What Are Your Working For?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Are you working to have enough to pay the bills, with a little left over, maybe? To keep your head just above water? Many of us are.

Are you working just to get by, while enriching the already abundant lives of the few at the top? Nearly all of us are.

Do you think you deserve better, more, to be able to enjoy all of the fruits of capitalism, and not just the leftovers?

I do!

I want you to try something. Think a little bit about what you really want in life. Dream a little, if you will. Think big, not just enough to pay the bills and life relatively comfortably. How about enough to spend 20, 30, or 40 years in a comfortable retirement.

Far too many retirees are finding themselves having to go back to work just to get by. … Read More

Anti Virus Software for Your Computer – Tips to Help You Choose

In today’s world computers have become one of the main assets in all fields to make tasks simpler, efficient and organized. Computers store data and run applications. Viruses and spyware were created to steal personal data like Bank account numbers, passwords, security keys, personal information etc. Viruses spread through the internet, emails, pen drives, DVDs, external hard disk etc. Anti Virus software detect viruses and spyware and block them and move them to quarantine so that they don’t harm your computer and steal your data, thus keeping your personal information safe. Nowadays online banking has become a trend, imagine how unsafe one can be without antivirus software. Antivirus software can safeguard your information.

Antivirus software used to be a luxury once upon a time but nowadays they have become a necessity. Since there are many types of software available in the market it becomes difficult to select the best antivirus.… Read More