The Future of Wireless Communications and Broadband Internet Access

Last mile communications have been the most talked about feature over the past decade, as it really had a very thin line separating the consumers from the technology. That is the reason why last mile communications to home and most business establishments did not employ optical fibers due to cost implications. The best alternative was copper wires, which the DSL and cable internet communication technologies favored a lot. DSL and cable modem technologies still rule the roost in many developed and developing countries, while the developed countries are slowly moving towards having an ubiquitous network infrastructure facilitated by wireless LAN technologies.

Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access, fondly called as WiMax, is gaining momentum as this technology has the potential to replace DSL and cable modem infrastructure. The most fascinating aspect of WiMax is the coverage and the data-rate it offers, rivaling most DSL and cable technologies.

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