How to Do SEO for Your Own Website

Our ultimate guide is to rank our site for a keyword which has decent search volume. Before starting SEO, you must know how the search engine works. This article is about how to SEO. if you are a beginner and want to know how the search engine works, please refer some Moz articles.

I start with keyword research as its must and very first task in SEO. You cannot proceed further without a targeting keyword list. Now let’s see how to do keyword research with Google Keyword Planner. First, sign up for an AdWords account with your Gmail account. Once you login click keyword planner under the tool tab. Now click find new keyword ideas and type some services or product you provide through your website and select the country you want to target. Now you have a list of keywords with search volume.

Now you will get the search volume range, not the exact number. AdWords gives accurate data only to the accounts who running paid campaigns. If you want to know the exact search volume then, add the most relevant keywords into the account and click review plan. Enter the maximum value in the bid and change the tab from keyword group into keyword finally, select the exact match keyword then you get keyword and its search volume with competition details. Now you can select the most relevant keyword to your business and make sure that keyword has decent search volume.If you want some more keywords to check search volume manually, give a search on Google and pull the keyword from auto-complete and related search queries. You must select only one targeting keywords per page and select some long tail related keywords to enrich the page content. Now you have done the keyword research and have a list of targeting keywords. Now we move onto site audit.

We must understand what Google checks on our website before auditing a site. I will give you a basic idea of what are the ranking factors. Google first check the accessibility of a site, whether the site is loading fast and can be accessed easily by users. Even though I write this simply Google perform this in large-scale like from browser header code, redirection and code errors. Next will be search engine optimization to check whether the pages are optimized to search engines with proper meta tags. Starting from the title, meta description, keyword and social open graph tags.

Most importantly Google checks the authority of the website. In order to check authority, the major factors will be the number of links referring to the website and its quality, and it checks domain age, domain expires, server IP, social signals brand mentions and the website traffic. The authority will be the most powerful factors to beat the competitor and rank top in search engines.

Here I have mentioned only the major audit checklist if you want to perform a complete SEO audit on your site my advice would be to buy …

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