The Websites People Hate

There are web sites out there have really bad design. As the old adage goes, too much of a good thing can do you harm. According to usage stats at, close to 240,000 Americans surfed the web at the end of December of '07.

What this means for anyone owning a website is that the potential for reaching a wider audience is easier than it's ever been before. One caveat: It's also easier than ever for businesses to compete for that same audience. The obvious point? .. That you can not afford to loose a visitors' interest in your site.

Do not confuse your audience.

If your site is about selling dvd's then sell dvd's. People come to your site because they are looking for something specific. They want answers, and they are impatient. Be clear from the very first sentence, what it is that you're selling. Decide in … Read More