Search Engine Optimization 401- How Important is On-Page Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization provides web site users with many advantages to being located. Using On-Page optimization is important to provide an easier way for the search engines to find you and direct visitors to your site. On-Page optimization is simply an easier way to use bold your keywords for the search engines. It provides more inventive ways for you to promote the search engine without them realizing that you are doing that.

On-page optimization is the key in search engines finding you. Using the keywords and on page optimization techniques of placing your keywords in various pages provides a great marketing tool for you. Providing new information and updating your website often allows the search engine to locate you more often because they will know that something new has bee added.

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Common Denominators of Success – the ‘Inner Circle’ of SEO

I have been studying a certain area of the web recently and the reasons to why certain sites were successful. I wanted to gauge why each search engine deemed sites as important and grouped them together. I tested this with an important subject matter using the Google “related:” syntax. I used several criteria as benchmarks to gauge the quality of sites in this field.

Criteria selected were:

* Page Rank

* Site Age

* Yahoo Links

* Yahoo .edu Links

* Yahoo .gov Links

* Pages Cached by Google

* DMOZ Listings

* Yahoo Dir Listings

I monitored the 28 top sites relating to this topic and placed them in a list and scored them for each. I call this ‘Inner Circle Classification’, meaning that these sites are the central sites to this particular search term. There will be this same ‘Inner Circle’ list in each and every subject matter … Read More