Proven Income – New Home Internet Marketing Strategies

The title probably got your attention, but maybe this is not so new. And then again, maybe it is new as the internet is not that old. Human beings have been writing for millennia, Writing on the internet with this much ease has only been done for a very short time. I have written a number of articles on the subject of internet marketing, mostly because I am investigating the same, and the best way to clarify your thinking is to put it on paper. Articles will do this for you. Emphasis is on the basics, the kinds of things that anyone new to internet marketing can and should do, not the fancy stuff. These are the not so new home internet marketing strategies that more experienced internet marketers continue to do themselves on a regular basis. They provide the internet marketer with a dependable, recurring, high, and consistent proven income. Focus will be on article marketing because I have become aware of how important this has become to the search engines.

My honest wish is that I had started my online business about 15 years ago when the internet was just getting popular. Like most I didn’t. When I did make the decision to start an online business, and I was really new to home internet marketing strategies, I looked at a number of websites for the keywords I had chosen. I remember the first time I spied on my competition. The site had over a thousand links. I had about 10. I thought to myself, how am I ever going to get this many? The competition is tough! Sites with pr four and pr five on page one of Google are so far ahead of me, I will never be able to make up this lost time.

I was so pre-occupied with Google Adwords, list building, and making fast money that I put the idea of getting a lot of links to my website aside. After about ten dollars, it was a lot more than that, and about a month of wasted time, I bought LinkMachine and started linking. I also started submitting my sight to the internet directories. I started getting some traffic from this, but I knew it was not nearly enough. I realized that most of the people looking at my link pages were not the customers I was seeking, but other internet marketing strategists looking for link partners. My site had gotten a pr three, so there were quite a few. I was getting lots of visits to my web pages, however no sales.

I spent the next few months focusing on my linking strategies along with directory submissions. Traffic continued to increase until all of a sudden, I could not seem to find any more high pr sites to link to. I had pretty much run into most of the relative web sites. Many of them required a pr four or higher. Most ignored my requests to be a link partner. This …