What is Website SEO in Layman Terms?

Website SEO is an important part of your Internet experience if you are setting up an Internet based business or even a website for personal use that you want to be successful.

In this article I want to explain what website SEO is in layman's terms so you will feel you have a knowledge of what it is about.

Website SEO is the art of optimizing your web page so it is ranked highly by search engines. What this means is making your website readable to search engines by creating it with information the search engines understand so your site can be listed in the first few pages of search results for words related to your topic.

Search engines do not read a website the way you or I do, they send out a small program called a spider or crawler that reads everything on your site then sends the … Read More

Old School Online Gaming

Ever wondered what your parents and the adults played for fun back in their day? Or before the existence of Nintendo Wii’s, Playstations, and World of Warcraft, what were the games that people played with the computer? Online gaming back then wasn’t as high-tech as what you play now but they delivered the same amount of fun that today’s online games give you. Take a journey down old time geekery and see what was deemed as hi-tech back then:

1.#TradeWars 2002

A space game developed in 1984. In TW2002, the player is a galaxy trader where the main objective is to gain control of a limited set and amount of resources, as you travel in different sectors of the galaxy. Using your gained wealth in trading, you can upgrade your spaceship, get better weapons and fight for control of planets and starbases.


Also known as Multi-User Dungeon, this is … Read More