done so if you later decide to look at the same page again it will open faster because your computer does not have to get the page again from the Internet. Computers are now very fast and have a lot of memory so you will probably not notice the difference if the temporary files are deleted. Temporary Internet Files are used by spyware programs to find out what websites you visit.

1. Click on the Delete Files … button.

2. Click in the Delete all offline content box in the Delete Files pop-up so it is checked.

3. Click on the OK button. If you have not done this before, or for a long time, it may take a while to delete all the unnecessary temporary files.

4. Proceed to the next procedure.

Delete Surfing History

A history of websites you have viewed is maintained by Internet Explorer. This is done to make it easy for you to find a previously viewed web page. That is nice but your Internet browsing history information can be used to harm you. It should be noted that the "Delete History" portion of the following procedure will delete your surfing history so it can not be found with the use of the normal history functions even if you can find the history trail even after it has been deleted so do not do anything on your computer that might get you in serious trouble. There are software …