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Digital marketing in gaming – It's time to get aggressive

In World War II, the scourge of the Allied Fleet was the U-Boat. The Nazi submersible had a shot to hole rate that would make Tiger Woods jealous. There was very little reason that the Allies could not have afforded their counterparts the same punishment – they had perfectly good boats by 1940's standards), the same torpedo set up and crucially, they were defending an island – something that would have motivated any sailor to get happy on the triggers.

The reason there was such a disparity came down to briefing. The Admiralty ordered British submarines to defend the shipping channels against and undersea attack. A very British approach.

Whereas the German sea lord's command said something like: – "If it's not our wolfgang, sink ze bastard".

When it comes to your digital acquisition strategy, the comparison is straightforward: –

Do you want banners that 'float' on the surface and reactively promote your brand, or do you want 'predators' that take an aggressive stance and beat your competitors into waving a white flag of submission?

The analogy here is not about copy and offers leading the battle for new players. It's about the delivery opportunities available to target players in a personal, direct and more relevant manner.

The 'floating' banners refer to the standard Gif or Flash banner that has become to norm in any gaming marketer's toolkit. Safe, reliable and, until now, effective if placed in the right media, with the right frequency and with a temptation enough carrot to draw through new players. As marketing devices, they have become little more than wallpaper.

They are static, dull and entirely reliant on the audience to notice them and give them a click. As such, response rates have sunk dramatically in recent years.

'Predator' banners come in many shapes and forms. At the hardcore end of the scale would be the Phorm data driven experiment that BT just had its knuckles rapped for. Basically, by 'spying' on user habits, advertisers could tailor their offering specifically for an individual. However, there was a problem, as the venerable Sir Tim Berners-Lee pointed out last month.

He compared the kind of deep-packet inspection deployed by Phorm and others to reading people's letters. "It's opening the envelope and looking inside," he said. "It's the internet equivalent of wire tapping."

And as the gaming industry drives to maintain a squeaky clean image of self regulation, that does not sound like a viable option. On a less legally fragile tip would be live update banners. Using XML feeds you can show real time odds, jackpots, sign up bonuses – anything you like – all in the traditional banner space.

The great thing about live feed updates is that you can do it now. Immediately. This second. It's not 'next generation' technology, but technology you could implement within a week if you had a budget and a couple of email addresses.

For a poker room or a …

Top SEO Trends of 2018

Gone are those days when you used to advertise through pamphlets and flexes, with the dominance of technology and dependency on IOTs, the demand for a website is on the rise. Most of the businesses are eager to maintain a website but they fail to rank on the Search Engine Result Pages. Google is a shrewd analyzer; you have to regularly feed it with updates and new trends. If you feel that your website has been performing abysmally, it is most likely that you have not complied with the latest trends in SEO. The era of Panda and Penguin is long gone, the dawn of Humming Bird has happened and you should prepare your website in compliance with the changing trends.

A few groundbreaking SEO Trends to Consider for Optimum Ranking on SERP

Google AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, a new initiative undertake by Google to build a better user-friendly websites for users. As per this new trend, a lighter and simpler version of HTML is in demand. With slower loading web-pages eating away the traffic, the AMP has emerged as a game changer to dominate the SEO realm. AMP pages will load 30 times faster than normal web pages and you need to adjust accordingly for maximum results folks.

Redirect Again In Picture

Back then “Redirects” were termed as SEO leaks, but with the changing requirements, they are again in the game. In the latest announcements by Google, it was announced that “Redirects” will no longer contribute to SEO leaks. Now, all the websites can use 3xx redirects to rank their websites without any problem.

Social Media Redirection

As the branding is moving on social media, Google is all set to help you rank your website, if they fare well on the social media platform. Linking the website with LinkedIn, G+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube will have real time benefits. The more the likes and reviews about your website on social media, the greater will be the chances that the traffic would be directed towards your website.

Quality Content

Gone are those days when Google was just focused at the keywords. With the changing trends, you will have to produce quality content. By quality, it is meant informative and not promotional contents. Keeping that in mind, it is required to revamp the content generation strategy and focus more on delivering quality compliant, rather than, keyword stuffed garbage.

