Website Blunders – Mentioning Features – Not Benefits

Talking about features and ignoring the benefits of the product or service you are selling is a mistake many first-time website owners or indeed retailers make. While features of your product can be important and need to be shown, benefits of using the product will appeal more to the human nature of your customers and will help to make sales.

While there is a place for features of a product this information should not be front and forward when designing your web site. Instead, try using the benefits of the product or service. To write good website copy first brainstorm ideas. Make a list of all the possible benefits of the product and write them down. Work from the list and remove any that may be too far out or weird.

Use the pared-down list of benefits and write a small paragraph about each one. Be sure to include what … Read More

Low Budget Smartphones Are Best

The manufacturers in the smartphone domain face the temptation to pack their products with all the latest technology, their most powerful processors, and their largest displays. The mobile phone market is invaded by over four inch wide displays and quad-core processors that could power a PC.

It is easy to understand the strategy because any company needs a bigger profit so they give people what they think is best. After the regular client sees an advertisement that induces the idea that "bigger is better", the client will automatically want the fastest, largest, best packed with features smartphone of them all.

What they usually forget or simply ignore is the fact that the latest, most powerful set of features and hardware also cost more than a regular, not so heavily promoted device.

When looking for the perfect smartphone, the possible buyer should not go for the first product that is presented … Read More