3 Key Features of the Garmin 1350LMT

Over the years, Garmin has been able to build a worldwide reputation as well as a satisfied clientele as one of the leading manufacturers of Global Positioning Systems, GPS. One of the products from the company that deserves special attention at this point is the Garmin nuvi 1350LMT, popularly referred to simply as the Garmin 1350LMT. This GPS follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Garmin nuvi 1350 in terms of the quality and reliability that the users of these gadgets have grown to love so much. In addition, the Garmin 1350LMT comes with a number of special features and modifications that were previously not available in the earlier versions, clearly setting it apart in a class of its own, far above its predecessors.

At this point, a short discussion of some of the newest and most interesting inclusions in the features of the Garmin 1350LMT should serve to shed better light on how effective this GPS system is. These features include the following:

– Lifetime map updates: in case you have used any of the previous GPS gadgets before, then you clearly understand just how essential having the lifetime map updates is for your global positioning gadget. The physical landscape of the world is not static, as most people would love to believe, and from time to time there are several changes that take place and create a need for the production of new maps. Without access to such new maps, your GPS device is on its way to becoming obsolete and irrelevant. However, the inclusion of lifetime map updates means that it is able to download the newest map data just as soon as such data becomes available. It is able to do so through the nuMaps Lifetime application that is built into it.

– Lifetime traffic: having a lifetime traffic application in the device ensures that you do not get caught up in unexpected traffic. The application inbuilt into the device analyses traffic data regularly, giving suggestions on the best routes such as detours and diversions. The best part is that the application comes at no additional charges in the form of subscription fees.

– Instant directions: Provides the users with turn by turn directions that help in easy navigation to the preferred or selected destination. The gadget has got an interactive and easy to use interface which requires the user to simply key in the preferred destination and allow for map viewing. Once this has been done, the gadget will prompt the driver with turn by turn instructions up to the time you arrive where you were heading.

The number of restrictions that come with every Garmin nuvi 1350LMT are not as many as one would expect from similar devices. They are all outlined in the End User License Agreement that is signed upon the purchase of the product. Note that some of the services that come with the gadget, such as the Lifetime Map updates can be terminated upon the violation of the terms outlined in the agreement.