Keeping all these things in mind, you can draft the right way to deal with your pursuit of ranking higher on the SERP pages.…

What is the Difference between Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

The web hosting landscape has evolved to offer a wide array of hosting services like dedicated hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS, etc., to meet the varying requirements of different businesses. While each service has its pros and cons, in recent years, Cloud Hosting services are being preferred by many big and small websites for various reasons. As a website owner, you must ensure that you choose the host carefully since the performance of your website depends on the right choice of hosting service. In this article, we will look at the differences between two popular hosting types – Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

In Dedicated Hosting, your site is dedicatedly hosted on a web server with all its resources. Therefore, you have the option to select the configurations and computing power as required.

Cloud Hosting

In Cloud Hosting, your website is not hosted on a single web server. All resources required to run and manage your website are spread across multiple servers.

Difference between Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting services

Feature Dedicated Hosting Cloud Hosting
Cost-Efficiency Since you have a physical server dedicated to your website, the up-front payment is higher. You also require to spend on technical experts to manage it. Most Cloud Hosting providers offer competitive plans that are loaded with features. To add to it, the on-demand scalability of resources increases its cost-efficiency as it avoids idle resources during less traffic period.
Scalability of Resources Being hosted on a physical server, adding computing resources can take time and involve high costs too. This makes it difficult to manage sudden spikes in traffic. Being hosted on a cluster of virtual servers, you can increase resources like CPU, RAM, etc. instantly. This enables you to manage traffic spikes with relative ease.
Reliability Once in a while, even the best systems crash. In dedicated hosting, since your website is hosted on a physical server, it has a single point of failure. This means that a system crash can make your website unavailable to users leading to losses in business and reputation. Cloud Hosting services are more reliable than most traditional hosting types. Since the site is not hosted on a physical server but a cluster of virtual servers, one system crashing does not affect the website. This is because another virtual server immediately takes its place. In other words, Cloud Hosting services do not have a single point of failure.


While Cloud Hosting services offer many benefits, dedicated hosting has its own set of advantages too. Before you purchase a hosting service, assess the requirements of your website and try to find a service that is the best fit for your site. If you decide on Cloud Hosting then look for providers who own the Cloud infrastructure, use redundant storage architecture (like Ceph), have a solid backup policy, offer maximum uptime assurance, and a great support team. Good Luck!

If you want to share your experience with Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Hos…

The Ultimate Hunt For Cheap SEO Packages

Cheap SEO packages and SEO services are what most of the website owners are looking for these days as the world has been hit by the global economic recession and many entrepreneurs are now looking for affordable SEO services that would help them save money in some way or the other for their online business. Since the advent of SEO services many people have moved into business and started their own small business which could save them from working for others and helping them use their entrepreneurial skills. However, many website owners struggle to find cheap packages and affordable services that could help them bring down their overall input cost.

However, if you are online you can find many cheap packages that can provide better services for your online business. These affordable SEO companies have a range of services that they offer and you can choose the best one for your online business. These affordable services are firms that are highly specialized in handling questions related to online business and therefore provide cheap packages that suit the needs of website owners. These affordable services companies provide cheap SEO packages that optimize the content of website to earn more revenue.

Some of the cheap packages provided by these affordable services companies are customized according to the online business requirements of the clients. The lives of cheap packages are long enough and can be used for a long period of time. SEO companies design these affordable services and cheap packages in a way that every client can choose freely from the list of SEO services they are providing. These SEO services companies take advantage of their cheap SEO packages and affordable SEO services to lure more clients.

Many new entrepreneurs who have little to invest approach these SEO services companies and look out for cheap SEO packages and other affordable services. Others who are not very sure about different SEO services prefer to work on their own rather than going for these cheap SEO packages. However, that does not attract a huge number of people and finally those who turn away from SEO services prefer to opt for some cheap SEO packages that would help their business in some way or the other. Many SEO services companies also provide consultation as a part of their affordable services.

These SEO companies work with your company to provide affordable services. Many times cheap SEO may work wonders for your business as their affordable services are very similar to the services provided by top SEO companies. However, they provide cheap SEO packages to get more clients and because they are not so popular in the market. These cheap packages act like bait for those who are looking for the best and cheap deals and their popularity spreads through word of mouth publicity. However, it extremely depends on the clients to choose the best deal from the cheap packages provided by these SEO companies. …