Search Engine Optimization – What Is The Right Keyword Density?

Good keyword density is an important element in a successful search engine optimization campaign. It is an indicator of the number of times the selected keywords of your optimization plan appears on your web pages.

In your optimization plan, make sure that you do not overuse keywords just to get a higher keyword density. Keywords should be just sufficient enough to appear at importance places such as title tag, header tags, first and last paragraph of your web pages.

If you repeat your keywords too often, search engines may view your website as a span site and may drop your website from their search result pages. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to abide the standard and not overdo it.

Keyword density is always expressed as a percentage of the total word content on a web page. Let us take for example that you have 100 words on a … Read More

A Website That Attracts Millions! Here’s How to Build It

So far, websites have become an inseparable part of businesses and organisations. Building a website is pretty much a handy job if you have an efficient website development agency at your end. They are the ones to settle for a reliable framework that will go perfectly with your goals, particular business type and the online exposure you want. With no stress or risks, you can get a beautiful website crafted in no time. However, the website is just a laying stone for your online presence. What are the other mainstay aspects that help it fetch millions of visitors every day from the search engines? Well, here we are to discuss that in the below section. Read on to know the key measures to undertake to make sure that your website is not only crafted and designed well but also help it stand as an out-of-the-box creation.

#1 Get an unforgettable … Read More