SEO – Three Actions that May Improve Your Rankings

Want to market your business more effectively online? Consider these three website design changes that may immediately improve your search enginge rankings:


1. If you have a 100% Flash website, consider changing it. Do not get me wrong, Flash is nice. The problem is that search engines do not like Flash … at least not sites that are 100% Flash. Flash handles text differently than a standard HTML page, so most search engines have a hard time properly indexing 100% Flash. Think about it … when was the last time you did a Google search and the # 1 ranked site you found was a Flash site?

If search engine rankings are a goal, reconsider your 100% Flash site. Try a hybrid site instead. Make your pages HTML, or ASP based. Include great content, appropriate meta tags, anchor text, structured headings, and then embed your cool Flash elements into … Read More