What Does Google Dance?

From time to time Google looks not so much like a search engine – a lifeless tool meant to process users' questions, – but more like a Terpsichore what movements make people hold their breath and watch her with awe. Actually, Google has performed its enchanting / inconceivable / troublesome (odd ones out) dance since 2000, but each time it's something matchless and unpredictable, regarding both the date of upgrade and the results.

Such intriguing issues as technical background, Matt Cutts' explanations, notorious updates like Jagger and PageRank jumping have already been studied inside out on the Web, so, let's keep aside mere words and concentrate on another topic: each user knows that dancing is Google's nature , but has anyone ever wondered what dance does it perform exactly?

Looking through the related forums I classified people's opinions according to the list of dance style categories.

So, this time Mr … Read More

Sony EBook Reader – Touch Edition PRS-600

The Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600 is an updated version of PRS-700 and is one of the top rated eBook readers.

Product Description
The quality and feel is excellent with a metallic case which has dull finish. The screen is of appropriate size for reading and the E-ink display. The touchscreen is responsive to a firm touch and pages can be turned with forward and backward buttons placed at the bottom left of the screen. The pages appear quite quickly but with the usual stutter of E-screens. Quick flipping of pages is provided by holding the pressure on the screen. Particular words and pages can be searched by a special feature. Pages can be earmarked for later reference and note making is possible either with the finger or the stylus. It can also be later erased. A virtual keyboard is provided. The screen comes in portrait or landscape form. Sony's … Read More