Internet Gurus

There are thousands of Internet Marketing Guru’s on the world wide web today.

Many if not all of them are raking in the big bucks. The big question is how do they do it? Do they really drive exotic cars and live in mansions next door to big time famous celebrities? Do they all have stacks of money piled up in their closets.

Most are really living the upscale American dream. There are many questions and theories

on how they got started? Where did they get started. What did they do before they became rich and famous (famous by Internet standards). What do all Gurus have in common?

I’ll try to answer those questions now.

1. Many gurus are just the average joe. They were gardeners, carpenters, social workers, radio dee jays, musicians, body builders, cooks, teachers and middle income type of citizens. They are now Internet Marketing Gurus.

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