10 Reasons Why I Do not Blog About SEO

1) I'm afraid my experience in splog creation would affect the quality of my content.

2) I would never stay on one topic. If I were to do an SEO blog, I would end up talking about topics like:

a) Why I like to keep 4 closers on a Fantasy Baseball team.

b) How the Cowboy Junkies were able to transform Gram Parsons up-tempo, country ditty "Ooh Las Vegas" into a brooding, demonic number that parallel the city's transformation from Cowtown to Adult Disneyland.

c) That Bob Clampett went psychedelic 20 years before anyone else thought to do the same thing … and without the benefit of psychedelics.

d) The great items of clothing I've purchased off Target's 75% off clearance rack.

e) Why Oregon & Washington should break away from the rest of the United States.

f) That Ian Hunter's "Diary Of A Rock N'Roll Star" could have considered … Read More