Internet Marketing Success – Strategy Vs Tactic

"Strategy without tactics is the slow route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat" … said Sun Tzu.

Internet Marketing can be likened to be a battlefield where Internet marketers battle for the online money pie. There are many battlefields in the form of different market niches or segments in Internet marketing and the combatants are the Internet marketers in their particular niches.

Since Internet marketing is like the battlefield, Sun Tzu's statement above is very appropriate.
To expand on this statement, right strategy without tactics will lead to success … eventually. Tactics without strategy will bring on many actions that lead to … nowhere. In short, strategy coupled with tactics achievements success.

2 other elements smoothen the journey in Internet marketing success. These are tools and skill sets. Tools such as software and programs enhance efficiencies while skill and ability to use these tools shortens and … Read More