SEO and the Google Sandbox

I've been asked by many friends and media folks about the Google Sandbox phenomenon. I will use this post to explain what it is, although more importantly, how to use this knowledge to best capitalize on an effective SEO strategy.

What is the Google Sandbox? (Also called an Aging Filter)

Wikipedia has a basic explanation, yet I will go into a bit more detail. Yes, it is not something I've seen or heard Google talk about publicly (although Matt Cutts has commented) however, given my experiences, I am convinced it exists. There is also some recent empirical evidence as published by on the topic. Clearly there are different opinions about the Sandbox's existence.

At a basic level, the Google Sandbox is a novel set of filtering technology used by Google on new domains ( to protect the Google index from so-called "black hat" spam strategies. It is designed to … Read More

How to Manage Multiple Client Accounts in Your Web Hosting Business?

In today’s times, a website has become a must for businesses of all sizes. Many self-employed professionals and even job seekers are launching their own websites to increase their reach within the digital community. Since every website needs a host – a place where the site resides, web hosting has evolved into an important service. While there is a plethora of hosting companies around the globe, the demand for good hosting services is always on the rise, creating a lot of space for reseller hosting service providers. A hosting reseller offers customized hosting plans to his clients at competitive rates and personalized after-sales service, making it a better option than buying a hosting plan directly from the hosting provider. If you are a hosting reseller or plan to become one, then this article will offer information about how you can manage multiple client accounts in your Reseller Web Hosting business. Read More

HughesNet Is Your Internet Service Provider Of Choice

If you want the best combination of flexibility, convenience, and reliability in your high speed Internet service, then HughesNet is your Internet service provider of choice. While any company can promise high speeds and great quality service, HughesNet can back it up with a great combination of sophisticated technology, great values, and excellent customer support.

So what sets HughesNet apart from other Internet service providers in? Beside a commitment to thorough customer satisfaction and providing the best service possible, the undering answer is technology. Like so much else in life, the foundation that you build from influences the degree of success that you enjoy for years or even decades to come. In the case of HughesNet, that foundation was satellite technology.

Satellite technology offers a number of advantages that other types of technology that facilitate high speed Internet simply can not. Perhaps the largest advantage of satellite technology is that … Read More